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ItsDrTsach Cyber4s repository of good insights. try not to add content that is in the course main repository. tips and tricks will be more than great. Please hon

0xjiayu Yet Another Golang binary parser for IDAPro 中文 | English 受 golang_loader_assist 和 jeb-golang-analyzer 启发,为 IDAPro 写了一个更完备的 Go 二进制文件解析工具。 核心功能: 自动定位 fi

AmmeySaini Edu-Mail-Generator Generate Free Edu Mail(s) within minutes Requirements Python 3.7 or > Python pip Installation python3 It will download

baochunli A handy command-line utility for generating and sending iCalendar events This simple command-line utility is designed to generate an iCalendar event,

joaen Animation Retargeting Tool for Maya A tool for transfer animation data between rigs or transfer raw mocap from a skeleton to a custom rig. Installatio

AlexRazor1337 Awesome MTA:SA List of free/opensource MTA:SA resources. Contributing To add any resource just create pull request. It should be opensource or at leas

coaxsoft ARM python packages This repository contains pre-compiled packages for arm64. The idea of this repo is to have one storage for the packages (while the

Jeff-sjtu Localization with Sampling-Argmax [Paper] [arXiv] [Project Page] Localization with Sampling-Argmax Jiefeng Li, Tong Chen, Ruiqi Shi, Yujing Lou, Yong-

Aced1337 Discord-Token-Generator-Yazato A httpx token generator for discord This generator was developed by Aced#0001, Dreamy Tos Follower#0001, Scripted#0131

cid-chan Peerix Peerix is a peer-to-peer binary cache for nix derivations. Every participating node can pull derivations from each other instances' respective

v-iashin Taming Visually Guided Sound Generation • [Project Page] • [ArXiv] • [Poster] • • Listen for the samples on our project page. Overview We propose to t

toji WebGPU Best Practices This repo contains several articles that describe best practices for working with various aspects of the WebGPU API. It should b

LennonChin 概述 本项目应用主要用来监测Apple Store线下直营店货源情况,主要使用Python实现。 首先感谢iPhone-Pickup-Monitor项目带来的灵感,同时有些实现也直接使用了该项目的一些代码。 本项目在iPhone-Pickup-Monitor原有功能的基础上去掉了声音通知,但添加了多

ShiqiYu Note: This code is only used for academic purposes, people cannot use this code for anything that might be considered commercial use. OpenGait OpenGai

autonomousvision Shape As Points (SAP) Paper | Project Page | Video This repository contains the implementation of the paper: Shape As Points: A Differentiable Poisson

naver TLDR: Twin Learning for Dimensionality Reduction TLDR (Twin Learning for Dimensionality Reduction) is an unsupervised dimensionality reduction method

Footsiefat zspotify Spotify song downloader without injecting into the windows client Requirements: Binaries - Python 3.8 or greater - ffmpeg* Python packages

TorchSSL News If you want to join TorchSSL team, please e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] for more information. We plan to add more SSL algorit

sidkshatriya What is this? This is a space where I can express my thoughts and opinions on mostly technical things. All content in this repository is, unless other

Hxzeroone quoted-printable Parser A Burp Suite extension to parse Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable emails recieved in Burpcollaborator's SMTP Depende

th3c0d3br34ker ✨ README Info Generator ✨ Flex your Stats with this highly customizable tool! Are you an early 🐤 or a night 🦉 ? When are you most productive during

JYLeeLYJ Eulerian Fluid Engine With taichi Features At Present CellCentral Grid. Grid Method Simulation (Eulerian) Smoke ( todo : Water , Flame ) 2D implementa

n0spaces get-stick-bugged-lol A Python module and command-line tool that generates a Get Stick Bugged Lol video from any image. Example video with sound This s

ycszen Representative Graph Neural Network(ECCV2020) Implementation for "Representative Graph Neural Network" News The RepGraph layer is around 17 times smal

Schrodinger-Hat ImageGoNord - RGB image to Nordtheme palette A tool that can convert your rgb images to nordtheme palette. This repository is a python package that ca

kuzand Computer Vision Video Lectures Free video lectures related to the field of Computer Vision. Constantly updated... Signal processing Signals and System

cedowens aws-cli-notes A combined list of helpful awscli commands from Scott Piper's exercise. AWS link: Commands

Colin97 Meshing-Point-Clouds-with-IER Codes for Meshing Point Clouds with Predicted Intrinsic-Extrinsic Ratio Guidance (ECCV2020). [paper] We propose a novel

21liliana Ícones e Ilustrações Gratuitos Assim como todo mundo que elabora o design de um site, sempre fiquei olhando aqueles sites fodásticos com ilustrações e

eatonphil pyc A simple Python to C compiler written in Python making use of libpython. Posts Writing a simple Python compiler: 1. hello, fibonacci Requirements

Ohraincu JDNet:Joint Self-Attention and Scale-Aggregation for Self-Calibrated Deraining Network Cong Wang*, Yutong Wu*, Zhixun Su †, Junyang Chen <* Both autho

routetonull NETBOX RICH REPORT A script to creare a report of vlans, ip prefixes and ip addresses assigned to a site in Netbox. It uses rich to format output. Usa