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ashutosh1919 🔥 The Complete Customizable Software Developer Portfolio Template which lets you showcase your work and provides each and every detail about you as Software Developer.

lfoliveir4 React Microfrontends example with webpack5 simple clone instagram.

yakkomajuri A step-by-step tutorial to setting up a modern React app in 2021 with no boilerplate.

btahir This is a fully functional eCommerce store that uses Next.js + Tailwind CSS in the front end and leverages the Shopify Storefront API to interact with your Shopify backend

redbaron76 This boilerplate now implements in Next.js API routes to give RT functionalities to React Query.

NLRX-WJC 一个基于React+Antd的后台管理模版

rwieruch Boilerplate for open sourcing a React library

priscilaandreani A template configured with typescript, react, styled-components, prettier, eslint, axios and react-router-dom

scastiel A Next.js template for creating interactive courses with React

jonatassales memed-react é uma biblioteca desenvolvida para o ecossistema React com o objetivo de ajudar na integração com o serviço de prescrição médica online da Memed.

alura-challenges Projeto construido durante a Imersão React edição NextJS da Alura!

basir Welcome to my React and Node tutorial to build a fully-functional e-commerce website in 5 hours. Open your code editor and follow me for the next hours to build an e-commerce website using React and Node.JS.

mattlockyer React 17 & Parcel - Boilerplate with useContext and useReducer utils

rhaicode ⚡ A library starter kit and bundler for your React projects, powered by Rollup.

itailv ⚡️ A Best-Practice React, Redux & Typescript Todo App.

bamiogunfemi Opinionated React boilerplate + authentication using Redux, React Router Dom, Redux Thunk, Axios, and more.

BraydenTW 👨‍🎨 An open-source portfolio template built with React and Tailwind.

Tomburgs PWA Boilerplate is React & NextJS based boilerplate written in TypeScript. It's designed to help you kick-start your next project by supplying you with features & components to cut development time.

jaredpalmer A really good starting point for your next React x TypeScript monorepo

sorxrob Starter using Vite + React + Tailwind

tomsoderlund This is a great template for a any project where you want React (with Hooks) (with server-side rendering, powered by Next.js) as frontend and Firebase as backend. Lightning fast, all JavaScript.

vincenthirtz React Starter kit (Parcel, Sass, Router Hooks, Eslint, Prettier & more)

kkemple Kick off your project with this default boilerplate. This starter ships with the main Gatsby configuration files you might need to get up and running blazing fast with the blazing fast app generator for React.

WilianZilv Yet another Electron + React boilerplate. Overview Reactron is a tiny Electron project configured to work with React as frontend. The project has just the necessary to start a new app. Gett

Sazito Phoenix React applications boilerplate A simple boilerplate that helps you make your react application with Server Side Rendering support. Getting start Use yarn setup for makin

asjadanis This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. React + Three JS Boilerplate A minimilistic and extendable react + three js boilerplate to get you started with webgl in browser in no time. DEMO https:/

xxczaki Styled React Boilerplate ⚛️ 💅 Minimal & Modern Boilerplate for building apps with React & styled-components Features React styled-components Webpack 4 Babel 7 mod

leandrooriente React UI Kit boilerplate The perfect boilerplate to help you to create your own React UI Kit. Live Example Features Type

kingisaac95 React Webpack Starter A simple React, Webpack 4 boilerplate to help you kick-start your next React project. Installation git clone Cha

yukilzw About prince fast & light React SPA mobile tooling. connect Redux. webpack-dev-server provides hot reload. Starting new programe at localhost(local mode); online programe code develop by proxy of localhos

simpletut REACT STARTER KIT Open Source Universal React Redux GraphQL Boilerplate Online Demo Getting Started This repository contains the source code for React-Starter-Kit. This documentation will cover the inst

assuncaocharles Create React App Parcel 💩 create react apps with parcel instead of webpack cos why not Preconfigured Features that come with your Parcel setup: babel-preset-react-app so you can use the exact same JS f

facebook Create React App Create React apps with no build configuration. Creating an App – How to create a new app. User Guide – How to develop apps bootstrapped with Create React App. Create React App works o