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Jia-Research-Lab Multi-Scale Aligned Distillation for Low-Resolution Detection (CVPR2021)

tuero This contains a PyTorch implementation of Differentiable Optimizers with Perturbations in Tensorflow. All credit belongs to the original authors which can be found below. The source code, tests, and examples given below are a one-

DeMoriarty TorchPQ is a python library for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search (ANNS) and Maximum Inner Product Search (MIPS) on GPU using Product Quantization (PQ) algorithm. TorchPQ is implemented mainly with PyTorch, with some extra CUDA

arangoml ArangoML Pipeline is a common and extensible Metadata Layer for Machine Learning Pipelines which allows Data Scientists and DataOps to manage all information related to their ML pipeline in one place.

nedbat Gefilte Fish automates the creation of GMail filters. You write a Python program using gefilte's domain-specific language (DSL), run the program, and import the XML it creates.

mjlbach Introduction A tree-sitter based markdown -> vimdoc conversion tool. The plugin is currently in sporadic development and will be undergoing api change

whoeverest The NLB CLI: NLBKlik in your terminal Disclaimer: this is an UNOFFICAL tool, it's not developed by НЛБ Банка АД Скопје. It's maintained by Andrej T. T

natefaubion purescript-convertable-options PureScript semantics for highly-overloaded API interfaces. Options with implicit defaults. Options with conversions - f

analokmaus RANZCR-CLiP 7th Place Solution This repository is WIP. (28 Mar 2021) Installation git clone

TomekSc MeshSlicer Blender Add-On for slicing meshes with multiple overlapping planes at once. This is a simple Blender addon to slice a silmple mesh with mul

segmentio Threat Modeling Training This is the public version of the Threat Modeling training run at Segment. The goal of the training is to teach the individua

Suvoo Submission by Cookie Clan for MozoHack 2.1 Entry of Cookie Clan, from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, to MozoHack 2.1. Tracks


LeePleased Negative Sampling for NER Unlabeled entity problem is prevalent in many NER scenarios (e.g., weakly supervised NER). Our paper in ICLR-2021 proposes u

awslabs 🚀 Solution Landing Page | 🚧 Feature request | 🐛 Bug Report Note: If you want to use the solution without building from source, navigate to Solution

this-is-learning RxJS Fundamentals A free and open text-based course about RxJS. Content Async programming issues and RxJS. Promises vs Observables Reactive Programmin

tamago324 nlsp-settings.nvim A plugin to configure Neovim LSP using json files like coc-settings.json. Using nlsp-settings.nvim and lspconfig and jsonls and nvi

denfed leaf-audio-pytorch Pytorch port of Google Research's LEAF Audio paper published at ICLR 2021. This port is not completely finished, but the Leaf() fro

Z3tt Collection of contributions to and resources for the first #30DayChartChallenge in April 2021. How to contribute? Anyone is welcome to contribute, no

changlin31 Dynamic Slimmable Network (DS-Net) This repository contains PyTorch code of our paper: Dynamic Slimmable Network (CVPR 2021 Oral). Architecture of DS-

Arthurdw Python wrapper for the dogehouse API Documentation You can find the documentation at Installation pip install dogehouse Example

domenukk Strudra Welcome to Strudra, a way to craft Ghidra structs in python, using ghidra_bridge. It's quite convenient together with IPython, featuring tab c

ml-tooling Instantly turn your Python functions into production-ready microservices. Deploy and access your services via HTTP API or interactive UI. Seamlessly export your services into portable, shareable, and executable files or Docker ima

Alibaba-MIIL ImageNet-1K serves as the primary dataset for pretraining deep learning models for computer vision tasks. ImageNet-21K dataset, which contains more pictures and classes, is used less frequently for pretraining, mainly due to its c

karpathy Just me developing a pure Python from-scratch zero-dependency implementation of Bitcoin for educational purposes. This includes a lot of the core crypto math primitives such as SHA-256 and elliptic curves over finite fields math (

Therickysen08 This project uses a conditional generative adversarial network (cGAN) named Pix2Pix for the Image to image translation task.

zihangJiang Pytorch implementation of "Training a 85.4% Top-1 Accuracy Vision Transformer with 56M Parameters on ImageNet"

sjvnnings A post processing shader that renders the scene as ASCII characters in the Godot game engine.

scottrogowski Mongita is a lightweight embedded document database that implements a commonly-used subset of the MongoDB/PyMongo interface. Mongita differs from MongoDB in that instead of being a server, Mongita is a self-contained Python librar

wojtekmach An HTTP client with a focus on composability, built on top of Finch.

maddevsio This boilerplate contains the know-how of the Mad Devs team for the rapid deployment of a Kubernetes cluster, supporting services, and the underlying infrastructure in the Amazon cloud

crisbodnar Neural Ordinary Differential Equations (NODEs) use a neural network to model the instantaneous rate of change in the state of a system. However, despite their apparent suitability for dynamics-governed time-series, NODEs present a