HTML/XML Parsing

HTML/XML Parsing

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namusyaka Gammo - A pure-Ruby HTML5 parser Gammo is an implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm which conforms the WHATWG specification, without any dependencies. Given an HTML string, Gammo parses it and builds DOM t

madeindjs Crystagiri An Html parser library for Crystal like amazing Nokogiri Ruby gem. I not pretend that Crystagiri does much as Nokogiri. All help will be welcome! :) Installation Add this to your application

mvz HappyMapper Happymapper allows you to parse XML data and convert it quickly and easily into ruby data structures. This project is a fork of the great work done first by jnunemaker. Major Differences Noko

Empact ROXML Ruby Object to XML mapping library. For more information visit: Please submit bugs here: Quick St

ohler55 Ox gem A fast XML parser and Object marshaller as a Ruby gem. Installation gem install ox Documentation Documentation: Source GitHub repo: https://github.c

YorickPeterse Oga NOTE: my spare time is limited which means I am unable to dedicate a lot of time on Oga. If you're interested in contributing to FOSS, please take a look at the open issues and submit a pull request to address them