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csvreader csvpack library / gem - tools 'n' scripts for working with tabular data packages using comma-separated values (CSV) datafiles in text with meta info (that is, schema, datatypes, ..) in datapackage.json; download, read into and q

schemadoc schemadoc schemadoc gem - document your database schemas (tables, columns, etc.) home :: bugs ::

tumblr Jetpants¶ ↑ OVERVIEW:¶ ↑ Jetpants is an automation toolkit for handling monstrously large MySQL database topologies. It is geared towards common opera

ankane Active KMS Simple, secure key management for Active Record encryption Note: At the moment, encryption requires three encryption requests and one decry

rubysec bundler-audit Homepage Issues Documentation Description Patch-level verification for bundler. Features Checks for vulnerable versions of gems in Gemfi

eradman A simple extension to PostgreSQL that requires criteria for UPDATE and DELETE

seed-labs This is the core of the entire SEED project, it consists of all the labs that we have developed and maintained for the past 18 years. History The SEED

Coding-Cactus Flaptus A cactus themed Flappy Bird implementation with Ruby's Gosu gem. In Flaptus you hop around the world of a singular cactus and lots of yellow p

geerlingguy Raspberry Pi PCI Express device compatibility database This repository builds the GitHub pages site: If you would like t

hopsoft Simplified polymorphic full text + similarity search based on postgres

rails Kredis (Keyed Redis) encapsulates higher-level types and data structures around a single key, so you can interact with them as coherent objects rather than isolated procedural commands. These higher-level structures can be configu

OpenGems RedisWebManager Web interface that allows you to manage easily your Redis instance (see keys, memory used, connected client, etc...). Check your stats The Dashboard allows you to check the Memory usag

discourse MiniSql Installation Add this line to your application's Gemfile: gem 'mini_sql' And then execute: $ bundle Or install it yourself as: $ gem install mini_sql Usage MiniSql is a very simp

pdabrowski6 The Chartable Ruby gem The Chartable gem is a lightweight and database-level library to transform any Active Record query into analytics hash ready for use with any chart library. Supported database engines: MySQL and

baweaver Qo Short for Query Object, my play at Ruby pattern matching and fluent querying, pronounced "Q-whoah". Read the Docs for more detailed information How does it work? Mostly by using Ruby language featu

ankane Multiverse 🔥 Multiple databases for Rails One of the easiest ways to scale your database is to move large, infrequently-joined tables to a separate database. ActiveRecord supports multiple databases, but Rails

ankane Dexter The automatic indexer for Postgres Read about how it works Installation First, install HypoPG on your database server. This doesn’t require a restart. wget

BaseSecrete Redis Dashboard A Sinatra web app showing monitoring informations about your Redis servers. You can run it in standalone or inside your Rails app. Features List of your redis servers Connecti

basecamp Geared Pagination Most pagination schemes use a fixed page size. Page 1 returns as many elements as page 2. But that's frequently not the most sensible way to page through a large recordset when you care about serving t

ioquatix Relaxo is a transactional database built on top of git. It's aim is to provide a robust interface for document storage and sorted indexes. If you prefer a higher level interface, you can try relaxo-model.

sivers language learning tools, written in Ruby + SQLite IMPORTANT: These are meant to be run in the terminal (“command line”). Once you download this git repository, go into its directory in your terminal, and get ready to t

ebeigarts DatabaseFlusher database_flusher is a tiny and fast database cleaner inspired by database_cleaner and database_rewinder. Features No monkey patching - uses ActiveSupport::Notifications and Mongo::Monit

bradurani pg-eyeballs 👀 pg-eyeballs is a ruby gem that gives you detailed information about how the SQL queries created by the active record code you write are executed by the database. It gives you an easy, ruby friend

voxpupuli mongodb puppet module Table of Contents Overview Module Description - What does the module do? Setup - The basics of getting started with mongodb Usage - Configuration options and additional

square shift shift is an application that makes it easy to run online schema migrations for MySQL databases Who should use it? shift was designed to solve the following problem - running schema migrations manua

ankane pgslice Postgres partitioning as easy as pie. Works great for both new and existing tables, with zero downtime and minimal app changes. Archive older data on a rolling basis to keep your database size under control.

gfredericks QuineDB QuineDB is a quine that is also a key/value store. If your database can't print its own source code, can you really trust it? Getting Started QuineDB consists of the quinedb script in this repos

customink Seamless second database integration for Rails. SecondBase provides support for Rails to manage dual databases by extending ActiveRecord tasks that create, migrate, and test your databases. Using SecondBase To Provide Some

mbleigh Seed Fu Seed Fu is an attempt to once and for all solve the problem of inserting and maintaining seed data in a database. It uses a variety of techniques gathered from various places around the web and combines them to

rroblak Seed Dump Seed Dump is a Rails 4 and 5 plugin that adds a rake task named db:seed:dump. It allows you to create seed data files from the existing data in your database. You can also use Seed Dump from the Rails consol

james2m Seedbank allows you to structure your Rails seed data instead of having it all dumped into one large file.

plentz lol_dba lol_dba is a small package of rake tasks that scan your application models and displays a list of columns that probably should be indexed. Also, it can generate .sql migration scripts. Quick exampl