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Package Management

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d12frosted Emacs Plus is → GNU Emacs formulae for macOS → Homebrew package manager. It offers a wide rage of extra functionality over regular → Emacs package.

Homebrew Homebrew Features, usage and installation instructions are summarised on the homepage. Terminology (e.g. the difference between a Cellar, Tap, Cask and so forth) is explained here. Update Bug If Homebrew was

Homebrew Homebrew (Legacy) This repository has been deprecated and split into two repositories: Homebrew formulae/packages: Homebrew/homebrew-core (former contents of Library/Formula) Homebrew package manager: Homebrew/bre

jordansissel fpm The goal of fpm is to make it easy and quick to build packages such as rpms, debs, OSX packages, etc. fpm, as a project, exists to help you build packages, therefore: If fpm is not helping you make packa

CocoaPods CocoaPods: The Cocoa dependency manager CocoaPods manages dependencies for your Xcode projects. You specify the dependencies for your project in a simple text file: your Podfile. CocoaPods recursively resolves de

berkshelf Berkshelf Manage a Cookbook or an Application's Cookbook dependencies Installation Berkshelf is now included as part of the Chef-DK. This is fastest, easiest, and the recommended installation method for g

teeparham gemdiff gemdiff is a command-line tool to find source code for ruby gems. It connects gem version management (rubygems + bundler) with source code (GitHub). gemdiff provides commands to Find GitHub repositories