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karttikeya A selection of State Of The Art research papers (and code) on human locomotion (pose + trajectory) prediction (forecasting)

admin-ch Documents related to covid certificate system in Switzerland

amalmurali47 onaws is a simple tool to check if an IP/hostname belongs to the AWS IP space or not. It uses the AWS IP address ranges data published by AWS to perform the search.

open-mmlab MIM provides a unified API for launching and installing OpenMMLab projects and their extensions, and managing the OpenMMLab model zoo.

simrat39 Extra rust tools for writing applications in neovim using the native lsp. This plugin adds extra functionality over rust analyzer.

prateekmedia A highly customizable launcher inspired from windows 11 menu. Fork of MenuZ.

TimUntersberger Magit clone for Neovim

joenash An awesome list for the awe-inspiring power of Infinidash, an imaginary product.

lucidrains Implementation of Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model in Pytorch. It is a new approach to generative modeling that may have the potential to rival GANs.

ropensci Convert latex math expressions to HTML for use in markdown documents or package manual pages. The rendering is done in R using the V8 engine, which eliminates the need for embedding the MathJax library in the web pages.

devinprater This repository is for the documenting of UI and UX accessibility patterns that can be used by developers, testers, and auditors for determining the accessibility of an operating system desktop or “shell”, programs running atop a

dareerahmadmufti This repo is related to Google Coding Challenge, given to Bright Network Internship Experience 2021. Language used here is python.

smokeme Generate obfuscated meterpreter shells

Pocco81 🦴 A NeoVim plugin for saving your work before the world collapses or you type :qa!

count A curated collection of helpful SQL queries and functions, maintained by Count.

CicadaFlight A simple Python app that generates semi-random chord progressions.

geminis3 The definitive guide to completely turn off your Nvidia dedicated GPU and thus doubling your laptop's battery life on Linux.

CyberPunkMetalHead This is a cryptocurrency trading bot that analyses Reddit sentiment and places trades on Binance based on reddit post and comment sentiment. If you like this project please consider donating via brave. Thanks.#

IThinkImOKAY A minimalistic wrapper for the Hacker News API

pudo Provide partial dates and retain the date precision through processing

neubig A highly sophisticated sequence-to-sequence model for code generation

daleroberts The obstacle problem is a classic motivating example in the mathematical study of variational inequalities and free boundary problems

daleroberts Implementation in R of the Black Scholes formula and some greeks.

RosettaCommons This package contains deep learning models and related scripts to run RoseTTAFold This repository is the official implementation of RoseTTAFold: Accurate prediction of protein structures and interactions using a 3-track network.

hendurhance The learning guide contains the Basics, Intermediate and Advance resources for User Interface and User Experience Design

lucidrains Implementation of the GBST (gradient-based subword tokenization) module from the Charformer paper, in Pytorch. The paper proposes a module that automatically learns subword representations, obviating the need for tokenizers in the

pentacent Keila is an Open Source alternative to newsletter tools like Mailchimp or Sendinblue.

w-digital-scanner 🚀 A simple asset discovery engine for cybersecurity.

ainzzorl A curated collection of annotated code examples from prominent open-source projects

jstrieb Cheat sheet for x86-64 Unix systems programming

CITF-Malaysia Official data on Malaysia's National Covid-​19 Immunisation Programme (PICK). Powered by MySejahtera.