Create Next.js apps in one command

Create Next App The easiest way to create a React app with server-side rendering thanks to Next.js Getting Started · Starting from scratch with Create Next App · Starting from Next.js Examples If you run into any iss

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didierfranc react-waterfall React store built on top of the new context API Basics store.js import createStore from 'react-waterfall' const config = { initialState: { count: 0 }, actionsCreators: { increment: ({ count

diegohaz context + state = constate ~2KB React state management library that lets you work with local state and scale up to global state with ease. Install npm: npm i -S constate Yarn: yarn add constate

rookLab React Component Caching Overview React Component Caching is a component-level caching library for faster server-side rendering with React 16. Use any of React's four server-side rendering methods. Rendering is asyn

kutlugsahin react-smooth-dnd A fast and lightweight drag&drop, sortable library for React with many configuration options covering many d&d scenarios. It uses css transitions for animations so it's hardware accelerated whenever possi

entria react-app-loader Production ready library for handling Microfrontends. Demo and Example How to use Create a config file for each external app: $ touch AnyExternalApp.js Then, wrap

jamesb3ll reduxbag Callbag-based middleware for Redux. Tiny (<350b) Zero dependencies Similar API to redux-observable “Unlimited” operators (callbag ecosystem) Install yarn add reduxbag # -- or -- npm install -

hasura react-check-auth react-check-auth is a tiny react component that helps you make auth checks declarative in your react or react-native app. This component uses React 16's new context API and is just ~100 LOC. It can also serve as

zzarcon react-circle Renders a svg circle + percentage. It just works Demo Install 🚀 $ yarn add react-circle Usage ⛏ Basic