React components for sorting, filtering and pagination of data.

react-data-components DataTable: Live demo and source SelectableTable: Live demo and source Getting started npm install react-data-components --save This component requires Bootstrap stylesheet and Font Awesome

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kenforthewin redux-remote-datatable Test it out here. Installation npm i redux-remote-datatable --save Usage Add the reducer. import { dataTableReducer } from 'redux-remote-datatable'; ... const appReducer =

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ngduc react-tabulator React Tabulator is based on tabulator - a JS table library with many advanced features. Live Demo: Codesandbox 🌟 Features Tabulator's features: Filters Sorting Formatting

Autodesk react-base-table BaseTable is a react table component to display large data set with high performance and flexibility Install # npm npm install react-base-table --save # yarn yarn add react-base-table U

petyosi React Virtuoso is a simple, easy to use React component made to render huge data lists. Out of the box, Virtuoso: Handles gracefully variable sized items; no manual measurements or hard-coding of item heights; Supports grouping wi

idw111 react hook for using google spreadsheet as a data table (API endpoint)