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geokit Geokit DESCRIPTION The Geokit gem provides: Distance calculations between two points on the earth. Calculate the distance in miles, kilometers, meters, or nautical miles, with all the trigonometry a

rgeo RGeo RGeo is a geospatial data library for Ruby. Summary RGeo is a key component for writing location-aware applications in the Ruby programming language. At its core is an implementation of the industry

cjheath geoip¶ ↑ DESCRIPTION:¶ ↑ GeoIP searches a GeoIP database for a given host or IP address, and returns information about the country where the IP address is allocated, and the city, IS

alexreisner Geocoder Complete geocoding solution for Ruby. Key features: Forward and reverse geocoding. IP address geocoding. Connects to more than 40 APIs worldwide. Performance-enhancing features like caching. In

carmen-ruby Carmen A repository of geographic regions for Ruby Carmen features the following: Clean API Complete countries & regions data from the iso-codes Debian package A sane approach to internationalization