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Anish-Agnihotri PartyBid is a collector DAO that lets individuals pool capital, bid on Mirror's reserve auctions, and resell NFTs.

openvinotoolkit A collection of ready-to-run Python* notebooks for learning and experimenting with OpenVINO developer tools. The notebooks are meant to provide an introduction to OpenVINO basics and teach developers how to leverage our APIs for o

CODAIT Text Extensions for Pandas turns Pandas DataFrames into a universal data structure for representing intermediate data in all phases of your NLP application development workflow.

tfeldmann simplematch - Minimal, super readable string pattern matching for python

barlowtj48 3D printed smart clock that puts a new twist on old technology.

rishikksh20 TalkNet 2: Non-Autoregressive Depth-Wise Separable Convolutional Model for Speech Synthesis with Explicit Pitch and Duration Prediction.

gaasedelen Tenet is an IDA Pro plugin for exploring execution traces. The goal of this plugin is to provide more natural, human controls for navigating execution traces against a given binary. The basis of this work stems from the desire to

Daniil-Osokin Fast and accurate human pose estimation in PyTorch. Contains implementation of "Real-time 2D Multi-Person Pose Estimation on CPU: Lightweight OpenPose" paper.

pydoit doit comes from the idea of bringing the power of build-tools to execute any kind of task

DocNow A command line tool (and Python library) for archiving Twitter JSON

rachelcao277 一款在线图像标注工具(矩形、多边形、持续更新中……),可用于深度学习实例分割模型训练(Mask R-CNN)等。

cjrd Repository providing a wide range of self-supervised pretrained models for computer vision tasks.

ChenhongyiYang This repository is the official implementation of our paper: QueryDet: Cascaded Sparse Query for Accelerating High-Resolution Small Object Detection

changlin31 This repository contains PyTorch code and pretrained models of our paper: BossNAS: Exploring Hybrid CNN-transformers with Block-wisely Self-supervised Neural Architecture Search.

DequanWang This is the official project repository for Tent: Fully-Test Time Adaptation by Entropy Minimization by Dequan Wang*, Evan Shelhamer*, Shaoteng Liu, Bruno Olshausen, and Trevor Darrell (ICLR 2021, spotlight).

svpino This is a container wrapping OpenAI's CLIP model in a RESTful interface.

nkaz001 algorithm trading backtest and optimization examples

bdtinc MaskCam is a prototype reference design for a Jetson Nano-based smart camera system that measures crowd face mask usage in real-time, with all AI computation performed at the edge.

elixir-sqlite An Ecto SQLite3 Adapter. Uses Exqlite as the driver to communicate with sqlite3.

zzw922cn Linear Prediction Coefficients estimation from mel-spectrogram implemented in Python based on Levinson-Durbin algorithm.

ianthehenry optimize your home bar with ✨logic programming✨

noahgift This is an example of a Containerized Flask Application the can be the core ingrediant in many "recipies", i.e. deploy targets.

synek Codeline allows you to run custom commands directly from source-code comments, combining the power of IDE extensions with the expressiveness of the command-line.

automateyournetwork Simply a better way; a magical way; to collect and transform network state information

RahulShagri MultiPy lets you conveniently keep track of your python scripts for personal use or showcase by loading and grouping them into categories. It allows you to either run each script individually or together with just one click.

lewiuberg Visual Automata is a Python 3 library built as a wrapper for the Automata library to add more visualization features.

microsoft This project aims at providing the necessary building blocks for easily creating detection and segmentation models using PyTorch 1.0.

bojone 端到端的长本文摘要模型(法研杯2020司法摘要赛道)

zensors The dataTap Python library is the primary interface for using dataTap's rich data management tools. Create datasets, stream annotations, and analyze model performance all with one library.

facebookresearch The official pytorch implementation of our paper "Is Space-Time Attention All You Need for Video Understanding?"

FlyingGiraffe We introduce a general framework built on top of what we call Vector Neurons for creating SO(3) equivariant neural networks. Extending neurons from single scalars to 3D vectors, our vector neurons transport SO(3) actions to latent

sickcodes No Sandbox - Applications That Run Chromium and Chrome Without The Sandbox. TL;DR exploits in these browser based applications are already sandboxed escaped:

shimmeris A little proxy tool based on Tencent Cloud Service.