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blvdmitry React Awesome Toasts Easily customizable React notification system that manages its queue for you. 🎙 Screen reader accessibility 🔧 Server

nicmesan react-redux-notification The simplest way to implement a notification system in your React-Redux app Installation npm install --save react-redux-notification Getting started CSS

xeodou React-Crouton A message component for reactjs Live Demo Getting Started Install via npm npm i react-crouton --save-dev Usage var Crouton = require('react-crouton') var data = {

juliancwirko This lib is no longer maintained. It needs major adjustments and rewrites. I hope I'll find some time for it in the future. Sorry. React sAlert component sAlert is a React component which provides alerts or notificatio

pburtchaell react-notification Overview This is a component designed to provide "snackbar" notification messages and notification stacks (similar to how notifications stack on OS X). I would suggest reading the u

igorprado React Notification System A complete and totally customizable component for notifications in React. Initially built for Eterpret @ Scalable Path. Installing This component is available as Comm