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Qqwy CapturePipe CapturePipe exposes an extended pipe-operator that allows the usage of bare function captures. This is useful to insert the pipe's results

yzgyyang wsl-tray wsl-tray is a lightweight Windows tray application for easily managing WSL 2 VMs. Whenever you need to conveniently terminate all WSL 2 VMs t

bethgelab Towards Nonlinear Disentanglement in Natural Data with Temporal Sparse Coding This repository contains the code release for: Towards Nonlinear Disenta

santosomar Virtual Cybersecurity Conferences This repository has been created to track all upcoming virtual cybersecurity conferences and events. All the past ev

wenwenyu PICK-PyTorch PyTorch reimplementation of "PICK: Processing Key Information Extraction from Documents using Improved Graph Learning-Convolutional Netwo

rpautrat LISRD - Local Invariance Selection at Runtime for Descriptors This repository contains the implementation of the paper: Online Invariance Selection fo

ethereum Public eth2 attacknets This repository tracks public "attacknets" maintained by the EF. beta-0 This program is currently in "beta-0" and all details a

000Nobody Orbit Simutlator An intuitive simulation of gravitational pull between planets. View a demo video here Using the application Clone GitHub repository D

fwmark The firewall mark registry is a registry for software that uses the packet or connection mark features of Linux's packet filter system (Netfilter, som

r0ckysec CVE-2021-22005 - VMWare vCenter Server File Upload to RCE Analyze Usage ------------------------------------------------------------- [*] CVE-2021-220

imankgoyal Non-deep Networks arXiv:2110.07641 Ankit Goyal, Alexey Bochkovskiy, Jia Deng, Vladlen Koltun Overview: Depth is the hallmark of DNNs. But more depth m

Sangwan5688 Hacktoberfest2021 A Beginner friendly repo to push PRs for Hacktoberfest2021 EVENT DETAILS: Hacktoberfest is a month-long challenge that happens in ev

blasty CVE-2021-41773 Playground This is a small Docker recipe for setting up a Debian bookworm based container with an instance of the Apache HTTPd (2.4.49)

luizalabs 🐂 Construindo API's robustas utilizando Python Neste tutorial vamos aprender a construir API's utilizando Python e FastAPI, integrá-las a serviços ex

isarandi PoseViz – 3D Human Pose Visualizer Multi-person, multi-camera 3D human pose visualization tool built using Mayavi. As used in MeTRAbs visualizations.

vinitshahdeo Hacktoberfest 2021 A community-led mentorship initiative to help beginners kickstarting their open-source journey by completing Hacktoberfest'21 chall

forsenTV forsen Instructions for forsen Bajs. If you have suggestions for more places, share it. GitHub: This is

NVlabs DiSECt: Differentiable Simulator for Robotic Cutting Website | Paper | Dataset | Video | Blog post DiSECt is a simulator for the cutting of deformable

flink-extended Flink AI Flow Introduction Flink AI Flow is an open source framework that bridges big data and artificial intelligence. It manages the entire machine

Obrisk WeChat third-party Python SDK master: Read the Documentation Features Common public platforms passively respond and actively call APIs WeChat Pay API

emacs-eaf EAF RSS Reader RSS Reader application for the Emacs Application Framework. Load application (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/eaf-rss-read

MSIandCo Mass spectrometry imaging and complementary techniques open collaboration. Aims Bring MSI and image analysis experts together Collect and publish set

rustyrussell secp256k1-py Python FFI bindings for libsecp256k1 (an experimental and optimized C library for EC operations on curve secp256k1). Previously maintaine

mrdbourke pytorch-deep-learing (work in progress) I'd like to learn PyTorch. So I'm going to use this repo to: Add what I've learned. Teach others in a beginner

kishanrajput23 Hacktoberfest-2021 This repository aims to help code beginners with their first successful pull request and open source contribution. 🥳 ⭐ Feel free t

dcook-net F# Learning Resources: A mutable collection of useful learning resources compiled from my own experience, and suggestions from the fantastic F# commun

Kleidukos A Typeclass for user-facing output Description The text-display library offers a way for developers to print a textual representation of datatypes tha

TOTBWF An implementation of Tic-Tac-Toe in Agda agda-tic-tac-toe is a formalization of the rules of tic-tac-toe. Here's what an example game looks like: exam

Clinton-Abraham Uploader X Bot Telegram RoBot to Upload Links. Features: 👉 Upload YouTube-dl Supported Links to Telegram. 👉 Upload HTTP/HTTPS as File/Video to Teleg

kemaloksuz The official implementation of Mask-aware IoU and maYOLACT detector. Our implementation is based on mmdetection. Mask-aware IoU for Anchor Assignment

jkwill87 📈 stonky stonky is a simple command line dashboard for monitoring stocks. It pulls live data from Yahoo! Finance so anything it can support, e.g. int

egoist Awesome esbuild esbuild is a super fast JavaScript bundler written in Go. Reading How does esbuild transform TypeScript?: Like babel, esbuild treats t