Newest releases

itsjavi Extremely lightweight JSX runtime (<3KB) to write JSX without React in TypeScript or JavaScript.

VanTanev A collection of helpers for XState with React

itsnitinr A Visual Studio Code themed developer portfolio website built with Next.js and deployed on Vercel.

cassiozen The ½ kb state machine hook for React

uykalkan A very easy hook solution for React to handle outside clicks of elements or components

EvanBacon This project demonstrates automatic navigation built on top of react-navigation for the Expo ecosystem. The style is based on Next.js navigation.

devMozao Desafio em ReactJS para membros iniciantes da comunidade de front-end possam desenvolver uma aplicação que vai testar seus conhecimentos e te proporcionar um feedback construtivo para crescer na stack.

tuan3w A Linear App clone with React and Tailwind CSS

vlazzarini MUSIC V This is Max Mathew's MUSIC V synthesis program, prepared by Bill Schottstaed for gfortran, with additions and fixes by Victor Lazzarini. Build

waterplea RxJS Challenge A set of little RxJS puzzles to practice your Observable skills by Alex and Roman. Day 01 Create an Observable to track focus in a sect

saltyshiomix ⚡ NEXT.js + Electron ⚡

alexgurr A series of ReactJS coding challenges with a variety of difficulties.

markerikson Descriptions and use cases for common tools and practices in the React community

jkytoela ⚡ Free Next.js landing page template for SaaS products, online services and more.

anabrtorres Application developed in the fourth edition of Rocketseat Next Level Week 💻 🚀

wooorm React server components + MDX

harryheman Ресурс для изучения React.js и связанных с ним технологий полностью на русском языке

bitovi React-to-webcomponent converts React components to custom elements

neogcamp You completed levelZero of neogcamp and now you know basics of HTML, CSS, JS & React. Now, you need to code more to get yourself comfortable with what you have just learned.

dabit3 A real-time peer-to-peer messaging app built with React & Gun.js

willianjusten Learn hiragana and katakana in an easy way.

1000ship Easy to make scroll animation with ReactJS

kamalo22 Ecommerce project using ReactJs React Hooks and Redux

dai-shi State usage tracking with Proxies. Optimize re-renders for useState/useReducer, React Redux, Zustand and others.

mayu888 This is a lazy loading component based on intersectionObserver.The child elements under this component render one by default, and When the rendered subcomponent appears in the view, it continues to render the next one, and so on.

pmndrs @react-three/a11y brings accessibility to WebGL, with easy to use components react-three-fiber components to enable focus indication, keyboard tab navigation, and screen reader support.

mdtanrikulu a custom React Hook to manage Metamask in Ethereum ĐApp projects

sibelius This is a React Server Components Playground to make it easy to experiment with Server Components

kripod Zero-runtime polymorphic component definitions for React

vercel Experimental demo of React Server Components with Next.js. Deployed serverlessly on Vercel.

dai-shi React Worker Components simplify using Web Workers

humaans Finite state machine hook for React featuring context, reducers, actions and effects.