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testdouble ⏱ Create and manage multiple timers to tell where your Ruby code's time is going

wildmaples A minimal Ruby project template

apexatoll A command-line interface for downloading and playing cryptic crosswords from within the terminal.

ousmanedev A lightweight commenting platform using Notion as a backend

arbox Links and Resources for Data Processing and Analysis in Ruby

jasonswett Instant Rails is a special kind of Rails application template. Instant Rails will generate your application inside of a Docker container so that you don't even need to have Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL or anything else installed on you

chrisseaton Rhizome is a paedagogical just-in-time compiler (JIT) for Ruby, implemented in pure Ruby. It's not really designed to be used. It's designed to show you how JITs work and why perhaps a JIT for Ruby should be written in Ruby.

hopsoft Simplified polymorphic full text + similarity search based on postgres

mike-bourgeous Recreational Ruby tools for geometry. This ranges from simple functions like area calculation and line intersection, to Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi partitions.

amancevice Write your AWS Lambda function handlers using a Rake-like declarative syntax

mlandauer Sending a few emails from your app is easy. Sending lots becomes painful. There are so many hidden gotchas. Do your emails get delivered? Are you being considered a spammer? What about all those bounced emails?

domchristie Tailwind CSS JIT + Rails without Webpacker

gustavodiel Colorama is a Gem for extracting the most dominant and prominent colors from an image.

d12frosted Emacs Plus is → GNU Emacs formulae for macOS → Homebrew package manager. It offers a wide rage of extra functionality over regular → Emacs package.

adomokos VIM Katas Daily exercises from the book Practical Vim. It was about 5 years ago when I watched Jim Weirich solving the Roman Numeral kata at an SCNA c

ankane Encrypts keys, values, list elements, set members, and hash fields while still being able to perform a majority of operations 🎉

hotwired Hotwire Rails Demo: Chat This is a slimmed-down repository for the Hotwire demo that used for the announcement screencast. It's a rough sketch of the

googleprojectzero 0-days Exploited In-The-Wild This repository is a reference of documents about 0-day vulnerabilities detected as exploited in-the-wild. It includes bo

hopsoft SR Mini The Real Single Page App™ A minimal Rails app that showcases how to use StimulusReflex. Prerequisites ruby node yarn redis Quick Start git clo

ginkgobioworks vaccinetime This bot checks Massachusetts vaccine appointment sites every minute and posts on Twitter when new appoin

palkan FaQueue This repo contains code to experiment with different background jobs fairness strategies. About The problem of fair background jobs processing

Zomato Vinifera - Monitor Internal Leaks on Github Github Monitoring Tool 🤖 We have been using Vinifera in production since Dec 2019 and has helped us preve

renuo Turbo Showcase This project contains the source code of Here you can look how stuff has been implemented and cop

baweaver Dio - Dive Into Objects - Ruby Pattern Matching interface for Objects which have none (yet)

darkbitio To enable high-fidelity, offline review of Kubernetes clusters as a part of Darkbit's cloud and Kubernetes security consulting services offerings, a simple script to export all K8s resources from a cluster was developed. A modifie

Shopify Ruby on Rails is the framework of choice for web apps at Shopify. It is an opinionated stack for quick and easy development of apps that need standard persistence with relational databases, an HTTP server, and HTML views.

rswag Rswag extends rspec-rails "request specs" with a Swagger-based DSL for describing and testing API operations. You describe your API operations with a succinct, intuitive syntax, and it automaticaly runs the tests.

tenderlove This is a pure Ruby assembler (I guess). I'm not 100% sure if it counts as pure Ruby because it just reads a JSON file and metaprograms most of it. Anyway, you can use it to write assembly in Ruby, then have it assembled.

kjleitz Adornable provides the ability to cleanly decorate methods in Ruby.

excid3 🆔 Friendly Prefixed IDs for your Ruby on Rails models

ankane Nearest neighbor search for Rails and Postgres

charkost Prosopite is able to auto-detect Rails N+1 queries with zero false positives / false negatives.