Date and Time Processing

Date and Time Processing

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DustyBitSoftware Cease cease is a tool that scans for Ruby code marked as EOL. Installation Install via rubygems: gem install cease Usage Run it: cease [directory_or_s

gitpod-io unofficial-gitpod-mobile-ios-prototype Something unofficial @ghuntley is hacking on out of hours and on weekends from time to time. Wanna help out? Bu

isovalent eCHO - eBPF & Cilium Office Hours With a little bit of imagination, eCHO stands for "eBPF & Cilium Office Hours". Inspired by TGIK this is a new lives

testdouble ⏱ Create and manage multiple timers to tell where your Ruby code's time is going

abhidsm time_diff ¶ ↑ Gem which calculates the difference between two time Installation¶ ↑ gem install time_diff Usage¶ ↑ require 'time_diff' time_diff_components = Time.diff(start_date_time, end_

adzap ValidatesTimeliness ¶ ↑ Source: Issues: Description¶ ↑ Complete validation of dates, times and datetimes for Rails 5

sshaw YYMMDD Tiny DSL for idiomatic date parsing and formatting. Overview require "yymmdd" include YYMMDD puts yy/mm # 14/08 (i.e., today's date) puts yyyy/mm # 2014/08 date = ymd(41120

krainboltgreene time-lord time-lord is a gem that gives you more human like expressions for time and space math. Underneath the covers time-lord gives you single purpose objects for handling the more complex parts of

basecamp Local Time Local Time makes it easy to display times and dates to users in their local time. Its Rails helpers render <time> elements in UTC (making them cache friendly), and its JavaScript component immediately c

ankane Groupdate The simplest way to group by: day week hour of the day and more (complete list below) ? Time zones - including daylight saving time - supported!! the best part ? Get the entire seri

mojombo Chronic Chronic is a natural language date/time parser written in pure Ruby. See below for the wide variety of formats Chronic will parse. Installation $ gem install chronic Usage require 'chr

radar ByStar ByStar (by_*) allows you easily and reliably query ActiveRecord and Mongoid objects based on time. Examples Post.by_year(2013) # all posts in 2013 Post.before(

bokmann business_time¶ ↑ ActiveSupport gives us some great helpers so we can do things like: 5.days.ago and 8.hours.from_now as well as helpers to do that from any provided date or time. I needed this, but taking into

zendesk Time calculations using business hours. Features Support for: Multiple intervals per day. Multiple schedule configurations. Intervals spanning the entire day. Holidays. Breaks (time-s

tzinfo TZInfo - Ruby Time Zone Library TZInfo is a Ruby library that provides access to time zone data and allows times to be converted using time zone rules. Data Sources TZInfo requires a source of time zone