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varunsridharan Simple Python Script To Mirror Repository From Github To Gitea

AutodeskAILab The Fusion 360 Gallery Dataset contains rich 2D and 3D geometry data derived from parametric CAD models. The dataset is produced from designs submitted by users of the CAD package Autodesk Fusion 360 to the Autodesk Online Gallery

QuantScientist A docker based low-latency deep learning library and inference server written in C++11 using the PyTorch C++ frontend.

microsoft NNI (Neural Network Intelligence) is a lightweight but powerful toolkit to help users automate Feature Engineering, Neural Architecture Search, Hyperparameter Tuning and Model Compression.

wang-xinyu TensorRTx aims to implement popular deep learning networks with tensorrt network definition APIs. As we know, tensorrt has builtin parsers, including caffeparser, uffparser, onnxparser, etc. But when we use these parsers, we often

gtalarico Flask + Vue.js Web Application Template

microsoft Python version of the Playwright testing and automation library.Playwright delivers automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast. See how Playwright is better.

hermanTenuki Django website for generating ASCII-arts out of images or text 🎨

intel-isl Open3D-ML is an extension of Open3D for 3D machine learning tasks. It builds on top of the Open3D core library and extends it with machine learning tools for 3D data processing. This repo focuses on applications such as semantic p

ggallohernandez pymatriz is a python library that allows interactions with Primary DMA (Matriz) Rest and Websocket APIs.

tkapoor22 Homework 2: Visualizing interesting datasets

fmilthaler FinQuant is a program for financial portfolio management, analysis and optimisation.

JuliaFolds FoldsCUDA.jl provides Transducers.jl-compatible fold (reduce) implemented using CUDA.jl. This brings the transducers and reducing function combinators implemented in Transducers.jl to GPU. Furthermore, using FLoops.jl, you can wri

gonzalezf Data science classes for computer science & and engineering students. Developed a class curriculum, lesson plans, and instructions about how to manage data and create meaningful visualizations using Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Sea

TwentyBN This repo contains the inference code for two neural networks that were pre-trained on millions of videos. Both neural networks are rather small and should smoothly run in real time on a CPU.

alextrevithick GRF: Learning a General Radiance Field for 3D Scene Representation and Rendering

megagonlabs Code for the paper "Deep Entity Matching with Pre-trained Language Models"

wtomin This is the repository containing the solution for FG-2020 ABAW Competition

clovaai This is the official Pytorch implementation of Length-Adaptive Transformer

mlech26l Code repository of the paper Neural circuit policies enabling auditable autonomy published in Nature Machine Intelligence

facebookresearch SentAugment is a data augmentation technique for NLP that retrieves similar sentences from a large bank of sentences. It can be used in combination with self-training and knowledge-distillation, or for retrieving paraphrases.

furkanyesiler Training and evaluation code for Re-MOVE models with embedding distillation

ZHANGHeng19931123 [ACCV2020] Localize to Classify and Classify to Localize: Mutual Guidance in Object Detection

liuchen11 On the Loss Landscape of Adversarial Training: Identifying Challenges and How to Overcome Them [NeurIPS 2020]

zjfheart Attacks Which Do Not Kill Training Make Adversarial Learning Stronger (ICML2020 Paper)

DreamInvoker PyTorch implementation for EMNLP 2020 paper: Double Graph Based Reasoning for Document-level Relation Extraction

airsplay PyTorch code for EMNLP 2020 Paper "Vokenization: Improving Language Understanding with Visual Supervision"

whai362 This is the official implementation of AE TextSpotter, which introduces linguistic information to eliminate the ambiguity in text detection. This code is based on MMDetection v1.0rc1.

vaibhavmit074 Demonstration using Google Colab to show how U-2-NET can be used for Background Removal, Bounding Box Creation and Salient Feature Highlighting

AndiKur4 A Maize Color Palette Generator

maralorn Pipe your nix-build output through the nix-output-monitor (aka nom) to get additional information while building.

apoorvdwi Beginner Friendly repository for hacktoberfest. Everyone is free to contribute .

himanoa GitHub based code review tool for neovim.