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YugeTen This is the official PyTorch implementation of Gradient Matching for Domain Generalisation.

xRET2pwn PickleC2 is a simple C2 framework written in python3 used to help the community in Penetration Testers in their red teaming engagements.

warpdotdev Warp is a blazingly fast, Rust-based terminal that makes you and your team more productive at running, debugging, and deploying code and infrastructure.

The-AI-Summer A collection of Deep Learning images and visualizations. The project has been developed by the AI Summer team and currently contains almost 100 images.

honoki WILSON Cloud Respwnder is a Web Interaction Logger Sending Out Notifications (WILSON) with the ability to serve custom content in order to appropriately respond to the client issuing the request. It is probably most useful to secu

Itz-fork Simple Telegram Bot to Download Files From and Upload It to Telegram

fabro66 Online 3D skeleton-based action recognition with a single RGB camera

DantasB Tutorial de Bash para iniciantes

BeetleChunks A collection of Windows print spooler exploits containerized with other utilities for practical exploitation.

pwnwikiorg Use FOFA automatic vulnerability scanning tool

braucktoon At home services - pihole, unbound, home-assistant, etc

rishabkumar7 AWS Cheat Sheets - handmade cheat sheets for different AWS services:

ifsheldon PyTorch wrapper for Taichi data-oriented class

zf3 Port of Stephen A. Edwards's Apple2fpga to PYNQ-Z1 (Xilinx Zynq FPGA), to emulate an Apple II+.

developer-student-club-thapar This repository contains GSoC Proposals submitted by various aspirants across the years. The proposals have been sorted firstly on the basis of the organization to which they were applied and then based on whether they were accept

ziglang This repository contains the script used to repackage the releases of the Zig programming language as Python binary wheels.

deepmind DMVR is a library providing a framework for easily reading raw data and producing objects ready to be consumed by models.

mindslab-ai WaveGrad 2: Unofficial PyTorch Implementation Iterative Refinement for Text-to-Speech Synthesis

splitline A small compiler that can convert Python scripts to pickle bytecode.

hiredscorelabs Cornell makes it dead simple, via its record and replay features to perform end-to-end testing in a fast and isolated testing environment.

uvipen Here is my python source code for QuickDraw - an online game developed by google, combined with AirGesture - a simple gesture recognition application.

patricoferris Omditor is an incredibly simple markdown editor that uses Omd for the preview and Irmin for the client-server storage.

thunlp Survey of Surveys for Natural Language Processing (SOS4NLP)

rosinality Unofficial implementation of Alias-Free Generative Adversarial Networks. ( This implementation contains a lot of my guesses, so I think there are many differences to the official implementations

AstraZeneca A collection of research papers and software related to explainability in graph machine learning.

50an6xy06r6n This is an OpenSCAD script that can be used to generate 3D-printable hotswap "PCBs" and plates for prototyping new keyboard layouts.

parikhakshat A tool that automatically creates fuzzing harnesses based on a library

zhijing-jin A repo for open resources & information for people to succeed in PhD in CS & career in AI / NLP

nerdyrodent A repo for running VQGAN+CLIP locally. This started out as a Katherine Crowson VQGAN+CLIP derived Google colab notebook.

guilatrova A linter to manage all your python exceptions and try/except blocks (limited only for those who like dinosaurs).

gayanvoice Check your ranking in GitHub! Get the list of most active GitHub users based on public, private contributions and number of followers by country. Don't forget to star ⭐ this repository

GEM-benchmark The NL-Augmenter is a collaborative effort intended to add transformations of datasets dealing with natural language

abhishekkrthakur Approaching (Almost) Any Natural Language Processing Problem