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uvipen Here is my pytorch implementation of 2 models: SSD-Resnet50 and SSDLite-MobilenetV2. These models are based on original model (SSD-VGG16) described in the paper SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector.

eps696 This version of the newest PyTorch-based StyleGAN2-ada is intended mostly for fellow artists, who rarely look at scientific metrics, but rather need a working creative tool. Tested on Python 3.7 + PyTorch 1.7.1, requires FFMPEG fo

ha0y Universal Xiaomi MIoT integration for Home Assistant

s0md3v rewise is an unofficial wrapper for google search's auto-complete feature.

darkguy2008 Welcome to Hotplugger! This app, as the name might tell you, is a combination of some scripts (python, yaml, udev rules and some QEMU args) to allow you to pass through an actual USB port into a VM.

swz30 Official repository for "Multi-Stage Progressive Image Restoration". SOTA results for image deblurring, deraining, and denoising.

comictomcat A curated list of awesome aiogram templates, libraries, open-source bots and resources

khuyentran1401 Probably the best curated list of data science books in Python

EnviralDesign UberGui is a lightweight multi-threaded, webRender UI module for TouchDesigner projects. The aim is to solve the trifecta of challenges building UI's in TouchDesigner often poses: being fast, feature rich, and visually appealing.

benedekrozemberczki Spatio-temporal datasets collected for network science, deep learning and general machine learning research.

noahsalvi The most compact reactive form controller (including Validation) that you'll ever see.

lucidrains Implementation of trRosetta and trDesign for Pytorch, made into a convenient package, for protein structure prediction and design

tecosaur System-wide popup Emacs windows for quick edits

sw-yx active angel investors in developer tools!

yuval-alaluf Official Implementation for "Only a Matter of Style: Age Transformation Using a Style-Based Regression Model"

MedChaabane Joint detection and tracking model named DEFT, or ``Detection Embeddings for Tracking." Our approach relies on an appearance-based object matching network jointly-learned with an underlying object detection network. An LSTM is als

Mathpix Competition for best expository article on cutting-edge ML research

eugeneyan 🔍 Minimal examples of machine learning tests for implementation, behaviour, and performance.

zhongerqiandan 中文版unilm预训练模型

MaxHalford naked is a Python tool which allows you to strip a model and only keep what matters for making predictions. The result is a pure Python function with no third-party dependencies that you can simply copy/paste wherever you wish.

jasoncoon A collection of laser engraved, 4 inch slate tile microchip coasters.

psf The Python pyperf module is a toolkit to write, run and analyze benchmarks.

manujosephv PyTorch Tabular aims to make Deep Learning with Tabular data easy and accessible to real-world cases and research alike.

ALANVF An experimental programming language that's made to be powerful, productive, and predictable

anothersin Image Enhancement Zoo for collecting deraining, dehazing and brightening methods, datasets, and codes.

hackingthemarkets Using Python and to Track stocks on the WallStreetBets subreddit

sticky-tea A command-line system information tool written in x86 assembly language. Linux-only because of linux syscalls

kailau02 The python script detects a face and draws a box around the closest face to the camera. Then, through a few chucks of geometric equations, the window zooms into the users face.

JoogsWasTaken Using Telegram's "People Nearby" feature to pinpoint people (technically) around the globe

rotemreiss The tool gets a list of URLs, and removes "duplicate" pages in the sense of URL patterns that are probably repetitive and points to the same web template.

lvyufeng mindspore-nlp-tutorial is a tutorial for who is studying NLP(Natural Language Processing) using MindSpore. This repository is migrated from nlp-tutorial. Most of the models in NLP were migrated from Pytorch version with less than

kmill A simple raytracer written in Lean 4

PaddlePaddle NLP Core Library and Model Zoo based on PaddlePaddle 2.0