Support for doing time math in business hours and days

business_time¶ ↑ ActiveSupport gives us some great helpers so we can do things like: 5.days.ago and 8.hours.from_now as well as helpers to do that from any provided date or time. I needed this, but taking into account bu

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sshaw YYMMDD Tiny DSL for idiomatic date parsing and formatting. Overview require "yymmdd" include YYMMDD puts yy/mm # 14/08 (i.e., today's date) puts yyyy/mm # 2014/08 date = ymd(411207) #

adzap ValidatesTimeliness ¶ ↑ Source: Issues: Description¶ ↑ Complete validation of dates, times and datetimes for Rails 5.x and Act

tzinfo TZInfo - Ruby Time Zone Library TZInfo is a Ruby library that provides access to time zone data and allows times to be converted using time zone rules. Data Sources TZInfo requires a source of time zone data. Ther

abhidsm time_diff ¶ ↑ Gem which calculates the difference between two time Installation¶ ↑ gem install time_diff Usage¶ ↑ require 'time_diff' time_diff_components = Time.diff(start_date_time, end_date_time)

krainboltgreene time-lord time-lord is a gem that gives you more human like expressions for time and space math. Underneath the covers time-lord gives you single purpose objects for handling the more complex parts of Time &amp

basecamp Local Time Local Time makes it easy to display times and dates to users in their local time. Its Rails helpers render <time> elements in UTC (making them cache friendly), and its JavaScript component immediately converts th

ankane Groupdate The simplest way to group by: day week hour of the day and more (complete list below) ? Time zones - including daylight saving time - supported!! the best part ? Get the entire series - the o

mojombo Chronic Chronic is a natural language date/time parser written in pure Ruby. See below for the wide variety of formats Chronic will parse. Installation $ gem install chronic Usage require 'chronic' Tim