React is an open source JavaScript library used for designing user interfaces.

Newest releases

szhsin A customisable, responsive, and optimised React menu library with accessibility.

hyva-themes Highly Customizable Checkout for Magento 2, Headless, React.

danielcaldas Interactive and configurable graphs with react and d3 effortlessly

DoneDeal0 Talkr is a super small i18n provider for React applications. It supports Typescript, has 0 dependencies, and is very easy to use.

BraydenTW 👨‍🎨 An open-source portfolio template built with React and Tailwind.

mondaycom Official UI resources for application development in React.js

Ontwik-Dev TSDX React w/ Storybook User Guide

Nodlik React St Modal is a simple and flexible library for implementing modal dialogs.

Tomburgs PWA Boilerplate is React & NextJS based boilerplate written in TypeScript. It's designed to help you kick-start your next project by supplying you with features & components to cut development time.

pacocoursey Perfect Next.js dark mode in 2 lines of code. Support System preference and any other theme with no flashing

ruvkr A collection of Responsive Animated Mobile friendly Lightweight React Components

prabhuignoto 🚥 Render timelines in three different modes (Horizontal, Vertical, Tree). 🌲 Use the Tree mode to layout the timeline cards vertically in a tree like fashion. 📺 Auto play the timeline with the slideshow mode. 🖼️ Displa

NotionX Fast and accurate React renderer for Notion. TS batteries included. ⚡️

joelhooks Opinionated Next.js Starter with TypeScript, Tailwind, MDX, and decent SEO

bradtraversy Example of React Admin. We use JSON-Server for our REST API

BraydenTW react-emoji-search 🦄 A simple emoji search tool made with ReactJS.

agneym Comes bundled with React components of Sam Herbert's animated SVG loaders in a tree shakeable package.

kentcdodds There are better patterns and practices that are an entirely new approach to developing components and managing state in your React applications.

gkhan205 Pre-configured and Ready to use React Starter App. To save time in settings things up for new project. Almost everything needed is already configured. Just clone and start developing without wasting time in doing same stuffs for e

cawfree ⚛️ Helping build decentralized applications quickly on Ethereum and IPFS using GraphQL.

Asabeneh 30 Days of React challenge is a step by step guide to learn React in 30 days. This challenge needs an intermediate level of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. It is recommended to feel good at JavaScript before you start to Rea

pacocoursey useDescendants is a react hook for keeping track of descendant components and their relative indeces. It's based off the @reach/descendants package, but is much faster and half the size, with no dependencies.

kitten useEditable is a small hook that enables elements to be contenteditable while still being fully renderable. This is ideal for creating small code editors or prose textareas in under 2kB!

hhhrrrttt222111 HandReacting is the PERFECT solution to all your problems. It converts typed documents into handwritten ones 🖋 , saving you a hella lotta time. ⏳

balavishnuvj Simple wrapper queries for @testing-library/react

scozdev Twitter frontend ( React , Storybook )

SaxenaKartik React App to make Heuristics Poster

React-Avancado Dúvidas e erros frequentes do curso de React Avançado e coisas relacionadas também.

qingzi-king 富能通移动端组件库(agile mobile) —— 一个灵活、精巧的react移动端组件库

douglasdeoliveira This is a monorepo ReactJS based in micro frontends

jaredpalmer A really good starting point for your next React x TypeScript monorepo

splitbee A React renderer for Notion pages. Use Notion as CMS for your blog, documentation or personal site.

pmndrs ⃝ A react null renderer