Simple apps to practice. Once you have done the basics of web development through levelZero you can start practising these apps.

You completed levelZero of neogcamp and now you know basics of HTML, CSS, JS & React. Now, you need to code more to get yourself comfortable with what you have just learned.

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proshoumma ReForum A minimal forum application built with the following technologies: React Redux Webpack ExpressJS PassportJS MongoDB Demo app is deployed on Heroku. Please check it out:

storybookjs Storybook Storybook is a development environment for UI components. It allows you to browse a component library, view the different states of each component, and interactively develop and test components. In

infiniteluke Next Static Blog ✨ Start static then go server rendered when you need to ✨ A simple static blog powered by next.js. Why I found other SSG (Static Site Generator) to be too much for what I nee

marvinhagemeister Preact Server Renderer preact-server-render is similar to preact-render-to-string by @developit (author of preact), but with pluggable formatters. This means you can easily tailer the output to your needs, without any overhead. W

Microsoft React Native for Windows Build native Windows apps with React. See the official React Native website for an introduction to React Native. React Native is a framework developed by Facebook that enables you

jakubgarfield πŸ’° Expenses is a progressive web application on top of Google Sheets πŸ“‰ written in React βš›οΈ . It is only a static HTML that works great on mobile πŸ“± and can be deployed anywhere. Check out the demo but please be c

dabbott React Express Why? React has a problem. While the proliferation of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and tools (JavaScript fatigue) is fantastic for the web development ecosystem, it can be extremely intimidating for b

Sly777 RAN : React . GraphQL . Next.js Toolkit Features Hot-Reload Ready for Dev Next Generation JavaScript (ES6) Offline Ready (Experimental!) Next Generation CSS (CSS-in-JS) Create New Pag