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awesome-vacuum A curated list of free and open source Software and Hardware projects which can be used to build and control a robot vacuum.

SkillCorner This repo contains 9 matches of broadcast tracking data collected by SkillCorner.

Mr-Steal-Your-Script RSAW is a very light API wrapper, made for Saidit. It allows easier access to Saidit's API and its endpoints, returning a raw JSON result.

sw-yx Full Amplify Storage demo showing how to build an app to upload and navigate files in AWS S3

iearn-finance Yearn Protocol is a set of Ethereum Smart Contracts focused on creating a simple way to generate high risk-adjusted returns for depositors of various assets via best-in-class lending protocols, liquidity pools, and community-made

business-science A modeltime extension that implements ensemble forecasting methods including model averaging, weighted averaging, and stacking.

artitw Text2Text: generate questions and summaries for your texts

advanced-threat-research CVE-202-16898 (Bad Neighbor) Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Vulnerability Detection Logic and Rule

business-science Modeltime unlocks time series models and machine learning in one framework

onnx ONNX-TensorRT: TensorRT backend for ONNX

tprynn Methodology for high-quality web application security testing

cool-RR GridRoyale is a life simulation. It's a tool for machine learning researchers to explore social dynamics.

hyperplane-lab This is the implementation of NeurIPS 2020 paper "Generative 3D Part Assembly via Dynamic Graph Learning" created by Jialei Huang*, Guanqi Zhan*, Qingnan Fan, Kaichun Mo, Lin Shao, Baoquan Chen, Leonidas Guibas and Hao Dong.

fastai Create publication-quality books from Jupyter notebooks

ehu-ai I recently found a cool optical illusion online that makes a black and white image seem colored. It does so by imposing a colored grid on top of the black and white image, tricking your eyes into filling in the rest of the colors.

giocomai ganttrify facilitates the creation of nice-looking Gantt charts, commonly used in project proposals and project management.

zhzyker Vulmap is a vulnerability scanning tool that can scan for vulnerabilities in Web containers, Web servers, Web middleware, and CMS and other Web programs, and has vulnerability exploitation functions. Relevant testers can use vulma

kartik4949 High Performance Tensorflow Data Pipeline with State of Art Augmentations and low level optimizations.

Orange-Cyberdefense Arsenal is just a quick inventory, reminder and launcher for pentest commands.

PaytmLabs NERVE is a vulnerability scanner tailored to find low-hanging fruit level vulnerabilities, in specific application configurations, network services, and unpatched services.

blindnet-io Blindsend is an open source tool for private, end-to-end encrypted file exchange between two agents. Current use case requires a requesting party (file Receiver) to initiate the file exchange by generating a link via blindsend and

ijelliti This repository is a collection of resources to prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKSS) exam.

wajahatkarim3 Chrome's Dino T-Rex game developed in Jetpack Compose

KenKundert NestedText is a file format for holding data that is to be entered, edited, or viewed by people. It allows data to be organized into a nested collection of dictionaries, lists, and strings. In this way it is similar to JSON, YAML

bacen API Pix: O Sistema de Pagamentos Instantâneos do Brasil.

januschung Create basic addition, subtraction and multiplication practice questions with the answer sheet

mytechnotalent A comprehensive and FREE Online Python Development course FOR KIDS utilizing an official BBC micro:bit Development Board and later an Expressif ESP32 Development Board going step-by-step into the world of Python for microcontrolle

mercari Engineer Vocabulary List in Japanese/English エンジニア向け日英ボキャブラリーリスト

milesmcc Modern, privacy-friendly, and detailed web analytics that works without cookies or JS.

DorraY YouTube-Essence A Python script to download all the videos from a channel a user inputs, in mp4 format.

microsoft Sample code and documentation for using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 for Computer Vision research.

facebookresearch Photo-realistic free-viewpoint rendering of real-world scenes using classical computer graphics techniques is a challenging problem because it requires the difficult step of capturing detailed appearance and geometry models.

spotify Klio is an ecosystem that allows you to process audio files – or any binary files – easily and at scale.