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JuliaStats SVM.jl THIS PACKAGE IS UNMAINTAINED AND WILL BE REMOVED FROM METADATA SVMs in Julia Native Julia implementations of standard SVM algorithms. Currently

JuliaStats KernelDensity.jl Kernel density estimators for Julia. Usage Univariate The main accessor function is kde: U = kde(data) will construct a UnivariateKD

JuliaStats Distances.jl A Julia package for evaluating distances(metrics) between vectors. This package also provides optimized functions to compute column-wise

bensadeghi DecisionTree.jl Julia implementation of Decision Tree (CART) and Random Forest algorithms Available via: AutoMLPipeline.jl - create complex ML pipelin

compressed Install Stable Pkg.add("BackpropNeuralNet") Source Pkg.clone("") Usage To initialize a network o

doobwa MCMC Routines in Julia In Bayesian modeling we are often faced with an unnormalized density (e.g. a posterior distribution) that we want to know about

brian-j-smith Mamba: Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) for Bayesian analysis in julia julia 1.0: julia 0.6: julia 0.5: julia 0.4: julia 0.3: Purpose Mamba is an open

JuliaStats Mixed-effects models in Julia Documentation Citation Build Status Code Coverage This package defines linear mixed models (LinearMixedModel) and genera

fredo-dedup SimpleMCMC.jl Small framework for MCMC sampling and maximization on user-defined models Implements : a DSL for specifying models an automatic derivati

ljl0012 ExtractingBuildingByMMSeg This repository is for Competition for ML_data class. Based on mmsegmentatoin,mainly using swin transformer to completed the

ioannis-koukourakis quake_lights_for_godot A simple light class prefab for the Godot engine inspired by the string-based light animation system originally found in Quake:

shibbo cttt-decomp A decompilation of the Nintendo Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker [v1.3.0]. Build Instructions Obtain a clean copy of a mai

rlaphoenix pydvdid-m Pure Python implementation of the Windows API method IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID. This is a modification of sjwood's pydvdid. The Windows API metho

mrsnhl Geoinformatics Project 2021 This was created by students of Y19 and Y20 of Civil Engineering Project Mentor Snehil Saluja (170707) Project Members Chi

CaffeineDuck Just a python library to make reddit post caching easier

kayke981 Instagram BruteForce Instagram BruteForce is for password cracker bruteforce, you can use proxy but is optional Installation $ git clone https://githu

AccSrd [AI6122] Computer Vision is an elective course of MSAI, SCSE, NTU, Singapore. The repository corresponds to the AI6122 of Semester 1, AY2021-2022, starting from 08/2021. The instructor of this course is Prof. Lu Shijian.

stephenafamo BoilingFactory This is a CLI tool that generates factories for models generated by sqlboiler. Installation Install sqlboiler Install your database dri

ttt733 Evolving Neural Networks in JAX This repository holds code displaying techniques for applying evolutionary network training strategies in JAX. Each sc

v-p-b Ghidra Check Protector Which non-trivial functions don't reference the stack canary checker (or other, user-defined function)? Place your cursor to th

kumarvicku 🅼🅰🅳🅴 🆆🅸🆃🅷 🅿 🆈🆃🅷🅾🅽 🆅 🅿 🅷🅸🆂🅷🅴🆁 [+] 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖗𝖎𝖕𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 : Ultimate phishing tool ,A beginners friendly, Automated phishing tool


peanutsee OTS React.JS - DJango Web Application (UNTESTED) This repository servers as a template for creating React.JS - Django Web Applications. Note that the

Tingliangstu Phonon-Vibration-Viewer (For GPUMD) Visualizing lattice vibration information from phonon dispersion for primitive atoms. In this tutorial, we will in

phydy MoneyStreamNetwork #Short Description A Tradable Cash-Flow DeFi-NFT that gives a holder the power to leverage their superfluid flow to get loans or fu

AyomideA-S AlteMatrix ================================================ This tool lets you convert strings and numbers between number bases (2, 8, 10 and 16) as w

Thomasims Bake to Target This Blender Addon adds a new shader node type capable of reducing the texture-bake step to a single button press. Please note that thi

BadourAlBahar Pose with Style: Detail-Preserving Pose-Guided Image Synthesis with Conditional StyleGAN [Paper] [Project Website] [Output resutls] Official Pytorch i

TWerfel Auto clicker bot for nft-game Crabada. Entry university project, written in C# with WinApi. About Simple looting and mining bot for Crabada. Software

Lujeni Volatile Fast and easy way to rollout on multiple GitLab project file a particular content. Why ? After looking for a tool to simply enforce a develop

bskim45 Coin Ticker for Alfred Workflow An Alfred Workflow that provides current price and status about cryptocurrency from Supports Alfred

Walker974 Walker-Bank-Update Script Bank en RageUI By Walker (Updated Version) Optimisé 0.01 ms Fonctionnalités : [EN] : Withdraw money Deposit money Transfer m