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MatthiasSchinzel Graphical system monitor for linux, including information about CPU, GPU, Memory, HDD/SDD and your network connections. Similar to windows task manager.

v-iashin PyTorch implementation of Multi-modal Dense Video Captioning (CVPR 2020 Workshops)

YimianDai code and trained models for "Attentional Feature Fusion"

indobenchmark The first-ever vast natural language processing benchmark for Indonesian Language. We provide multiple downstream tasks, pre-trained models, and a starter code! (AACL-IJCNLP 2020)

HannH This is an unoffical repository for reproducing model DMFN from the paper [Image Fine-grained Inpainting]. The original repository is here, but author have not commit the rest of implement code yet.

aparis69 Source code for the Computer Graphics Forum paper: Segment Tracing Using Local Lipschitz Bounds. Presented at Eurographics 2020.

VisionLearningGroup This repository provides code for the paper, Universal Domain Adaptation through Self-Supervision. Please go to our project page to quickly understand the content of the paper or read our paper.

NVlabs StyleGAN2 with adaptive discriminator augmentation (ADA) - Official TensorFlow implementation

MaxHalford 🎵 Python sound notifications made easy

keyth72 PedalNet-RealTime trains guitar effect/amp neural network models for use with the SmartGuitarPedal, SmartGuitarAmp, and WaveNetVA plugins. You can train a model using this repository, then convert it to a .json model that can be l

AvivNavon Official implementation of "Learning The Pareto Front With HyperNetworks"

sjenni Video Representation Learning by Recognizing Temporal Transformations. In ECCV, 2020.

atcold This notebook repository now has a companion website, where all the course material can be found in video and textual format.

Debdut A Global Exhaustive First and Last Name Database

easonnie What Can We Learn from Collective HumAn OpinionS on Natural Language Inference Data (ChaosNLI)?

YimiAChack A TensorFlow implementation of "Graph Structural-topic Neural Network"

koaning Machine Learning models should play by the rules, literally.

wenhuchen This respository contains the dataset used in "Open Table-and-Text Question Answering" and the baseline code for the dataset (OTT-QA). This dataset contains open questions which require retrieving tables and text from the web to a

lucidrains Implementation of λ Networks, a new approach to image recognition that reaches SOTA on ImageNet. The new method utilizes λ layer, which captures interactions by transforming contexts into linear functions, termed lambdas, and appl

MasterBin-IIAU Alpha-Refine: Boosting Tracking Performance by Precise Bounding Box Estimation

AlfredoSequeida fvid is a project that aims to encode any file as a video using 1-bit color images to survive compression algorithms for data retrieval.

sisl Efficient Large-Scale Multi-Drone Delivery Using Transit Networks

LandskapeAI Official PyTorch Implementation for "Rotate to Attend: Convolutional Triplet Attention Module."

GoogleCloudPlatform This repository contains datasets of daily time-series data related to COVID-19 for 50+ countries around the world.

KeplerGO Lightkurve is a community-developed, open-source Python package which offers a beautiful and user-friendly way to analyze astronomical flux time series data, in particular the pixels and lightcurves obtained by NASA's Kepler and T

ploomber Write better data pipelines without having to learn a specialized framework. By adopting a convention over configuration philosophy, Ploomber streamlines pipeline execution, allowing teams to confidently develop data products.

microsoft coax - Turn RL papers into code, the easy way, Plug-n-Play Reinforcement Learning in Python with OpenAI Gym and JAX

anguelos Image data augmentation with pytorch

guxinqian Pytorch implementation of "Appearance-Preserving 3D Convolution for Video-based Person Re-identification"

ayoubeddafali A minimal framework to automate web Actions/Plans, and run them in a containerized fashion.

kevinzakka torchkit is a lightweight library containing PyTorch utilities useful for day-to-day research. Its main goal is to abstract away a lot of the redundant boilerplate associated with research projects like experimental configurations