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rcmaehl Detection Script to help identify why your PC isn't Windows 11 ready

ymmt2005 本資料は 2021 年にサイボウズ社内の研修用に作成したものです。

danielroich Pivotal Tuning Inversion (PTI) enables employing off-the-shelf latent based semantic editing techniques on real images using StyleGAN. PTI excels in identity preserving edits, portrayed through recognizable figures — Serena Willi

jkjung-avt TensorRT MODNet, YOLOv4, YOLOv3, SSD, MTCNN, and GoogLeNet

twitterdev A course on getting started with the Twitter API v2 for academic research

mhadidg A curated list of books on Software Architecture.

interactivetech A curated list of awesome repos and tutorials to develop great matplotlib graphs and diagrams

janghyuncho PiCIE: Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation using Invariance and Equivariance in clustering (CVPR2021)

3gstudent Used to build an XSS platform on the command line.

fox0430 A container runtime written in Nim

facundopadilla Migrate data from SQL to NoSQL easily

rstrudel Official PyTorch implementation of Segmenter: Transformer for Semantic Segmentation

ZeroSimple A simple Python scrip for you to select the fastest IP for Microsoft services.

Andrew-Qibin This is a Pytorch implementation of our paper. We present Vision Permutator, a conceptually simple and data efficient MLP-like architecture for visual recognition. We show that our Vision Permutators are formidable competitors to

Tyruiop Ops.Syncretism is an open source options search engine based on Yahoo! Finance market data.

qianlim Official implementation of "SCALE: Modeling Clothed Humans with a Surface Codec of Articulated Local Elements", CVPR 2021

searchableguy Awesome illustrated guides or children's books on technical topics.

Tencent TFace: A trusty face recognition research platform developed by Tencent Youtu Lab. It provides a high-performance distributed training framework and releases our efficient methods implementation.

indianajson "Can I take over DNS?" — a list of DNS providers and how to claim (sub)domains via missing hosted zones

jaywalnut310 VITS: Conditional Variational Autoencoder with Adversarial Learning for End-to-End Text-to-Speech

google-research DeepLab2 is a TensorFlow library for deep labeling, aiming to provide a unified and state-of-the-art TensorFlow codebase for dense pixel labeling tasks, including, but not limited to semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, p

Palashio Nylon is a python library that lets you customize automated machine learning workflows through a concise, JSON syntax. It provides a built in grammar, in which you can access different operations in ML with the english language.

dunovank legos light ui and syntax theme for jupyterlab (modeled after jupyter-themes style)

histocartography histocartography is a python-based library designed to facilitate the development of graph-based computational pathology pipelines.

probabilisticai Materials of the Nordic Probabilistic AI School 2021.

Zhongdao Unified tracking framework with a single appearance model

dfdx Reverse-mode automatic differentiation in Julia

yl305237731 The original Yolo V5 was an amazing project. For professionals, it should not be difficult to understand and modify its code. I'm not an expert. When I want to make some changes to the network, it's not so easy, such as adding bra

decile-team Reduce end to end training time from days to hours (or hours to minutes), and energy requirements/costs by an order of magnitude using coresets and data selection.

yandex-research The `rtdl` library + The official implementation of the paper "Revisiting Deep Learning Models for Tabular Data"

usyd-fsalab Code repo for Randomness in Neural Network Training: Characterizing the Impact of Tooling.

huangsg1 Calibration techniques are increasingly applied in the fields of computation advertising,medical diagnosis and meteorological forecasting etc. This is a collection of research and application papers of (uncertainty) calibration te