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testdouble maybe_later - get slow code out of your users' way Maybe you've been in this situation: you want to call some Ruby while responding to an HTTP request

Tonksthebear Classy::Yaml This was created to provide convenient utility class grouping for environments without a bundler (or any situation where you might not wa

rails Propshaft Propshaft is an asset pipeline library for Rails. It's built for an era where bundling assets to save on HTTP connections is no longer urgen

torba-rb Torba Torba is a Bower-less asset manager for Sprockets. It makes a local copy of a JS/CSS library and puts it under Sprockets' load path. Name origin "Торба" [tǒːrba] in Ukrainian and "torba" in Polish,

rails Sprockets: Rack-based asset packaging Sprockets is a Ruby library for compiling and serving web assets. It features declarative dependency management for JavaScript and CSS assets, as well as a powerful preprocessor pip

rharriso bower-rails - Bundler-like DSL + rake tasks for Bower on Rails

ai Autoprefixer Rails Autoprefixer is a tool toparse CSS andaddvendor prefixes to CSS rules using values fromtheCan I Use database. Thisgemprovides RubyandRuby on Rails integr

AssetSync Asset Sync Synchronises Assets between Rails and S3. Asset Sync is built to run with the new Rails Asset Pipeline feature introduced in Rails 3.1. After you run bundle exec rake assets:precompile your assets will b

cowboyd less.rb The dynamic stylesheet language. About These are Ruby bindings for the next generation LESS, which is implemented in JavaScript For more information, visit

metaskills The dynamic stylesheet language for the Rails 5+ asset pipeline. This gem provides integration for Rails projects using the Less stylesheet language in the asset pipeline. Installing Just bundle up less-ra

wpeterson Emoji A Ruby gem. For emoji. For everyone. ❤️ This gem exposes the Phantom Open Emoji library unicode/image assets and APIs for working with them. Easily look up emoji's name, unicode character, or image asse