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Newest releases

chenjiahan Rodal A React modal with animations. Example Installation npm i rodal --save Usage import React from 'react'; import Rodal from 'rodal'; // include styles import 'rodal/lib/rodal.css';

marcio React SkyLight React SkyLight is a simple react component for modals and dialogs. Powerful, lightweight and customizable design. React SkyLight DEMOS and DOCS. Installation $ npm install react-skylight --

reactjs react-modal Accessible modal dialog component for React.JS Installation To install the stable version: npm install --save react-modal Usage <Modal isOpen={bool} onAfterOpen={afterOpenF

cloudflare react-modal2 Simple modal component for React. Unopionated Stateless (dumb component) Accessible Universal/Isomorphic Built via reusable collection of modules Installation $ npm install

react-bootstrap react-overlays Utilities for creating robust overlay components. Documentation https://react-bootstrap.github.io/react-overlays Installation npm install --save react-overlays N

yuanyan Boron A collection of dialog animations with React.js. React 0.14+ Use boron 0.2 React 0.12+ Use boron 0.1 Demo & Examples Live demo: yuanyan.github.io/boron To build the examples locally, ru

alexkuz react-dock Resizable dockable react component. Demo http://alexkuz.github.io/react-dock/demo/ Install $ npm i -S react-dock Example render() { return ( <Dock position='rig