Code Analysis and Metrics

Code Analysis and Metrics

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elct9620 Openbox The zero-configuration Ruby container entry-point. Installation Add this line to your application's Gemfile: gem 'openbox' And then execute: $

appvia Krane Kubernetes RBAC Analysis made Easy Krane is a simple Kubernetes RBAC static analysis tool. It identifies potential security risks in K8s RBAC de

fagiani Static Buildpack This is a Cloud Native Buildpack for handling static sites and single page web apps. This buildpack is based on the heroku-buildpack-

tgerke R code review checklist Summary This checklist is designed to serve as an issue template to assist in the code review process for data wrangling/analy

avmnu-sng RSpec Tracer is a specs dependency analyzer, flaky tests detector, tests accelerator, and coverage reporter tool. It maintains a list of files for eac

EugZol This gem provides run-time type checking and mapping of composite data structures (i.e. hashes/arrays of hashes/arrays of ... of literals).

st0012 Backtrace (Stack traces) are essential information for debugging our applications. However, they only tell us what the program did, but don't tell us what it had (the arguments, local variables...etc.)

ruby-lint RuboCop is a Ruby static code analyzer (a.k.a. linter) and code formatter.

michaelfeathers Scythe¶ ↑ DESCRIPTION:¶ ↑ Scythe is a light-weight tool for detecting dead and infrequently used code in production. Scythe defines a set of functions (probes) that y

amatsuda Traceroute¶ ↑ A Rake task that helps you find dead routes and unused actions in your Rails 3+ app. Features¶ ↑ This Rake task investigates your Rails application's routes definition, then shows you the unuse

simplecov-ruby SimpleCov Code coverage for Ruby Source Code API documentation Changelog Rubygem Continuous Integration SimpleCov is a code coverage analysis tool for Ruby. It uses Ruby's built-in Coverage library to

tcopeland Pippi Pippi is a utility for finding suboptimal Ruby class API usage. Consider this little array: [1, 2, 3] Now suppose we want to find the first element in that array that's greater than one. We can use Array#s

metricfu MetricFu Rdoc Maintenance MetricFu needs maintainers. If you are up for helping out, please left a note in issue 280. MetricFu is free and open source code that belongs to everyone. Benjamin (@bf4) ha

fastruby Fast Ruby In Erik Michaels-Ober's great talk, 'Writing Fast Ruby': Video @ Baruco 2014, Slide, he presented us with many idioms that lead to faster running Ruby code. He inspired me to document these to let more people

github Scientist! A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths. How do I science? Let's pretend you're changing the way you handle permissions in a large web app. Tests can help guide your refactoring,

prontolabs Pronto Pronto runs analysis quickly by checking only the relevant changes. Created to be used on GitHub pull requests, but also works locally and integrates with GitLab and Bitbucket. Perfect if you want to find o

rubocop Role models are important. -- Officer Alex J. Murphy / RoboCop RuboCop is a Ruby static code analyzer and code formatter. Out of the box it will enforce many of the guidelines outlined in the community Ruby

flyerhzm rails_best_practices rails_best_practices is a code metric tool to check the quality of Rails code. It supports the following ORM/ODMs: activerecord mongoid mongomapper And the following template eng

troessner Code smell detector for Ruby Table of Contents Overview Quickstart Example Supported rubies Fixing Smell Warnings Sources Code smells Configuration Command-line interface Configuration fi

seattlerb flay¶ ↑ home code rdoc DESCRIPTION:¶ ↑ Flay analyzes code for structural similarities. Differen

square Cane Fails your build if code quality thresholds are not met. Discipline will set you free. Usage gem install cane cane --abc-glob '{lib,spec}/**/*.rb' --abc-max 15 Your main build task should run th

danmayer Coverband Key Features • Installation • Coverage Report • Advanced Config • License • Change Log / Roadmap • Code of Conduct A gem to measure production code usage, showing a counter for the number of times ea

ooyala Overview Barkeep is a fast, fun way to review code. Engineering organizations can use it to keep the bar high. To see a video of Barkeep in action, visit Barkeep is standalone software that you host. O

whitesmith RubyCritic RubyCritic is a gem that wraps around static analysis gems such as Reek, Flay and Flog to provide a quality report of your Ruby code. Table of Contents Overview Getting Started Usage Ana