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hostolab Covidliste Covidliste makes it easy to manage waiting lists for vaccination centers. https://www.covidliste.com Stack Ruby on Rails Stimulus Bootstrap

sparkfabrik Build iOS project (.xcodeproj, .xcworkspace), export .ipa, optional upload to BrowserStack App Live.

Shopify YJIT - Yet Another Ruby JIT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this project is in early stages of development. It is very much a work in progress, it may ca

testdouble minitest-suite The minitest-suite gem modifies the way Minitest shuffles the order in which Minitest::Test subclasses are run by allowing you to organ

vitobotta Create production grade Kubernetes clusters in Hetzner Cloud in a couple of minutes or less This is a CLI tool - based on a Ruby gem - to quickly crea

rails Use ESM with importmap to manage modern JavaScript in Rails without transpiling or bundling.

mame A "nankai" program used in a Japanese anime television series "Sonny Boy"

wildmaples A minimal Ruby project template

ousmanedev A lightweight commenting platform using Notion as a backend

chrisseaton Rhizome is a paedagogical just-in-time compiler (JIT) for Ruby, implemented in pure Ruby. It's not really designed to be used. It's designed to show you how JITs work and why perhaps a JIT for Ruby should be written in Ruby.

amancevice Write your AWS Lambda function handlers using a Rake-like declarative syntax

domchristie Tailwind CSS JIT + Rails without Webpacker

adomokos VIM Katas Daily exercises from the book Practical Vim. It was about 5 years ago when I watched Jim Weirich solving the Roman Numeral kata at an SCNA c

hotwired Hotwire Rails Demo: Chat This is a slimmed-down repository for the Hotwire demo that used for the announcement screencast. It's a rough sketch of the

googleprojectzero 0-days Exploited In-The-Wild This repository is a reference of documents about 0-day vulnerabilities detected as exploited in-the-wild. It includes bo

hopsoft SR Mini The Real Single Page Appβ„’ A minimal Rails app that showcases how to use StimulusReflex. Prerequisites ruby node yarn redis Quick Start git clo

ginkgobioworks vaccinetime https://twitter.com/vaccinetime/ This bot checks Massachusetts vaccine appointment sites every minute and posts on Twitter when new appoin

palkan FaQueue This repo contains code to experiment with different background jobs fairness strategies. About The problem of fair background jobs processing

Zomato Vinifera - Monitor Internal Leaks on Github Github Monitoring Tool πŸ€– We have been using Vinifera in production since Dec 2019 and has helped us preve

renuo Turbo Showcase This project contains the source code of https://turbo-showcase.herokuapp.com. Here you can look how stuff has been implemented and cop

baweaver Dio - Dive Into Objects - Ruby Pattern Matching interface for Objects which have none (yet)

tenderlove This is a pure Ruby assembler (I guess). I'm not 100% sure if it counts as pure Ruby because it just reads a JSON file and metaprograms most of it. Anyway, you can use it to write assembly in Ruby, then have it assembled.

kjleitz Adornable provides the ability to cleanly decorate methods in Ruby.

asyraffff Awesome Ruby and Rails Open Source applications

jamesmoriarty ForwardProxy - 100 LOC Ruby forward proxy using only standard libraries.

lobsters Computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion

tomtt A power tool to rename files and names in a code project.

siteinspector SiteInspector is a free, open-source tool that helps to find spelling errors, grammatical errors, and broken links on websites. It's written in Ruby/Rails with Vue.js front-end and uses a PostgreSQL database and Sidekiq with Redis

zendesk A Ruby client library for Apache Kafka, a distributed log and message bus. The focus of this library will be operational simplicity, with good logging and metrics that can make debugging issues easier.

obie This repository aims to briefly introduce the concept and showcase helpful content that may help you on your Reactive Rails journey. Watch this repository to stay up to date on the latest information published on the web about Rea

agrafix Rubyspeed is a basic proof of concept (horribly hacked together) that allows annotating method declarations to automatically be specialized and compiled to C

ankane πŸ”₯ Rollup time-series data in Rails