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slgero Здесь будут собраны тестовые задания от разных компаний, на позицию, связанную с Data Scientist. Компании: Accenture AUTO1 the-SAAS-co Corpus Haensel

miguelgrinberg greenletio This project allows synchronous and asynchronous functions to be used together. Unlike other methods based on executors and thread or proce

oakes O'Doyle does indeed rule. And you will, too, when you use O'Doyle Rules, a rules engine for Clojure and ClojureScript. Stop being one of those jabroni

Megvii-BaseDetection BorderDet This project provides an implementation for "BorderDet: Border Feature for Dense Object Detection" (ECCV2020 Oral) on PyTorch. For the reaso

axtgr 873 GB — 4090 Frag Movies 💣 332 Trick Movies 🏃‍♂️ 76 Misc Movies This is a collection of Counter-Strike movies my friend and I hoarded during 2006-2

Data-Science-Community-SRM RESOURCEIFY (Under-Development) TABLE OF CONTENTS Introductory Courses in Data Science. Python. R. SQL. General Courses in Data Science. Python. R. Da

Oliver727 VersusBot VersusBot v2 official code VersusBot: Support me Contact me for Co

pmn a collection of randos on the internet To add your profile to the list, just include this markdown in your profile's [![alt t

cesargodoi Flask Project Builder This script will start a new Flask project on the application factory model. Structure provided <project name>/ +-- <project nam

lducas CodeRed Basis Reduction Algorithms for Codes (LLL and more) This small library is a research Artefact, paired with the article An Algorithmic Reductio

endinferno PLATE-API-introduce This repository is used to introduce the API of the PLATE platform. The Documentation is Here: PLATE-API-1.0 Version 1.0 Descripti

rai-harshit udacity-microsoft-azure-ml-foundations This repository contains important resources and course materials for the Microsoft Azure ML Foundations Course

python-unsam Programación en Python En el marco del proyecto de Inteligencia Artificial Interdisciplinaria, la Escuela de Ciencia y Tecnología de la UNSAM vuelve a

b31ngD3v BOMBERTHON Best Bombing Tool with WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS bomber Before Running Ensure that you are on Windows Oparating System and you

luctivud All-Of-Competitive-Programming This repo contains all the resources a beginner needs to start competitive programming and an intermediate to excel in

Pythondeveloper6 Python-Learning-Paths-Arabic arabic python tutorials on YouTube , with learning paths Before Learning : How To Study From The Channel How To Study Pro

fiatjaf an awesome list of internet services that don't require logins or registrations

nsbraksa Awesome Remote Companies in Morocco A list of awesome moroccan companies working remotely in 2020 and beyond. *To contribute, click and then

dflook Terraform GitHub Actions This is a suite of terraform related GitHub Actions that can be used together to build effective Infrastructure as Code workf

ErlerPhilipp Points2Surf (ECCV 2020) Learning Implicit Surfaces from Point Clouds This is a placeholder! We will add the source code until ECCV 2020. This is our i

dunderhay CVE-2020-5902 Python script to exploit F5 Big-IP CVE-2020-5902 Examples Exploit LFI: python3 -t -x lfr -f /etc/passwd Exp

sjtu-se128 Learning Resources This repository aims at helping students of SE128 course of Shanghai Jiao Tong University with various learning materials related t

k8spin K8Spin Operator Kubernetes multi-tenant operator. Enables multi-tenant capabilities in your Kubernetes Cluster. Features The main features included in

ikashnitsky Data visualization course at MPIDR Course announcement Outline Day 1, Monday, July 13: BASICS Basic dataviz principles (slides) Impressive dataviz sho

eronnen Parsing Procmon files with Python Procmon ( is a very powerful monitoring tool for Win

rung Common Threat Matrix for CI/CD Pipeline This is an ATT&CK-like matrix focus on CI/CD Pipeline specific risk. MITRE ATT&CK® is a knowledge base of adve

automl Awesome Transformer Architecture Search: To keep track of the large number of recent papers that look at the intersection of Transformers and Neural A

facebookresearch Description xFormers is a modular and field agnostic library to flexibly generate transformer architectures by interoperable and optimized building bl

rjbruin FlexConv: Continuous Kernel Convolutions with Differentiable Kernel Sizes This repository contains the source code accompanying the paper: FlexConv: C

PeterouZh CIPS-3D This repository will contain the code of the paper, CIPS-3D: A 3D-Aware Generator of GANs Based on Conditionally-Independent Pixel Synthesis.

isadrtdinov Курс "Введение в глубинное обучение" на ФКН ВШЭ Записи лекций и семинаров 2021 года: ссылка Таблица с оценками 2021 года: ссылка Темы семинаров: Введе

Deopster Hearthstone-Mercenaries-game-bot - prevention: Bot is not ready and now on the development stage estimated release date - 21.10.21 PvP system work pre