Create, isolate and test modular UI components in React.

ui-harness Isolate, test and document modular UI with React using familiar describe/it testing semantics. Quick Start (1-minute) With the UIHarness you can go from an empty NPM module, to c

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fwouts Here is a screenshot test written with react-screenshot-test: All you need is to install react-screenshot-test and configure Jest: // jest.screenshot.config.js module.exports = { testEnvironment: "n

testing-library Simple and complete Preact hooks testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.

wellyshen A React hook that measure an element's size and handle responsive components with highly-performant way, using ResizeObserver. Try it you will 👍🏻 it!

keiya01 You can test React(ReactNative) runtime performance by using this lib. If you want to check the number of renders, or render time in a test environment, this lib makes sense.