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Shopify HeapProfiler TODO: Describe your gem Installation Add this line to your application's Gemfile: gem 'heap-profiler' And then execute: $ bundle install

bdougie Awesome Black Developers Talks, blog posts, and interviews amplifying the voices of Black developers on GitHub because #BlackLivesMatter @aprilspeight

wagnerdevocelot ruby4noobs Manual de introdução a linguagem Ruby ruby4noobs Explore a documentação » Report Bug · Request Feature Sobre o Projeto Explique um pouco so

ankane OutlierTree 🌳 OutlierTree - explainable outlier/anomaly detection - for Ruby Produces human-readable explanations for why values are detected as outl

twitterdev Twitter API v2 sample code Sample code for early access of the new v2 endpoints (Python, Java, Ruby, and Node.js). Each available endpoint has a folde

genmon About Feeds Web feeds/RSS "getting started" guide for new users. Licenses This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Sha

freazesss G4t A simple cli app to help you with git. Installation Linux: sudo sh Windows: gem install tty-prompt ruby main.rb Contributing Fork it. C

AndrewRadev Usage The plugin comes with only one command, :Diffurcate. Open a git diff and execute the command, and it'll open a new tab in a temporary directory

k1LoW github-script-ruby This action makes it easy to write Ruby scripts in the workflow, just like actions/github-script. In order to use this action, a sc

braintree PostgreSQL Column Byte Packer tl;dr: Provides facilities for laying out table column order to optimize for disk space usage both in ActiveRecord migra

seed-labs This is the core of the entire SEED project, it consists of all the labs that we have developed and maintained for the past 18 years. History The SEED

jrochkind FasterS3Url Generate public and presigned AWS S3 GET URLs faster in ruby The official ruby AWS SDK is actually quite slow and unoptimized when generat

Coding-Cactus Flaptus A cactus themed Flappy Bird implementation with Ruby's Gosu gem. In Flaptus you hop around the world of a singular cactus and lots of yellow p

d3d1rty algoheader Programmatically generate beautiful header images for blogs or social media accounts. Table of Contents About Getting started Installation

alexcwatt Open URI's with rich context

tgerke R code review checklist Summary This checklist is designed to serve as an issue template to assist in the code review process for data wrangling/analy

abicky ActiveRecord::DebugErrors ActiveRecord::DebugErrors is an extension of activerecord to display useful debug logs on errors. Installation Add this line

slack-ruby A Ruby and command-line client for the Slack Web, Real Time Messaging and Event APIs.

chrisseaton Ruby STM Lee Demo This is a demo of using Software Transactional Memory, or STM, in Ruby to parallelise an algorithm for routing circuits called Lee's

sebastianv1 Sfizio is a Homebrew version control system. Keeping a formula's version consistent across developer machines and CI isn't a natural process of using brew.

stevepolitodesign 📭 Unsubscribe Automatically unsubscribe from emails in Rails. 🚀 Installation Add this line to your application's Gemfile: gem 'unsubscribe' And then

OpenCSPM OpenCSPM Open Cloud Security Posture Management, OpenCSPM, is an open-source platform for gaining deeper insight into your cloud configuration and met

github Quick links: Background • What you will need • Challenge Brief • Tips • Getting Started • Examples • Submit and Share GitHub Universe2020 Sonic Pi Cha

geerlingguy Raspberry Pi PCI Express device compatibility database This repository builds the GitHub pages site: If you would like t

dogweather Tests in Production: allocation savings comes only from avoiding certain rendering This is a mea culpa: The outrageous savings I saw is only in develo

roshreview A simple gem that makes it easy to write integration specs outside of the rails environment with transactional rollbacks. Useful for mobile apps, react, react-native, and the likes.

hostolab Covidliste Covidliste makes it easy to manage waiting lists for vaccination centers. Stack Ruby on Rails Stimulus Bootstrap

sparkfabrik Build iOS project (.xcodeproj, .xcworkspace), export .ipa, optional upload to BrowserStack App Live.

Shopify YJIT - Yet Another Ruby JIT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this project is in early stages of development. It is very much a work in progress, it may ca

rails Propshaft Propshaft is an asset pipeline library for Rails. It's built for an era where bundling assets to save on HTTP connections is no longer urgen

isovalent eCHO - eBPF & Cilium Office Hours With a little bit of imagination, eCHO stands for "eBPF & Cilium Office Hours". Inspired by TGIK this is a new lives