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Minoru A proof-of-concept for a read-only filesystem with random contents generated on demand.

xcfcode This repo contains a list of summarization papers including various topics.

Bercon This repo contains human readable source codes for VIRGO 1302 demoscene 4k intro, and the build pipeline used to produce the final entry file. It placed 1st in Assembly 2020 4k intro competition. You can view a prerendered version

lhwolff15 Looks up insider trading transactions in a date range

golanlevin This page compiles examples of large-run printed books with generative cover designs. For the purposes of this repository, "generative" means each copy is unique, and "large run" means it does not consider print-on-demand.

geohot For something in between a pytorch and a karpathy/micrograd. This may not be the best deep learning framework, but it is a deep learning framework. The Tensor class is a wrapper around a numpy array, except it does Tensor things.

bestfitting The 2nd place solution to the 2020 edition of the Google Landmark Recognition competition

BirenResearch ​ This project aims to help engineers, researchers and students to easily find and learn the good thoughts and designs in AI-related fields, such as AI/ML/DL accelerators, chips, and systems, proposed in the top-tier architecture

yizt crnn实现水平和垂直方向中文文字识别, 提供在3w多个中文字符训练的水平识别和垂直识别的预训练模型

cambridgeltl The Cross-lingual Choice of Plausible Alternatives dataset is a benchmark to evaluate the ability of machine learning models to transfer commonsense reasoning across languages.

99731 A demo code of KDD2020 paper "M2GRL: A Multi-task Multi-view Graph Representation Learning Framework for Web-scale Recommender Systems"

PluviophileYU Code for "Counterfactual Variable Control for Robust and Interpretable Question Answering"

jackaduma This code is a PyTorch implementation for paper: CycleGAN-VC2: Improved CycleGAN-based Non-parallel Voice Conversion, a nice work on Voice-Conversion/Voice Cloning.

pmeier pystiche (pronounced /ˈpaɪˈstiʃ/ ) is a framework for Neural Style Transfer (NST) built upon PyTorch

RobustBench RobustBench: a standardized adversarial robustness benchmark [arXiv, Oct 2020]

conscienceli Joint Learning of Vessel Segmentation and Artery/Vein Classification

mjq11302010044 RRPN++: Guidance Towards More Accurate Scene Text Detection

HideUnderBush Unsupervised image-to-image translation method via pre-trained StyleGAN2 network

yumeng5 [EMNLP 2020] Text Classification Using Label Names Only: A Language Model Self-Training Approach

gsarti A 🤗-style implementation of BERT using lambda layers instead of self-attention

L0SG A flow-based network is considered to be inefficient in parameter complexity because of reduced expressiveness of bijective mapping, which renders the models prohibitively expensive in terms of parameters. We present an alternativ

KAIST-VCLAB [CVPR2020] TextureFusion: High-Quality Texture Acquisition for Real-Time RGB-D Scanning

craigleili Repository for "End-to-End Learning Local Multi-view Descriptors for 3D Point Clouds"

Siyuada7 Official implementation of paper "TP-LSD: Tri-points based line segment detector" .

zyang-ur Improving One-stage Visual Grounding by Recursive Sub-query Construction, ECCV 2020

giannisdaras [NeurIPS 2020] "SMYRF: Efficient Attention using Asymmetric Clustering".

lxk00 An implementation with PyTorch of model presented in the paper "BERT-EMD: Many-to-Many Layer Mapping for BERT Compression with Earth Mover's Distance

jayleicn [EMNLP 2020] What is More Likely to Happen Next? Video-and-Language Future Event Prediction

qilimk BigGAN-AM improves the sample diversity of BigGAN and synthesizes Places365 images.

Buzz-Beater Code for TPAMI 2020 paper "A Generalized Earley Parser for Human Activity Parsing and Prediction"

deepmind An implementation of the algorithm and experiments defined in "Ab-Initio Solution of the Many-Electron Schroedinger Equation with Deep Neural Networks", David Pfau, James S. Spencer, Alex G de G Matthews and W.M.C. Foulkes, Phys.

facebookresearch A code implementation for our arXiv paper "Multi-agent Adhoc Team Play using Decompositional Q function"

t0xic0der A command-line bound implementation of secure synchronous lightweight chatroom with zero logging and total transience built using WebSockets, Fernet Cryptography, Asyncio and Prompt Toolkit