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lukas-reineke cmp-under-comparator A tiny function for nvim-cmp to better sort completion items that start with one or more underlines. In most languages, especiall

eric-mitchell MEND: Model Editing Networks using Gradient Decomposition Setup Environment This codebase uses Python 3.7.9. Other versions may work as well. Create a

researchmm Bi-directional Image and Text Generation UMT-BITG (image & text generator) Unifying Multimodal Transformer for Bi-directional Image and Text Generatio

Jumbo-WJB PTH Exchange If you only have hash, you can still operate exchange This project module is the same as my other project Exchange_SSRF, This project use

Amrita-TIFAC-Cyber-Blockchain Flowgramming Flowgramming is a platform-independent tool helps beginners to learn, explore and understand programming concepts, draw and execute progr

blueOkiris Background Remover The Need It's been good long while since Microsoft first released a Teams version for Linux and yet, one of Teams' coolest features

GhostSelfbot 👻 Ghost Selfbot The official code for Ghost which was recently discontinued and released to the public. Feel free to use any of the code found in thi

hrsh7th cmp-cmdline nvim-cmp source for vim's cmdline. Setup require'cmp'.setup.cmdline(':', { sources = { { name = 'cmdline' } } }) Warning This sour

jsecurity101 MSRPC-To-ATT&CK A repository that maps commonly used MSRPC protocols to Mitre ATT&CK while providing context around potential indicators of activity,

MingSun-Tse smilelogging Python logging package for easy reproducible experimenting in research. Developed by the members of SMILE Lab. Why this package may help

choyingw SynergyNet 3DV 2021: Synergy between 3DMM and 3D Landmarks for Accurate 3D Facial Geometry Cho-Ying Wu, Qiangeng Xu, Ulrich Neumann, CGIT Lab at Unive

wemake-services pravda Python type-checker written in Rust Features Fully typed with annotations and checked with mypy, PEP561 compatible Add yours! Installation pip

bytedance TWIST: Self-Supervised Learning by Estimating Twin Class Distributions Codes and pretrained models for TWIST: @article{wang2021self, title={Self-Sup

Youssefares Alexandria-University-CCE-Handbook (Attempt) Some links, guides and material for Computer and Communications Engineers in Alexandria University to hel

gabrielfroes Python Automated Actions This project is a simple script that creates folder and download files from internet according to a JSON file. The main goal

zwzhang121 Awesome Long-tailed Recognition A curated list of long-tailed recognition and related resources. Please feel free to pull requests or open an issue to

p1g3 Generate_Payloads 此模块是我的扫描器中一个单独的module,我将其单独提出来发布于github,使用此模块可以解析json嵌套的参数,无论是GET中的嵌套还是POST中的嵌套,都能够完美的解析,并且会自动识别编码,并将payload进行对应的解码,在拼接时会在编码回去。 最终会输

bram2w Baserow Open source online database tool and Airtable alternative. Introduction Create own database without technical experience. Our user friendly no

Neo23x0 XOREX XOR Key Evaluator for Encrypted Executables Usage _ ______ ___ _____ __ | |/_/ __ \/ _ \/ __/ |/_/ _> </ /_/ / , _/ _/_> < /_/|_|\__

kaganisildak Malware Scarecrow (aka scaremalw) A tool designed to make physical devices detectable by malware and make system look like virtual machine. Purpose Th

yotaro-ok yps1 2020/07/17(Fri) task#0 の準備するもの task#1 AWS無料利用枠アカウントの作成|EC2上にCentOS7でインスタンス作成|SSH接続、環境設定|OSアップデート task#1 の質問はこちらへ 2020/07/23(Thu) Task#2 MySQL5.7|

Maartenwut Plain60 Flex Edition rev2.1 This universal 60% PCB is designed to support as little layouts as possible without limiting usability for most users. The

The-OpenROAD-Project Tutorial 9: Developing Industrial Strength EDA Tools Using the OpenDB Open-source Database and the OpenROAD Framework This repository contains all mat

genforce GH-Feat - Generative Hierarchical Features from Synthesizing Images Figure: Training framework of GH-Feat. Generative Hierarchical Features from Synth

hoduchieu01 Computer Science Handbook This is a guide that every one can use to learn about computer science. CONTENTS Git Handbook Getting Started with Git GitHu

leefrance Geolabels OpenSource lines for cartographic labeling of physical geographic features Brief The purpose of this repository and data is to start a centr

tdwyer Kubernetes CVE-2020-8559 Proof of Concept PoC Exploit This is for demonstration purposes only. Only for use on systems you are authorized to preform a

PrincetonLIPS Randomized Automatic Differentiation Paper: This repository contains code for all three types of experiments used in

raghavkhanna30 Invisible-cloak A message from harry potter : Try my invisible cloak. Gifted by Harry Potter 🚀   Usage When program executes give it a second to capt

nccgroup Depthcharge What is Depthcharge? Depthcharge is a toolkit designed to support security research and "jailbreaking" of embedded platforms using the U-B

iampawan Hola, I'm Pawan Kumar! 👋 🔭 I’m currently working on Frontier Wallet. 🌱 I’m currently learning Swift. 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on Youtube. 🤔 I

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