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zendesk A Ruby client library for Apache Kafka, a distributed log and message bus. The focus of this library will be operational simplicity, with good logging and metrics that can make debugging issues easier.

obie This repository aims to briefly introduce the concept and showcase helpful content that may help you on your Reactive Rails journey. Watch this repository to stay up to date on the latest information published on the web about Rea

agrafix Rubyspeed is a basic proof of concept (horribly hacked together) that allows annotating method declarations to automatically be specialized and compiled to C

ankane πŸ”₯ Rollup time-series data in Rails

MatheusRich Write benchmarks without the hassle.

daleal This repository aims to be a good enough place to start for using Docker and Compose. Bear in mind that this technology is huge, and, in my experience, impossible to learn without using it and failing several times. Without furthe

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ankane 🌲 IsoTree - outlier/anomaly detection using Isolation Forest - for Ruby

Tarptaeya Accelerated path tracing in pure Ruby

excid3 Notifications for Ruby on Rails applications

skullface ✊ Going to a protest and don’t know wtf to do or wtf to bring? This guide aims to help you protect yourself.

zverok This gem is just an extraction of the handy delegate :method1, :method2, method3, to: :receiver from ActiveSupport. It seems to be seriously superior to stdlib's Forwardable, and sometimes I want it in contexts when ActiveSupport

4ndv Simple script, that automates some of the actions, required to setup Big Sur on unsupported macs.

coviddata Daily COVID-19 statistics by country, region, and city

hooopo Petri Flow Workflow engine for Rails. Features Full petri net features support (seq, parallel, iterative, timed, automitic etc.) Both approval workflow and business workflow. Simple web admin for wo

chatwoot A simple and elegant live chat software An opensource alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Drift, Crisp etc. Background Chatwoot is a customer support tool for instant messaging channels wh

prism-rb Prism Build frontend web apps with Ruby and WebAssembly Introduction Prism is a framework that helps you make frontend web applications with Ruby and WebAssembly. It uses mruby and emscripten to compile

piotrmurach Strings::Case Convert strings to different cases. Strings::Case provides string case conversions for Strings utilities. Motivation Popular solutions that deal with transforming string cas

sebyx07 Opal Ruby + Express + Socket.io

jdaviderb extract videos from youtube in audio format using webscraping techniques :notes

edisonywh Rocketman yes, I know it says Starman on the image 🎢 And I think it's gonna be a long long time 'Till touch down brings me round again to find 🎢 Rocketman is a gem that introduces Pub

serradura ΞΌ-case (Micro::Case) Create simple and powerful use cases as objects. The main project goals are: Be simple to use and easy to learn (input >> process / transform >> output). Promote referentia

edisonywh Behaves Behaves is a gem that helps you define behaviors between classes. Say goodbye to runtime error when defining behaviors. Behaves is especially useful for dealing with adapter patterns by making sure that all

artichoke Artichoke Ruby Artichoke is a Ruby implementation written in Rust and Ruby. Artichoke intends to be MRI-compatible and targets Ruby 2.6.3. Artichoke provides a Ruby runtime implemented in Rust and Ruby.

brotandgames ciao ciao checks HTTP(S) URL endpoints for a HTTP status code (or errors on the lower TCP stack) and sends a notification on status change via E-Mail or Webhooks. It uses Cron syntax to schedule the checks and c

testdouble Referral πŸ” Referral is a CLI to help you undertake complex analyses and refactorings of Ruby codebases. It finds, filters, and sorts the definitions & references of most types of Ruby identifiers (e.g. class

fullstaq-labs Fullstaq Ruby Server Edition: a server-optimized Ruby distribution Fullstaq Ruby is a Ruby distribution that's optimized for use in servers. It is the easiest way to: Install Ruby on servers β€” we supply precompiled

nov AppleID "Sign-in with Apple" is an implementation of OpenID Connect with small custom features. This gem handles these Apple custom features. Installation Add this line to your application's Gemfile: gem

nhosoya OmniAuth::Apple OmniAuth strategy for Sign In with Apple. Installation Add this line to your application's Gemfile: gem 'omniauth-apple', github: 'nhosoya/omniauth-apple', branch: 'master' And then exec

huginn What is Huginn? Huginn is a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf. Huginn's Agents create and consume events

palkan Action Policy GraphQL This gem provides an integration for using Action Policy as an authorization framework for GraphQL applications (built with graphql ruby gem). This integration includes the following features:

yhirano55 ActiveRecord::Explainer This gem automatically logs SQL EXPLAIN of every queries. You can check naturally every SQL EXPLAIN from development log, without βœ‹ executions. Usage If you use Rails, it's no