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MythicAgents Medusa is a cross-platform C2 agent compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.8, compatible with Mythic

timothywarner Make teaching and learning Microsoft Azure infrastructure easier with composite topology diagrams. Deployment source code included!

tinyBigGAMES GameVision Toolkit™ is 2D indie game SDK to allow easy, fast & fun 2D game development in Delphi on desktop PC's running Microsoft Windows® and uses Direct3D® for hardware accelerated rendering.

Junjue-Wang FactSeg: Foreground Activation Driven Small Object Semantic Segmentation in Large-Scale Remote Sensing Imagery (TGRS)

facebookresearch Reference implementation of code generation projects from Facebook AI Research. General toolkit to apply machine learning to code, from dataset creation to model training and evaluation. Comes with pretrained models.

Hironsan This python library helps you with augmenting text data for named entity recognition.

NTBBloodbath Easily convert your CSS colors without leaving your favorite editor.

adanalvarez Python script that takes a config.json file as config and uses Burp Suite Pro to scan a list of websites.

jschauma In this directory you will find bind(8) DNS zone files used by to serve a reasonable looking entry for every defined DNS Resource Record (RR).

ethernautdao A compilation of learning resources used by the EthernautDAO

sokrypton Making Protein folding accessible to all via Google Colab!

lucidrains Implementation of Invariant Point Attention as a standalone module, which was used in the structure module of Alphafold2 for coordinate refinement.

cuducos A CPI da Pandemia recebeu milhares de documentos públicos, todos disponibilizados no site do Senado Federal.

Ge0rg3 A Python library to utilize AWS API Gateway's large IP pool as a proxy to generate pseudo-infinite IPs for web scraping and brute forcing.

capt-meelo Beaconator is an aggressor script for Cobalt Strike used to generate a raw stageless shellcode and packing the generated shellcode using PEzor.

RahmaYasser This is a cheatsheet of common git commands with simple explanation for every command. I hope it's useful.

mvt-project Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) is a collection of utilities to simplify and automate the process of gathering forensic traces helpful to identify a potential compromise of Android and iOS devices.

HuskyHacks Pure Nim implementation for exploiting CVE-2021-36934, the SeriousSAM Local Privilege Escalation (LPE). Nothing fancy, basically just a wrapper for PowerShell copy, but does save some time if you're triaging vulnerable hosts. Not

hythloday VenturePlan does not expose any of its data to other addons, so to have this addon work, you will need to change it to do so. Note that VenturePlan does not have a a licence that permits you to alter its source code, and while it

stryngs edgedressing leverages a Windows "feature" in order to force a target's Edge browser to open. This browser is then directed to a URL of choice.

facebookresearch DrQ-v2: Improved Data-Augmented Reinforcement Learning

LianjiaTech Athena is an open-source implementation of end-to-end speech processing engine. Our vision is to empower both industrial application and academic research on end-to-end models for speech processing. To make speech processing avail

sicxu Accurate 3D Face Reconstruction with Weakly-Supervised Learning: From Single Image to Image Set (CVPRW 2019). A PyTorch implementation

JustYoomoon Send CVE information to the specified mailbox (from Github)

yuanhao-cui Must Reading Papers, Research Library, Open-Source Code on Integrated Sensing and Communications (aka. Joint Radar and Communications, Joint Sensing and Communications, Dual-Functional Radar Communications)

iterativv Trading strategy for the Freqtrade crypto bot

narate High performance form register API

P0ssuidao 🛡️ 🔒 This project's goal is to be simple to create and destroy your own VPN service using WireGuard.

phoenixframework Mix tasks for installing and invoking esbuild.

CedricGuillemet Resources, links, papers, discussions, ShaderToys on SDF and related algorithm. Please contibute to this resource by sending your PRs!

tunib-ai Parallelformers, which is based on Megatron LM, is designed to make model parallelization easier.

Megvii-BaseDetection YOLOX is an anchor-free version of YOLO, with a simpler design but better performance! It aims to bridge the gap between research and industrial communities.

WelkinYang Unofficial Pytorch implementation of "Grad-TTS: A Diffusion Probabilistic Model for Text-to-Speech" (arxiv)