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molefrog wouter A tiny routing solution for modern React apps that relies on Hooks. A router you wanted so bad in your pet project! Zero dependency, only 1.04KB gzipped vs 17KB React Router. A top-level <Router /&gt

sindresorhus react-router-util Various useful utilities for working with React Router Install $ npm install react-router-util Usage import {ipcRenderer as ipc} from 'electron'; import React from 'rea

MichalPaszkiewicz cqrs-react-router cqrs-react-router is a library that will help you easily set up a CQRS/event sourcing system typescript support cqrs-react-router is written in typescript and therefore will always suppo

elefanty Offramp is a React library that provides simple routing for your single page applications. Features Synchronized routing state with application state Decoupled state from UI Routes support hooks such as befo

zackify Async Routing TODO: server render make route config optional React router v4 is awesome, but one thing is missing! Async routes. There's a couple components out there but they all have the same problem, on rout

prateekbh preact-async-route Deprecation notice preact-x supports Lazy component, which can be used as shown here. Prefer using the Lazy component along with Suspense instead of this package. This package is still

supasate Breaking change in v5.0.0! Please read How to migrate from v4 to v5/v6. v6.0.0 requires React v16.4.0 and React Redux v6.0 / v7.0. Connected React Router A Redux binding for React Router v4 and v5

wix-incubator React Dataflow Example A real-life example of a React project with focus on dataflow management. The example explores and compares methodologies by implementing the same app in different branches: redux-thunk branc

mhaagens React MobX React-Router 4 Boilerplate 🎉 React, [email protected], MobX and Webpack 2. Demo Just run npm install and npm start, then go to localhost:3000 to start developing. To build, run n

desklamp-js Desklamp Please help us improve Desklamp by filling out our Feedback Survey Desklamp is a React library which provides a state container and easy creation of routes. No external dependencies Provides <Cont

ohager HiRouter HiRouter is a React High Order Component for the famous React Router for a even better routing experience. npm install react-hirouter --save HiRouter is capable to create convenience navigation functions

ryanflorence AsyncProps for React Router Co-located data loading for React Router apps. Data is loaded before the new screen renders. It is designed to be both a useful solution for many apps, as well as a reference implementatio

robbestad React Breadcrumbs React component use to generate a breadcrumb trail (compatible with React Router). Installation npm install --save react-breadcrumbs Note: this version is only compatible with React-Rou

matthewwithanm monorouter monorouter is an isomorphic JavaScript router by @matthewwithanm and @lettertwo. It was designed for use with ReactJS but doesn't have any direct dependencies on it and should be easily adaptable to other vir

kriasoft Universal Router A simple middleware-style router for isomorphic JavaScript web apps Visit Quickstart Guide (slides) | Join #universal-router on Gitter to stay up to date Documentation Over

taion react-router-scroll React Router scroll management. react-router-scroll is a React Router middleware that adds scroll management using scroll-behavior. By default, the middleware adds browser-style scroll behavior, b

STRML React Router Component Version Compatibility >= 0.39.0 React v15,16 >= 0.32.0 React v15 >= 0.27.0 React 0.14 0.24 - 0.26.0

remix-run React Router Declarative routing for React Docs View the docs here Migrating from 2.x/3.x? 3.x docs 2.x docs Packages This repository is a monorepo that we manage using Lerna.