A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software getting started tutorial

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Hacker0x01 A collection of Hacker API tools utilizing the HackerOne API. To build your own Hacker API integration have a look at our getting started docs.

maleadt Material for the 2021 GPU workshop at JuliaCon

rocka0 Find all the material regarding CRUx's Summer Group 2021 for competitive coding here.

folke 🌅 Twilight is a Lua plugin for Neovim 0.5 that dims inactive portions of the code you're editing using TreeSitter.

renatootescu Educational project on how to build an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data pipeline, orchestrated with Airflow.

NVlabs DexYCB Toolkit is a Python package that provides evaluation and visualization tools for the DexYCB dataset.

mohamedhassanmus Populating 3D Scenes by Learning Human-Scene Interaction

joouha Euporie is a text-based user interface for running and editing Jupyter notebooks

ShopRunner Collie is a library for preparing, training, and evaluating implicit deep learning hybrid recommender systems, named after the Border Collie dog breed.

nvim-telescope telescope-hop.nvim is an extension for telescope.nvim. It helps you navigate, select, and perform actions on results buffer with motions inspired by hop.nvim.

tusharsarkar3 XBNET that is built on PyTorch combines tree-based models with neural networks to create a robust architecture that is trained by using a novel optimization technique, Boosted Gradient Descent for Tabular Data which increases its

workos-inc 🤘 A curated list of DX (Developer Experience) resources

kevinhwang91 Hijack your clipboard, make you become the host of the clipboard!!!

arieljt Maltego transforms to pivot between PE files based on their VirusTotal codeblocks

shaohua0116 This repo contains a curated list of papers related to program synthesis, program induction, program execution, program and code repair, and programmatic reinforcement learning.

opendilab DI Orchestrator is designed to manage DI (Decision Intelligence) jobs using Kubernetes Custom Resource and Operator.

Jingjing-NLP VOLT(-py) is a vocabulary learning codebase that allows researchers and developers to automaticaly generate a vocabulary with suitable granularity for machine translation.

SaidBySolo Node to C/C++ to Python

tupleblog Automatic Slim Classifier using WangchanBERTa (RoBERTa trained on Thai text)

Suvoo Implementation of Image Style Transfer Using CNNs using Pytorch.

zlpure A curated list for awesome graph representation learning resources.

robertmartin8 Using python and scikit-learn to make stock predictions

keonlee9420 PyTorch Implementation of VAENAR-TTS: Variational Auto-Encoder based Non-AutoRegressive Text-to-Speech Synthesis.

TaoRuijie TalkNet: Is Someone Speaking? Exploring Long-term Temporal Features for Audio-visual Active Speaker Detection

XinzeLee This repository is based on Ultralytics/yolov5, with adjustments to enable polygon prediction boxes.

deepmind An open source implementation of the inference pipeline of AlphaFold v2.0

robinuniverse Basic flask server that serves fixed twitter video embeds to desktop discord by using either the Twitter API or Youtube-DL to grab tweet video information. This also automatically embeds the first link in the text of non video twe

facebookresearch Per-Pixel Classification is Not All You Need for Semantic Segmentation

google Hardware accelerated, batchable and differentiable optimizers in JAX.

sofroniewn Tutorial for SciPy 2021 Bioimage Analysis Fundamentals in Python

monkoose modern alternative to easymotion written in vim9

ibhagwan fzf changed my life, it can change yours too if you allow it.