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johnmyleswhite Volcanito.jl Volcanito is an attempt to start standardizing the user-facing API that tables expose in Julia. Because that task is too ambitious for on

karroffel Idris2-Ocaml An OCaml backend for Idris2. Requirements recent Idris 2 compiler, known to work with 0.2.1-56209de4c OCaml, known to work with 4.10.0 Za

awslabs Spot Tag Bot for Digital Assets 中文版本 The Spot Tagging Bot for Digital Assets solution leverage the machine learning models to help customers quickly d

KaiyuYue Matching Guided Distillation Project Webpage | Paper This implementation is based on the official PyTorch ImageNet training code, which supports two t

c-bata minituna Simplified Optuna implementation for new contributors. minituna_v1 (≒ 100 lines) import minituna_v1 as minituna def objective(trial: minitun

ml5js Introduction to Machine Learning for the Arts OUTLINE 1: Intro! Session 1 (W 9/2): Introduction to Machine Learning Session 2 (W 9/9): Transfer Learni

afourast avobjects Implementation for ECCV20 paper "Self-Supervised Learning of audio-visual objects from video" Project page | Paper Self-Supervised Learning

Flipper-Zero Flipper Zero 3D models Welcome to Flipper Zero's 3D models repo! Here you can find models of Flipper's body in stl, stp and pdf formats for using in m

sqyon Multi-Dimension Fusion Network for Light Field Spatial Super-Resolution using Dynamic Filters Arxiv Introduction Light field cameras have been proved

rasbt Interpretable Machine Learning Blog Code examples for my Interpretable Machine Learning Blog Series Part 1:

KathanP19 HowToHunt Some Tutorials and Things to Do while Hunting That Particular Vulnerability. Note: You Can Help Me Complete This List By Making Pull Request

adityasharma28 Self-Driving-Car This is a model which will run on Carla simulator, My goal was to control the vehicle to follow a race track by navigating through pr

chxrlt pridefetch Neofetch clone written in Python with the ability to display pride flags Examples Display a trans flag pridefetch -f trans Display either a

bryandlee Naver Webtoon Faces Dataset 256*256 cartoon face images collected from on-going NAVER Webtoon series. num titles 58 total images: 17662 StyleGAN2 [pa

tjammer raylib-ocaml OCaml bindings for raylib (v3.0.0), a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming. The bindings are pretty faithful to

xytpai DetX-Retinanet Implementation of RetinaNet in PyTorch. Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection. Performance mAP(This)~7

lunasorcery miles-per-hour How often are people called 'Miles' born in the US? Data sourced from the US Social Security Agency:

shiffman Programming from A to Z, Fall 2020 This course focuses on programming strategies and techniques behind procedural analysis and generation of text-base

hhaAndroid deep_learning_codesegment Code segment are often used in deep learning algorithms(pytorch/numpy) 本仓库主要是收集在深度学习算法开发中经常用到的函数,有以下几个目的: 抽查成单独的函数,方便理解代码 方便

arunmagesh dumb-nfuzz The Dumb Network Fuzzer dumb-nfuzz is a personal script which i use to fuzz network application. This is a very simple and flexible network

AlexxIT Xiaomi Gateway 3 integration for Home Assistant Control Zigbee devices from Home Assistant with Xiaomi Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM) on original firmware. Ga

CalvinMiller190 reddit-post Changes reddit post body based on how much upvotes, downvotes, and comments the post has. I am using Heroku ( to ho

Gabriel439 dhall-dot This package provides Dhall support for the DOT language used by the Graphviz package. This support consists of: GraphViz types encoded in D

AutoML-4Paradigm KDD-2020-Tutorial: Automated Recommender System As the recommendation tasks are getting more diverse and the recommending models are growing more comp

cyanophage tranquility Design for a ergo split keyboard case Exporting STLs Load the file in openscad. Each side is made of four pieces. Comment out the bits you

tjf801 oneliners one line of python code to impliment algorithms this is mostly done because I want to see how well this actually works, and if it's actually

vinayak-mehta itslit 🔥 Stumble upon a lightning talk in a browser near you today! Built with PyVideo data. Opens a random lightning talk (from a Python conference)

PurityWasHere DeadSplatter Dedicated Server manager for Dead Matter Servers. DeadSplatter is a Server Manager for Optimizing, Updating, And keeping Dead Matter serv

poteto RustConf 2020 Summary An aggregation of links that summarize RustConf 2020. Pull requests welcome! Talks Hosted by Nell Shamrell-Harrington. Opening K

iandees USPS Collection Box locations This is a self-updating repository of United States Postal Service collection boxes. How it works A script runs periodic

shubhank-saxena djangoReact Template This is the most convenient starter template of Django+React code with following features - Django serving React Contains all the

rishitsaiya ByteCTF-Writeups - 2020 ByteCTF 2020 - The 3rd edition of ByteCTF, India's first CTF by and for High School students. Organized by Byte Club. Team: pr