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Newest releases

MarshalX The earliest beta version of pytgcalls on Linux x86_64 and ARM64! Use in production at your own risk!

d3k4z ffuf is gaining a lot of traction within the infosec community as a fast portable web fuzzer. It has been compared and aligned (kinda) to Burp's Intruder functionality. Thus, Copy As FFUF is trying to build that interoperatability

hanjuku-kaso This is a collection of research and review papers for offline reinforcement learning (offline rl).

HanxunH Code for ICML2020 paper [“Normalized Loss Functions for Deep Learning with Noisy Labels"]

djiajunustc Voxel R-CNN: Towards High Performance Voxel-based 3D Object Detection

facebookresearch MTRL is a library of multi-task reinforcement learning algorithms

894346698 A framework for implementing federated learning

eezkni Pytorch implementation of the TIP paper, Towards Unsupervised Deep Image Enhancement with Generative Adversarial Network

dzunigan Implementation of "An Analytical Solution to the IMU Initialization Problem for Visual-Inertial Systems"

lucidrains Implementation of E(n)-Equivariant Graph Neural Networks, in Pytorch. May be eventually used for Alphafold2 replication. This technique went for simple invariant features, and ended up beating out all previous methods (including S

kuchin A curated and opinionated list of resources for Chief Technology Officers, with the emphasis on startups

The-AI-Summer Implementation of self-attention mechanisms for general purpose. Focused on computer vision modules. Ongoing repository.

julrog A project for processing neural networks and rendering to gain insights on the architecture and parameters of a model through a decluttered representation.

sedaoturak A list of databases, datasets and books/handbooks where you can find materials properties for machine learning applications.

jinfagang A curated list of transformer learning materials, shared blogs, technical reviews

gordicaleksa This repo contains a PyTorch implementation of the original GAT paper ( 🔗 Veličković et al.). It's aimed at making it easy to start playing and learning about GAT and GNNs in general.

GrygrFlzr Unofficial documentation for SvelteKit

YyzHarry This repository contains the implementation code for paper: Delving into Deep Imbalanced Regression.

kaixindelele DRLib:A concise deep reinforcement learning library, integrating HER and PER for almost off policy RL algos.

rayanht Paprika is a python library that reduces boilerplate. Heavily inspired by Project Lombok.

jocamar This is an addon for the Godot Engine that includes two shaders and one custom camera node that allows easy use of post-processing based outlines in both 2D and 3D games (though they are usually used more in 3D games).

tonyzhaozh This is a codebase to perform few-shot "in-context" learning using language models similar to the GPT-3 paper. In particular, a few training examples are placed into a natural language "prompt" and predictions are made by generati

safernandez666 Run Kong Server + Konga + Prometheus + Grafana + API & DDBB + Splunk

patrick-kidger A micro-library as a convenience for turning SymPy expressions into PyTorch Modules.

LingDong- Processing Demos made when reading the book *The Pocket Handbook for Image Processing Algorithms in C*

nickjj A production ready example Django app that's using Docker and Docker Compose.

gestalte-design zine machine is a compact 3d-printed block printing press.

bard Simulate Emacs user sessions. For end-to-end testing, hands-free screencast recording, probably more

CW-Huang "Convex Potential Flows: Universal Probability Distributions with Optimal Transport and Convex Optimization"

cheapETH The ETH chain and the cheapETH chain. We can assume the ETH chain has ~1000x more value than the cheapETH chain.

iamthefrogy Using the combination of different subdomain tools it tries to identify more subdomains using combination of bruteforce and other techniques.

Androz2091 🌀 What's really in your Discord Data package?

NS-Sp4ce CVE-2021-21972 Exploit