React is an open source JavaScript library used for designing user interfaces.

Newest releases

ronakganatra awesome-developer-marketing A living document of (sometimes pretty unstructured and often off-on-a-tangent) hand-picked resources for marketers who're

cyphernull A Collapsible Paragraph Component for Reactjs

fireship-io Framer Motion is a relatively new open source, production-ready animation library for React developers.

picozzimichele 🏠 Airbnb website using React, Next.js and Tailwind CSS

CodeWithHarry INotebook is a React Application for managing personal notes on the cloud

enescelep Netflix clone with MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node)

KATT 🤯 zART-stack — Zero-API, React [Native], & TypeScript

thaind97git React-Typescript-Webpack was config with React, Typescript, and Webpack without CRA. Faster to start your next react project.

aminerol React Query for Firestore, that you can actually use in production, on every screen.

steveruizok A state management library for React with built-in undo, redo, and persistence

3lang3 React mobile UI Components base on Vant

spectrexyz useNft() allows to access the metadata of any NFT (EIP 721, EIP 1155 and more) on the Ethereum blockchain.

kazuyaseki Simple generator of React code from Figma

Gautam-Arora24 ⚛️ A React Hook to monitor changes in the size of an element using native ResizeObserver API 🔍

luisarbezerra A simple project to display clean and concise Covid-19 Statistics by country. ⚛️ React.js ⚛️ React Query 💅 Tailwind CSS 🔎 Google Analytics

mihir0699 This is a video calling application where users can call other user and will also have the capabiltiy to mute their mic and audio. Their is also real time chat functionality. It's also a modern PWA so users can install it on their

tayfunerbilen anasayfa react + tailwind front-end

CodeWithHarry News App created using React and NewsAPI

jpribyl Provides named parameters and strong typing + declarative usage to dragula within React.

mattrothenberg React Comparison Slider is a fully customizable component for building bespoke, keyboard-accessible "before & after" sliders for the web. You bring the content and the visuals, and it'll handle the heavy lifting.

kyleshevlin This is a package of custom React hooks that are useful for debugging dependency changes between renders. Most act as drop in replacements for their React hook counterpart.

webeetle A React UI Kit based on Tailwind

sahilsaha7773 Easy to use, responsive and customizable carousel component for React Projects.

DJanoskova A state management library for React, heavily inspired by vuex

rocketseat-education Projeto desenvolvido na missão ReactJS no NLW

codermother A Gmail Clone that you can sign in with your Google Account, compose a new e-mail and send realtime emails to the project.

alanmontgomery An example of a travel style app built with Ionic React

REED-DST General Component(GC, from now) is a React component generation library which helps you prototype your service quickly.

BrunoS3D 🔺 NEXT.JS - Example project using Next.js with Animate On Scroll Library.

tomhirst A full-stack dApp starter built on Ethereum (Solidity) with Next.js (React).

devias-io Carpatin is a React Js Admin Dashboard Template that focuses on the management flows of a back-office application. We leverage the Material-UI power of stylizing the components in a way that feels more professional.

sparshcodes Cloned the home UI of whatsapp using ReactJS

Mehdi-BHA X-Netflix is a streaming platform based on Netflix UI: built with ReactJS in frontend and nodeJS in backend.