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JuliaData DataFrames.jl Tools for working with tabular data in Julia. Installation: at the Julia REPL, using Pkg; Pkg.add("DataFrames") Documentation: Reporting

JuliaStats Distributions.jl A Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions. Particularly, Distributions implements: Moments (e.g mean, va

nfoti DataFrames.jl Tools for working with data in Julia Installation DataFrames.jl is now available from METADATA.jl. To install DataFrames.jl, use the fol

queryverse ReadStat Overview ReadStat.jl: Read files from Stata, SPSS, and SAS The ReadStat.jl Julia package uses the ReadStat C library to parse binary and tran

JuliaStats HypothesisTests.jl HypothesisTests.jl is a Julia package that implements a wide range of hypothesis tests. Build & Testing Status: Documentation: Quic

GiovineItalia Documentation Build Status Help Gadfly is a plotting and data visualization system written in Julia. It's influenced heavily by Leland Wilkinson's boo

JuliaText Languages.jl Introduction Languages.jl is a Julia package for working with human languages. It provides: Lists of words from each language for basic c

JuliaText WordNet A Julia package for using Princeton's WordNet®, heavily inspired by Doches' rwordnet. Simple Demo using WordNet db = DB() WordNet.DB lemma =

IainNZ This package will only work on very old version of Julia. As of 2020 May, might be what you want. Good luc

sbromberger LightGraphs Project Status: As of 8 October 2021 LightGraphs is no longer under active development. It will remain available on Github at sbromberger/

JuliaData DataFramesMeta.jl Metaprogramming tools for DataFrames.jl objects. Installation DataFramesMeta.jl is a registered Julia package. Run either of the fol

JuliaText WordTokenizers Some basic tokenizers for Natural Language Processing. Installation: As per standard Julia package installation: pkg> add WordTokenizer

JuliaText CorpusLoaders A collection of various means for loading various different corpora used in NLP. Installation As per the standard Julia package installa

JuliaText Embeddings Introduction Word Embeddings present words as high-dimensional vectors, where every dimension corresponds to some latent feature [1]. This

denizyuret Knet Knet (pronounced "kay-net") is the Koç University deep learning framework implemented in Julia by Deniz Yuret and collaborators. It supports GPU

slycoder Topic Models for Julia Topic models are Bayesian, hierarchical mixture models of discrete data. This package implements utilities for reading and mani

JuliaText TextAnalysis A Julia package for working with text. Introduction TextAnalysis provides support for standard tools and models for working with textual

vztu MAXIM: Multi-Axis MLP for Image Processing Zhengzhong Tu, Hossein Talebi, Han Zhang, Feng Yang, Peyman Milanfar, Alan Bovik, and Yinxiao Li Google Res

shogunlab Sukoshi | 少し Overview Sukoshi is a proof-of-concept Python implant that leverages the MQTT protocol for C2 and uses AWS IoT Core as infrastructure. It

bananabr PROCSCAN Procscan is a quick and dirty python script used to look for potentially dangerous api call patterns in a Procmon PML file. Installation git

levtelyatnikov Write your model faster with pytorch-lightning-wadb-code-backbone This repository provides the base code for pytorch-lightning and weight and biases s

mikeckennedy Python shorts Learn Python tips, tools, and techniques in around 5 minutes each. Watch on YouTube Subscribe on YouTube to keep up with all the videos.

7oSkaaa Sorting-Algorithms This Repo have all information needed to study Sorting Algorithm and there is a tracer to see how the algorithm work You can see ho

tinyBigGAMES GLFW Graphics Library Framework for OpenGL Pascal bindings that allow you to use GLFW and other useful C libraries with Delphi. Included GLFW (https:/

jfpuget Solution to Kaggle Santa 2021 Challenge The challenge is described at I published three posts describing

louisfb01 2022: A Year Full of Amazing AI papers- A Review [WORK IN PROGRESS] 📌 A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear v

meshcollider musig2-py Experimental MuSig2 python code, not for production use! This is just for testing things out. As experimental code, please also expect it to

halfjoe 3D-Portrait-Stylization This is the official code for the paper "Exemplar Based 3D Portrait Stylization". You can check the paper on our project websi

Mixtape-Sessions This workshop will cover foundational elements of modern practices of causal inference such as the potential outcomes model as well as discuss in deta

HomeSit-Institute-of-Technology HSIT University Chinese | English HomeSit Institute of Technology Colleges these days are heavily invoiced, students don’t have enough time to concent

stealthio Castle Chess A game of chess with a twist of wave survival. Developed using Godot You can play it in your Browser here on Credits Resources mr

tacheometry Rostar Dead simple fully managed Rojo helper for Roblox projects Description Rostar is a command-line tool that unpacks/packs Roblox place files (rbxl