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rlabbe Kalman Filter book using Jupyter Notebook. Focuses on building intuition and experience, not formal proofs. Includes Kalman filters,extended Kalman filters, unscented Kalman filters, particle filters, and more. All exercises incl

Kanns103 How to get started with tweak development for complete beginners on MacOS for IOS 12/13/14 - Kanns103

LAMDA-NJU DF21 is an implementation of Deep Forest 2021.2.1

mrdbourke Code and files to go along with CS329s machine learning model deployment tutorial.

corpnewt ProperTree is a cross-platform GUI plist editor written using Python (compatible with both 2.x and 3.x) and Tkinter.

sn99 I am writing this guide as to save my progress and let others contribute to increase the performance even further, after all many are better than one. You can use all of them or just a few of them. Read a topic full before startin

lxgw An open-source Chinese font derived from Fontworks' Klee One. 一款基于 FONTWORKS 的 Klee One 的开源中文字体。

facebookresearch RLStructures is a library to facilitate the implementation of new reinforcement learning algorithms. It includes a library, a tutorial, and different RL algorithms provided as examples.

haltakov Use OpenAI's CLIP neural network to search inside YouTube videos. You can try it by running the notebook on Google Colab.

rand-net A python script to download courses from Khan Academy using youtube-dl and beautifulsoup4.

benawad DogeHouse is open to contributions, but I recommend creating an issue or replying in a comment to let me know what you are working on first that way we don't overwrite each other.

therealsreehari This repositary is a combination of different resources lying scattered all over the internet. The reason for making such an repositary is to combine all the valuable resources in a sequential manner, so that it helps every beginn

brimorlabs Stand-alone parser for User Access Logging from Server 2012 and newer systems

r00ster91 A privacy-focused list of alternatives to mainstream services to help the competition

PRBonn Code for Langer et al. "Domain Transfer for Semantic Segmentation of LiDAR Data using Deep Neural Networks", IROS, 2020.

Zeyad-Azima A Huge Learning Resources with Labs For Offensive Security Players

LaundroMat Extract and index movie information of movies found in open directories posted on r/opendirectories.

1N3 Discover the attack surface and prioritize risks with our continuous Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform - Sn1per Professional

N1ght-W0lf Uchihash is a small utility that can save malware analysts the time of dealing with embedded hash values used for various things

batiscuff I did this project in order to boost views with the teleboost ✈️ in my Telegram channel. You can use it not only for boosting views but also for your own purposes. The maximum number of proxies you can get is 11.000

ouuan Manage AUR packages in a GitHub repository, with CI tests and auto-publish :rocket:

jbyuki monolithic.nvim allows you to open multiple files in one buffer. It is an experimental plugin to explore code reading.

myeonghak Deep Graph Library(DGL)은 기존의 DL 프레임워크(e.g. PyTorch, MXNet, Gluon 등)위에 그래프 뉴럴 네트워크 모델을 간편하게 구현하기 위한 Python 패키지입니다. DGL은 아키텍쳐 디자인 상에서 NetworkX의 API와 패러다임을 따르고 지향하고 있습니다.

rougier This Python script reads an org agenda file (i.e. a regular org file with some active dates) and displays an interactive and colored year calendar with detailed information for each day when the mouse hovers a specific date. Else,

Warwick-Plasma Particle-in-cell code for plasma physics simulations

skyler544 This is some rough code that tries to get Nano Emacs (by Nicolas Rougier) and Doom Emacs (by Henrik Lissner) to play nice together.

coding-horror An updated version of the classic "Basic Computer Games" book, with well-written examples in a variety of common programming languages

mrcodedev Recursos gratuitos para empezar a ser un Frontend Developer o ampliar conocimientos

safreita1 TIGER is a Python toolbox to conduct graph vulnerability and robustness research. TIGER contains numerous state-of-the-art methods to help users conduct graph vulnerability and robustness analysis on graph structured data.

nathanaelbosch ProbNumDiffEq.jl provides probabilistic ODE solvers for the DifferentialEquations.jl ecosystem.

n2cholas A Flax (Linen) implementation of ResNet (He, Kaiming, et al. 2015), ResNet-D (He, Tong et al. 2020), and ResNest (Zhang, Hang et al. 2020). The code is modular so you can mix and match the various stem, residual, and bottleneck im

aframires TIVlib is an open-source library for the content-based tonal description of musical audio signals.

0x0f0f0f Metatheory.jl is a general purpose metaprogramming and algebraic computation library for the Julia programming language, designed to take advantage of the powerful reflection capabilities to bridge the gap between symbolic mathema