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CRED-CLUB ARTIF is a new advanced real time threat intelligence framework built that adds another abstraction layer on the top of MISP to identify threats and malicious web traffic on the basis of IP reputation and historical data. It also

shunsukesaito This repository contains the code for the paper "SCANimate: Weakly Supervised Learning of Skinned Clothed Avatar Networks"

AljazBozic Neural Deformation Graphs for Globally-consistent Non-rigid Reconstruction

ChenShisen ncnnqat is a quantize aware training package for NCNN on pytorch.

Kai-46 Code for PhySG: Inverse Rendering with Spherical Gaussians for Physics-based Relighting and Material Editing

instadeepai TunBERT is the first release of a pre-trained BERT model for the Tunisian dialect using a Tunisian Common-Crawl-based dataset. TunBERT was applied to three NLP downstream tasks: Sentiment Analysis (SA), Tunisian Dialect Identifica

benthecoder A comprehensive list of + 160 YouTube Channels (in no particular order) for Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, programming, software engineering, and more!

pytorch TorchX is a library containing standard DSLs for authoring and running PyTorch related components for an E2E production ML pipeline

google-research-datasets TimeDial presents a crowdsourced English challenge set, for temporal commonsense reasoning, formulated as a multiple choice cloze task with around 1.5k carefully curated dialogs. The dataset is derived from the DailyDialog (Li et

jostroOS Among OS for the Raspberry Pi, based on RPi OS. As seen on Reddit and Youtube

tunguz GitHub Repo with various ML/AI/DS resources that I find useful. I'll populate it with links to articles, libraries, and other resources that I come across.

abhilash1910 Topic clustering library built on Transformer embeddings and cosine similarity metrics.Compatible with all BERT base transformers from huggingface.

GAIA-vision GAIA-det is a open source object detection that helps you with your customized AI solutions. It is built on top of gaiavision and mmdet.

taesungp A large dataset of 100k Google Satellite and matching Map images, resembling pix2pix's Google Maps dataset.

kwai [ICML 2021] DouZero: Mastering DouDizhu with Self-Play Deep Reinforcement Learning

kdav5758 A NeoVim plugin for highlighting visual selections like in a normal document editor!

amazon-research SiamMOT is a region-based Siamese Multi-Object Tracking network that detects and associates object instances simultaneously.

ethanjperez Code for the paper "True Few-Shot Learning in Language Models"

AlekseyKorshuk Unofficial YooMoney API python library

WongKinYiu implementation of paper - You Only Learn One Representation: Unified Network for Multiple Tasks

AbirHasan2005 This is very simple Telegram Videos Merge Bot by @AbirHasan2005. Using FFmpeg for Merging Videos.

NVlabs Official PyTorch implementation of "SegFormer: Simple and Efficient Design for Semantic Segmentation with Transformers"

wofmanaf This is an official implementation for "ResT: An Efficient Transformer for Visual Recognition".

ggandor Lightspeed is the next evolutionary step in the quest for making on-screen navigation as quick and efficient as possible: a minimal and opinionated motion plugin, with a small interface and lots of automagic, that can be considere

yangjianxin1 CPM(Chinese Pretrained Models)模型是北京智源人工智能研究院和清华大学发布的中文大规模预训练模型。官方发布了三种规模的模型,参数量分别为109M、334M、2.6B,用户需申请与通过审核,方可下载。 由于原项目需要考虑大模型的训练和使用,需要安装较为复杂的环境依赖,使用上也较为复杂。 本项目采用了109M的CPM模型(若资源允许也可以考虑334M的模型),并且简化了模型的训练和使用。

CodeXBotz Telegram Bot to Filter posts in Bot Inline search

wvangansbeke Revisiting Contrastive Methods for Unsupervised Learning of Visual Representations. [2021]

ixaxaar Pointers for learning and day-to-day practice of engineering management & leadership.

Diwas524 In this project we are going to learn how to use Gesture Control to change the volume of a computer. We first look into hand tracking and then we will use the hand landmarks to find gesture of our hand to change the volume.

neuralchen The official project of SimSwap (ACM MM 2020)

CoolCoderSJ Welcome to Replit CLI! With the Replit CLI Application, you can work with your repls locally, including clone, pull, and push, the core features of the CLI.

liusongxiang One-shot Phonetic PosteriorGram (PPG)-Based Voice Conversion (PPG-VC): Any-to-Many Voice Conversion with Location-Relative Sequence-to-Sequence Modeling (TASLP 2021)

leopnt NeuroEvolution of Fixed Topology library for Godot focused on modularity.