Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

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igorkasyanchuk LogAnalyzer See how fast is rendering in your Ruby on Rails app. Based on information from logs. Provides you a picture of how often renders and how fast renders your views. Sample You can see columns:

steventen Rails SQL Query Tracker sql_tracker tracks SQL queries by subscribing to Rails' sql.active_record event notifications. It then aggregates and generates report to give you insights about all the sql queries happened

newrelic New Relic Ruby Agent New Relic is a performance management system, developed by New Relic, Inc ( It provides you with deep information about the performance of your Rails or Ruby application as

code-mancers Rbkit [WARNING] This project is not maintained at the moment. We have plans to work on a universal profiling protocol after which we intend to rewrite major parts of Rbkit. rbkit is a Ruby gem that plu

mojombo God: The Ruby Framework for Process Management Authors: Tom Preston-Werner, Kevin Clark, Eric Lindvall Website: Description God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring fram

kostya Eye Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God. Requires Ruby(MRI) >= 1.9.3-p194. Uses Celluloid and Celluloid::IO. Little demo, shows general commands and how chain works: Installation: $ gem i

bluepill-rb Bluepill Bluepill is a simple process monitoring tool written in Ruby. Installation It's hosted on sudo gem install bluepill In order to take advantage of logging with syslog, you also

tracelytics Welcome to the TraceView Ruby Gem The traceview gem provides TraceView performance instrumentation for Ruby. It has the ability to report performance metrics on an array of libraries, databases and frameworks such as

skylightio Skylight Ruby Agent Instrument your ruby application and send the data to the Skylight servers. Sign up at For more documentation see Bug Reports and Feature