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gennaro-tedesco nvim plugin to show content of vim registers

lucidrains Implementation of Nyström Self-attention, from the paper Nyströmformer

allyomalley A Burp extension adding a passive scan check to flag parameters whose name or value may indicate a possible insertion point for SSRF or LFI.

aldonunez A complete disassembly of The Legend of Zelda

rahulunair A command line tool to peek a remote repo hosted on github or gitlab locally and view it in your favorite editor. The tool handles cleanup of the repo once you exit your editor.

teja156 Hide secret texts/messages inside an image. You can optionally encrypt your texts with a password using AES-256 before encoding into the image.

sonatype-nexus-community Compare the contents of your hosted and proxy repositories for coordinate collisions

allenai The Semantic Scholar Search Reranker

teapot123 Code and Data for our EMNLP-2020 paper Weakly-Supervised Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis via Joint Aspect-Sentiment Topic Embedding.

ov2slam OV²SLAM is a Fully Online and Versatile Visual SLAM for Real-Time Applications

csc-training Python in High Performance Computing

Machine-Learning-Tokyo Open Source Annotation Tools for Computer Vision and NLP tasks

bsnes-emu bsnes is a multi-platform Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) emulator, originally developed by Near, which focuses on performance, features, and ease of use.

ebhy BudgetML – Deploy your ML model in 10 lines of code while saving 80%

ivy-dl The templated deep learning framework, enabling framework-agnostic functions, layers and libraries.

zkmkarlsruhe This is an openFrameworks addon for the TensorFlow 2 ML (Machine Learning) library.

DevStrikerTech Discord Dashboard using Python, Flask, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

HEmile Storchastic is a PyTorch library for stochastic gradient estimation in Deep Learning

edeng23 Automated cryptocurrency trading bot

JohnHammond A Python3 script to decode an encoded VBScript file, often seen with a .vbe file extension

sameera-madushan Diceware is a method used to generate cryptographically strong memorable passphrases. This is a python implementation of the diceware password generating algorithm. Inspired after watching this video.

YiWeiHuang-stack 效果更好的补帧软件,显存占用更小,是DAIN速度的10-25倍,包含抽帧处理,去除动漫卡顿感

Bergvca string_grouper is a library that makes finding groups of similar strings within a single or within multiple lists of strings easy. string_grouper uses tf-idf to calculate cosine similarities within a single list or between two lis

audeering openSMILE (open-source Speech and Music Interpretation by Large-space Extraction) is a complete and open-source toolkit for audio analysis, processing and classification especially targeted at speech and music applications, e.g. a

karpathy VQVAEs, GumbelSoftmaxes and friends

ecsplendid Rembg Virtual Greenscreen Edition is a tool to create a green screen matte for videos

spotty-cloud Training deep learning models on AWS and GCP instances

Hoff97 This is a JS/TS library for accelerated tensor computation intended to be run in the browser. It contains an implementation for numpy-style multidimensional arrays and their operators.

iwatake2222 Number recognition with MNIST on Raspberry Pi Pico + TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers

orpatashnik This repo contains a code and a few results of my experiments with StyleGAN and CLIP. Let's call it StyleCLIP. Given a textual description, my goal was to edit a given image, or generate one.

learnbyexample Short, introductory guide for the Python programming language

naurril 3D Point Cloud Annotation Platform for Autonomous Driving

jasmcaus Learn OpenCV in 4 Hours - Code used in my Python and OpenCV course on freeCodeCamp.