An incoming mail processing microframework in Ruby

Mailman Mailman is an incoming mail processing microframework (with POP3 and Maildir support), that works with Rails "out of the box". require 'mailman' do to '' do
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mlandauer Sending a few emails from your app is easy. Sending lots becomes painful. There are so many hidden gotchas. Do your emails get delivered? Are you being considered a spammer? What about all those bounced emails?

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mikel Mail Introduction Mail is an internet library for Ruby that is designed to handle email generation, parsing and sending in a simple, rubyesque manner. The purpose of this library is to provide a single point of acces

heartcombo MailForm Rails 5 This gem was built on top of ActiveModel to showcase how you can pull in validations, naming and i18n from Rails to your models without the need to implement it all by yourself. This README refers

mailman Mailman Mailman is an incoming mail processing microframework (with POP3 and Maildir support), that works with Rails "out of the box". require 'mailman' do to '' do

benprew Pony, the express way to send email in Ruby Overview Ruby no longer has to be jealous of PHP's mail() function, which can send an email in a single command. Pony.mail(:to => '[email protected]', :from => 'me@examp

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Mange Roadie Note: This README details the 3.x version of Roadie. You might be using 2.x, which is much older and only for Rails. Making HTML emails comfortable for the Ruby rockstars Roadie tries to make sending HTML emai

sup-heliotrope Sup Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email. Note: Sup is currently un-maintained. Please see this discussion. The notmuch mail project and its associated clients were inspired by sup and are active