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0x727 Metasploit Modules Development

ankane Encrypts keys, values, list elements, set members, and hash fields while still being able to perform a majority of operations 🎉

darkbitio This repository fetches the ~550 primitive and predefined IAM Roles in JSON format to the roles directory. A GitHub Action is configured to refresh them daily. This allows for automatic tracking of changes as they are made by GCP.

luolinae86 Ruby sensitive filter using DFA algorithm

sh286 CVE-2020-8163 - Remote code execution of user-provided local names in Rails

jeremyevans jpm is a password manager using openssl and signify (and optionally xclip). Technically, it doesn't have anything to do with passwords, it just manages encrypted and signed files.

vonahisec This tool is used to map out the network data flow to help penetration testers identify potentially valuable targets

ankane Lockbox 🔒 File encryption for Ruby and Rails Supports Active Storage and CarrierWave Uses AES-GCM by default for authenticated encryption Makes key rotation easy Check out this post for more info on s

palkan Action Policy Authorization framework for Ruby and Rails applications. Composable. Extensible. Performant. 📑 Documentation Resources RubyRussia, 2019 "Welcome, or access denied?" talk (v

kbsecret Warning: KBSecret is currently maintained on a best-effort basis. PRs are strongly preferred over new issues. KBSecret is a command line utility and library for managing secrets. Quick links: Installation ins

basecamp Google Sign-In for Rails This gem allows you to add Google sign-in to your Rails app. You can let users sign up for and sign in to your service with their Google accounts. Installation Add google_sign_in to

brunofacca Zen Rails Security Checklist Summary This document provides a not necessarily comprehensive list of security measures to be implemented when developing a Ruby on Rails application. It is designed to serve as

jeremyevans Refrigerator Refrigerator offers an easy way to freeze all ruby core classes and modules. It's designed to be used in production to make sure that no code is making unexpected changes to core classes or modules at runti

metaware Underlock Underlock makes it dead simple to encrypt and decrypt your data and files. It comes with little to no dependencies and has a very small API surface. Installation Add this line to your applicati

eliotsykes Rails Security Checklist This checklist is limited to Rails security precautions and there are many other aspects of running a Rails app that need to be secured (e.g. up-to-date operating system and other software) that