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prabhuignoto 🚥 Render timelines in three different modes (Horizontal, Vertical, Tree). 🌲 Use the Tree mode to layout the timeline cards vertically in a tree like fashion. 📺 Auto play the timeline with the slideshow mode. 🖼️ Displa

lchenfox An awesome and cross-platform React Native date picker and calendar component for iOS and Android. Now just calendar component is supported.

onefinestay React Daterange Picker A React based date range picker. Demo Getting started Installation Add React Daterange Picker to your project by executing npm install react-daterange-picker

y0c React DatePicker Flexible, Reusable, Mobile friendly DatePicker Component 🎬 Intro DatePicker RangeDatePicker Demo in Storybook ✨

drydenwilliams React/Redux Developer Task - React Calender with Reminders The aim of this exercise is to create a demo calendar application using React & Redux. You should take no more than 1h30m to complete this task. You should

mfix22 <CalendaRx /> As easy as putting <Calendarx /> in your React app. First of many prescribed React solutions. Usage import Calendarx from 'calendarx' ReactDOM.render( <App> <Cal

haoxins react-flatpickr Flatpickr for React. Usage import 'flatpickr/dist/flatpickr.material_green.min.css' import Flatpickr from 'react-flatpickr' import { Component } from 'react' class App extends Compone

andreypopp React Time Component for React to render relative and/or formatted dates by using <time> HTML5 element and preserving machine readable format in datetime attribute. Installation % npm install react-tim

clauderic React Infinite Calendar Currently looking for maintainers to help maintain this project, please reach out if you would be interested Examples available here:

jquense react-big-calendar An events calendar component built for React and made for modern browsers (read: IE10+) and uses flexbox over the classic tables-ception approach. DEMO and Docs Inspired by Full Calendar.

freiksenet react-calendar Calendars for React v15. Not just calendar component, but a modular toolkit for building everything related to calendars in React, such as Datepickers. In early alpha stage, documentation and feature

skratchdot react-bootstrap-daterangepicker Description A date/time picker for react (using bootstrap). This is a react wrapper around an existing jQuery/bootstrap library (it is not a pure react port): bootstr

JedWatson Under Development NOTE This component is currently under development and doesn't actually work yet. If you're interested, please add a star / watch the repo and we'll have it ready for use very soon! Thanks :)

quri ⚠️ [DEPRECATED] react-bootstrap-datetimepicker ⚠️ This repository is not maintained anymore, please refer to this fork : This project is a port of https://gi

arqex react-datetime A date and time picker in the same React.js component. It can be used as a datepicker, timepicker or both at the same time. It is highly customizable and it even allows to edit date's milliseconds. Th

wangzuo input-moment React datetime picker powered by momentjs The design is from The icon is from ionicons. Installation npm i input-moment --sav

hypeserver react-date-range A date library agnostic React component for choosing dates and date ranges. Uses date-fns for date operations. Why should you use react-date-range? Stateless date operations Highly

gpbl react-day-picker is a flexible date picker component for React. no external dependencies select days, ranges, whatever using CSS modifiers ready for localization, even with moment.js customizable style navigabl

react-component rc-calendar React Calendar Screenshots Feature support ie9,ie9+,chrome,firefox,safari support date, month, year, decade select panel support week number support en_US an

Hacker0x01 React Date Picker A simple and reusable Datepicker component for React (Demo) Installation The package can be installed via npm: npm install react-datepicker --save Or via yarn: yarn add react-

BelkaLab React-yearly-calendar React calendar component with yearly view. $ npm install react-yearly-calendar Demo Or taste an example usage below: var Re