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nix-dot-dev Opinionated Nix repository template Based on tutorials, repository template to get you started with Nix: niv for painless dependency managemen

ncic-sugon OODA-FLOW-SDK-LIB OODA workflow sdk library The goal of this project is to build and apply open source platforms for deep learning applications. Devel

pgrimaud Hi there 👋 Glad to see you 😄 . I need you to participate to a cool experiment. I plan to create a wall mural with GitHub profile pictures and redraw

1Hive Gardens Hacker Kit 🌻 This hacker kit is intended to provide resources for people who are interested in hacking on DAOs based on the Gardens DAO desig

zhuxianglong English | 简体中文 #####联系方式 QQ群:68667333 前端UI框架:element-ui 后台框架:gin Orm框架:gorm Casbin鉴权:casbin Cache缓存:cache Go模块代理:goproxy 代码演示:[

NanoSecc XAttacker Tool 3.0 X Attacker Tool ☣ Website Vulnerability Scanner & Auto Exploiter You can use this tool to check the security by finding the vulnera

000Nobody Pygame-Platformer-Shooter First major project on Python View a demo video here Using the application Clone github repository Download required depende

analokmaus Overview Pytorch and our toolkit: kuma_utils( manage experiments using config class ( What worked

Mikerah awesome-foundations-of-DeFi An Awesome list for resources on the foundations of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Papers Automated Market Makers Automated

rshah240 conv_visualiser Python Package for Visualising Convolution Neural Network Features and Intermediate Activation of Tensorflow 2.0 Models Paper Referenc

fanq15 FewX FewX is an open source toolbox on top of Detectron2 for data-limited instance-level recognition tasks, e.g., few-shot object detection, few-shot

jienagu flashCard Installation devtools::install_github("jienagu/flashCard") This is package is to create a flash card for Shiny application with desired data

UBA-PSI PSIThesis A LuaLaTeX Template and Thesis Writing Guide This repository contains a LaTeX template and a guide for writing a thesis.. Scroll down to see

babashka babashka.process A Clojure wrapper around java.lang.ProcessBuilder. Status: alpha, WIP, still in development, breaking changes will be made. This code

asottile api-gateway-v2-to-wsgi translation from the aws api gateway v2.0 lambda event to wsgi installation pip install api-gateway-v2-to-wsgi usage import api

kpoeppel README of "PyTorch-ProbGraph" What is PyTorch-ProbGraph? PyTorch-ProbGraph is a library based on amazing PyTorch ( to easily use a

BubblyYi Coronary Artery Tracking via 3D CNN Classification Pytorch The pytorch re-implement of the method in the paper 'Coronary artery centerline extraction

cr0hn Redis Security Map - hide redis server command to attackers What's RSM Why Hacking tools & RSM Launching Redis with RSM Using nmap Using Thc-Hydra Bui

Benio101 C++ Logo Logo/badge for the C++ programming language. License CC0 (public domain). Manifest Freedom I publish this C++ Logo for public domain, so ever

verazuo README A simple PyTorch implementations of Badnets: Identifying vulnerabilities in the machine learning model supply chain on MNIST and CIFAR10. Insta

danielgatis Rembg Rembg is a tool to remove images background. That is it. Installation Install it from pypi pip install rembg Usage as a cli Remove the backa

Stvad goodreads2roam Converts GoodReads csv export into the RoamResearch Markdown. You can get the source csv file with your books at https://www.goodreads.

lxtGH SFSegNets Implementation of Our ECCV oral paper: Semantic Flow for Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing. Our methods achieve the best speed and accracy tra

devanshbatham CertEagle - Asset monitoring utility using real time CT log feeds Detailed Description about this can be found here : Read Blog here : https://medium.

woliveiras Linguagem Neutra em Desenvolvimento de Software Glossário de termos da área de desenvolvimento de software com linguagem neutra Há algum tempo procuro

xcmyz Speech Synthesis Paper list of speech synthesis papers. TTS Frontend A unified sequence-to-sequence front-end model for Mandarin text-to-speech synthe

EmotionEngi EmotionLib Simple dynamic library for video sentiment recognition Made using Caffe Functions list: - float* make(const char* path, double N, struct pr

yjose A list of .new domain to perform online actions in one quick step. : New Google Doc. : New Google sheet. : New Google Slid

facebookresearch QA-Overlap This repository contains code to support the research paper Question and Answer Test-Train Overlap in Open-Domain Question Answering Datase

odysseusmax Telegram Index Python Web App which indexes a telegram channel(or a chat) and serves its files for download. Overview This app indexes all the availab

AngusRed DEF CON 28 Safemode Links Easy links and guides for DEF CON 28 Safemode Working Document Feel free to add!! Disclaimer: This is not official with DEF

ethereum Currently the following parts of the spec are available in annotated form: Phase 0 The Beacon Chain Beacon Chain Fork Choice Phase 1 Changes to the be