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szhsin A customisable, responsive, and optimised React menu library with accessibility.

alpertuna NOTE: This library is not under active development now. react-metismenu A ready / simple to use, highly customizable, updateable, ajax supported, animated and material designed menu component for React

MandarinConLaBarba React Tree Menu Component A stateless tree component with the following features: Checkboxes Collapsible nodes Dynamic tree generation Declarative tree menus Built with the Flux proposal in mind (i.e. trickl

vutran React Off-Canvas Off-canvas menus for React. Installation $ npm install --save react-offcanvas Usage Basic Usage <OffCanvas width={300} transitionDuration={300} isMenuOpened={f

bokuweb-sandbox Deprecated Deprecated as the react-motion-menu project is no longer maintained. react-motion-menu Animation menu component for React. Demo See demo:

balloob React Sidebar React Sidebar is a sidebar component for React 0.14+. It offers the following features: The sidebar can slide over the main content or dock next to it. Touch enabled: swipe to open and close the si

negomi react-burger-menu An off-canvas sidebar React component with a collection of effects and styles using CSS transitions and SVG path animations. Using Redux? Check out redux-burger-menu for easy integration of react-bu