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Quick-AI Quickvision - An Easy To Use PyTorch Computer Vision Library

ybkscht We based our work on the Keras EfficientDet implementation xuannianz/EfficientDet which again builds up on the great Keras RetinaNet implementation fizyr/keras-retinanet, the official EfficientDet implementation google/automl and

Seagate CORTX Community Object Storage is 100% open source object storage uniquely optimized for mass capacity storage devices.

AutoViML Use advanced feature engineering strategies and select the best features from your data set fast with a single line of code.

lhotse-speech Lhotse is a Python library aiming to make speech and audio data preparation flexible and accessible to a wider community. Alongside k2, it is a part of the next generation Kaldi speech processing library.

AtmaHou A datasets and methods survey about task-oriented dialogue, including recent datasets and SOTA leaderboards.

nihalsid In this work, we are focusing on reconstructing scenes from a single image. We make the use of IF-Net which focuses on shape completion from an incomplete 3D input.

lebrice The Research Tree - A playground for research at the intersection of Continual, Reinforcement, and Self-Supervised Learning.

neuralmagic Sparsify is a deep learning autoML tool that simplifies the model optimization process to rapidly achieve the best combination of size, speed, and accuracy on any deep learning model.

stefanoteso List of relevant resources for machine learning from explanatory supervision

online-ml River is a Python library for online machine learning. It is the result of a merger between creme and scikit-multiflow. River's ambition is to be the go-to library for doing machine learning on streaming data.

SethHWeidman Code for the book Deep Learning From Scratch, from O'Reilly September 2019

paulgavrikov Visualkeras is a Python package to help visualize Keras (either standalone or included in tensorflow) neural network architectures. It allows easy styling to fit most needs. As of now it supports layered style architecture generat

SimonBlanke A hyperparameter optimization and meta-learning toolbox for convenient and fast prototyping of machine-/deep-learning models.

kajyuuen 本リポジトリはAnnanAIによる「AllenNLP入門」のソースコード置き場です。AmazonまたはBOOTHにて販売中です。

neuralmagic CPU inference engine that delivers unprecedented performance for sparse models

wvangansbeke Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation by Contrasting Object Mask Proposals.

jpomykala A curated list of i18n tools, i18n libraries, localization software, localization programs and translation management systems.

josh0xA Darkdump is a simple script written in Python3.9 in which it allows users to enter a search term (query) in the command line and darkdump will pull all the deep web sites relating to that query. Darkdump wraps up the

bridgedxyz surf GitHub code with VS Code. (with CLI, chrome extensions)

DolbyLaboratories Upsampling Artifacts in Neural Audio Synthesis

BlackOtton Extracted media files from North Korean OS, Red Star 3.0

mstrYoda A curated list of Istio Service Mesh related tools, frameworks and articles.

jayleicn Official PyTorch code for ClipBERT, an efficient framework for end-to-end learning for image-text and video-text tasks.

stypr Clubhouse API for Python. Standalone client included. For reference and education purposes only

vballoli NFNets and Adaptive Gradient Clipping for SGD implemented in PyTorch

geohot A simple Ethereum mining pool

lucidrains Implementation of TimeSformer, a pure and simple attention-based solution for reaching SOTA on video classification.

Bugswriter Tuxi is a simple bash script which scrape google search for getting instant answers of your question on your terminal.

botcrypto-io An awesome list about crypto trading bots, with open source bots, technical analysis and market data libraries, data providers, ... 🤖 🚀

developer-guy A curated list of Falco related tools, frameworks and articles

optas Learning to ground explanations of affect for visual art.

NightfallGT a BTC Clipper or a "Bitcoin Clipper" is a type of malware designed to target cryptocurrency transactions.