Sortable List

Sortable List

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bolan9999 react-native-largelist React-native-largelist is a very high performance large list component for React-Native. (iOS & Android) Now V3 is available. V1 is here Features Large data source list componen

elmasse nextein A static site generator based in Next.js What is it? nextein is a wrapper around next.js that allows you to write static sites using markdown and react. Requirements NodeJS v8.x+ is

andreypopp Sitegen Sitegen is a static site generator based on Webpack and React. Sitegen's motivation is to provide a framework for content based sites with simple API to take the advantage of React component model and rich

jasonslyvia This project is in INACTIVE status, bugfix will be maintained, but no new feature will be added. Feel free to use it if it suits your need, for complicated sorting features I'd recommend react-dnd by dan. react-anythi

danielstocks React Sortable Higher-order component for creating sortable lists with minimalistic implementation and without polyfills. Using just React.js and HTML5 DragEvent interface. Mainly tested in latest stable Webkit, Fi

SortableJS Sortable Sortable is a JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists. Demo: Features Supports touch devices and modern browsers (including IE9) Ca