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dupontgu This code is meant to accompany this project in which a Spotify client is built into an iPod "Classic" from 2004. Everything is meant to run on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

wvangansbeke This repo contains a curated list of self-supervised learning papers with a focus on representation learning and clustering.

codingforentrepreneurs Learn how to make a desktop GUI application using Python, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS all thanks to pywebview.

VITA-Group Code used for TransGAN: Two Transformers Can Make One Strong GAN.

bimbashrestha BlobBackup is a minimalistic backup utility for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. With an excellent engine, extensive storage support, and an easy to use interface, this adorable little guy is all you need to sleep better at ni

surfcodes surf GitHub code with VS Code. (with CLI, chrome extensions)

awtkns Tired of rewriting the same generic CRUD routes? Need to rapidly prototype a feature for a presentation or a hackathon? Thankfully, fastapi-crudrouter has your back. As an extension to the APIRouter included with FastAPI, the Fast

beauwilliams Auto-Focussing Splits/Windows for Neovim!

facebookresearch Code and data to support the paper "PAQ 65 Million Probably-Asked Questions andWhat You Can Do With Them"

Neo23x0 When creating your rules for YARA keep in mind the following guidelines in order to get the best performance from them. This guide is based on ideas and recommendations by Victor M

alex04072000 NeRViS: Neural Re-rendering for Full-frame Video Stabilization

pnnl The HyperNetX library provides classes and methods for the analysis and visualization of complex network data. HyperNetX uses data structures designed to represent set systems containing nested data and/or multi-way relationships.

sangyun884 Despite its importance, there are few previous works applying I2I translation to webtoon. I collected dataset from naver webtoon 연애혁명 and tried to transfer human faces to webtoon domain.

NickLewanowicz Curated list of online resources for your personal finance

jimdevops19 This Repository includes the code and MORE exercises on each section of the entire course

robmarkcole Read vehicle license plates with which offers free processing of 2500 images per month. You will need to create an account and get your API token.

chvolkmann Open a file in your locally running Visual Studio Code instance from arbitrary terminal connections.

transitive-bullshit Twitter's embedding SDK is horribly slow and inefficient. For embedding tweets on your site (including SSR), this solution is 10-100x faster! 🔥

skywind3000 Format current line immediately in INSERT mode as soon as you press ENTER:

ChrisTitusTech An almost desktop environment made with AwesomeWM following the Material Design guidelines with a performant opiniated mouse/keyboard workflow to increase daily productivity and comfort.

wilhelmberghammer This is where I learn machine learning🤷‍ This means that this repo covers no specific topic of machine learning or a project - I work in here when I want to learn/try something

TheBinitGhimire GitHub Recon — and what you can achieve with it!

XanaduAI Official repo for QHack—the quantum machine learning hackathon

cheapETH A simple Ethereum mining pool

MuseScoreFonts The Leland music fonts (Leland & Leland Text), Version 0.52 are available in Type 1, OpenType-CFF format. They are distributed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), Version 1.1.

IgorSusmelj This is not an official style guide for PyTorch. This document summarizes best practices from more than a year of experience with deep learning using the PyTorch framework. Note that the learnings we share come mostly from a resea

zhuchen03 Learning to Initialize Neural Networks for Stable and Efficient Training

nmwsharp An invigorating blend of 3D geometry tools in Python.

trushkin-ilya Face anti-spoofing task solution using CASIA-SURF CeFA dataset, FeatherNets and Face Alignment in Full Pose Range.

spokestack Spokestack is a library that allows a user to easily incorporate a voice interface into a Python application.

chogovadze Deep Illuminator is a data augmentation tool designed for image relighting. It can be used to easily and efficiently generate a wide range of illumination variants of a single image.

Ededu1984 This application was developed to detect cars in Forza Horizon 4 gameplay video

willianjusten A simple project to learn new japanese words everyday.