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pqina React FilePond is a handy wrapper component for FilePond, a JavaScript library that can upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images for faster uploads, and offers a great, accessible, silky smooth user experience.

JakHuang Element UI表单设计及代码生成器,可将生成的代码直接运行在基于Element的vue项目中;也可导出JSON表单,使用配套的解析器将JSON解析成真实的表单。

react-hook-form 📋 React Hooks for forms validation (Web + React Native)

react-hook-form 📣 UPDATE This component is now a part of React Hook Form V4, and renamed to Controller with much simpler API. Performant, flexible and extensible forms with easy to use validation.

unform Overview Unform is a performance focused library that helps you creating beautiful forms in React with the power of uncontrolled components performance and React Hooks. Main advantages Be

elkevinwolf 🚨 ⚠️ HEADS UP!! ⚠️ 🚨 When I started planning this library I took the approach of first write the documentation in order to define where I want to go with it and then start the actual implemen

final-form 🏁 React Final Form Hooks ✅ Zero dependencies ✅ Only peer dependencies: React and 🏁 Final Form ✅ Opt-in subscriptions - only update on the state you need! ✅

tannerlinsley React Show A css powered (graphics accelerated) animation component for React. Why? You need to animate, reveal, collapse your react components. Everyone does! You want it s

kentcdodds react-toggled ⚛️ Component to build simple, flexible, and accessible toggle components The problem You want a toggle component that's simple and gives you complete con

25th-floor Revalidation Higher Order Component for Forms in React Revalidation lets you write your forms as stateless function components, taking care of managing the local form state as well as the validation. Revalida

appbaseio Reactive Search UI components library for Elasticsearch: Available for React, Vue and React Native Read how to build an e-commerce search UI a.) with React, b.) with Vue or c.) with React Native.

alfrcr Painless React Form Validator Predator is a React Higher Order Component to validate form with basic validator. Predator is inspired by Laravel Validation Install Predator is available at npm $ npm install

tannerlinsley Hooks for managing form state and validation in React Enjoy this library? Try them all! React Table, React Query, React Charts Features Built with React hooks for React hooks Highly

FineUploader Makes using Fine Uploader in a React app simple. Drop-in high-level components for a turn-key UI. Use small focused components to build a more custom UI. This is currently an unstable in-progress project. Breaking chan

talyssonoc react-katex Display math expressions with KaTeX and React Installation $ npm install react-katex # or $ yarn add react-katex Usage import 'katex/dist/katex.min.css'; import {

jquense react-widgets An à la carte set of polished, extensible, and accessible form inputs built for React, based on the excellent Kendo UI Core and jQuery UI. Pick and choose one, or more of the following Components

Andarist react-textarea-autosize Drop-in replacement for the textarea component which automatically resizes textarea as content changes. A native React version of the popular jQuery Autosize! Weighs 1.68KB (minified & gzi

react-tags React-Tags React-tags is a simple tagging component ready to drop in your React projects. The component is inspired by GMail's To field in the compose window. Features Autocomplete based on a s

clari React iOS Switch Demo Features Click to toggle Draggable handle Customizable colors Animation Hidden input for interaction with labels Usage import 'react-ios-switch/build/bundle.c

aaronshaf An elegant, accessible toggle component for React. Also a glorified checkbox. See usage and examples. Props The component takes the following props. Prop Type Description check

JedWatson React-Input-Autosize A text input for React that resizes itself to the current content. Demo & Examples Live demo: To run the examples locally, run: npm install

olahol react-tagsinput Highly customizable React component for inputing tags. Table of Contents react-tagsinput Demo Install Example FAQ How do I make the input dynamicall

zillow React Slider Accessible, CSS agnostic, slider component for React. Installation npm install react-slider API Documentation For component props, methods, and living examples, see the demo:

react-component rc-slider Slider UI component for React Screenshots Features Supports IE9, IE9+, Chrome, Firefox & Safari Install npm install --save rc-slider

chenglou React-radio-group npm install react-radio-group Then either import {RadioGroup, Radio} from 'react-radio-group' or add node_modules/react-radio-group/umd/index.js into your HTML file (exports the RadioGroup global whi