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fernandomireles Bitso Semiautomático Programa de código abierto para probar el API de Bitso, el exchange más importante de América Latina. Desarrollador Fernando Mire

Teknasyon-Teknoloji pyfbad The pyfbad library supports anomaly detection projects. An end-to-end anomaly detection application can be written using the source codes of th

gkandemi Airbnb JavaScript Stil Kılavuzu() { JavaScript'e büyük ölçüde mantıklı/makul bir yaklaşım Not: Bu kılavuz sizin Babel kullandığınızı varsayar ve babel

daviwil 🔥 EMACS FROM HELL 🔥 > I warned you about Emacs bro! I told you, dawg! This is an Emacs configuration you should definitely not try. However, since y

campusx-official ML-Roadmap-for-2022 A curated list of Machine learning videos, links, projects and datasets to help you conquer the ML landscape in 6 months Levels of

Discord-Token ⭐ This repo for a cookie Discord Email verified token generator Creates email verified discord accounts (unlocked) Report Bug · Discord server> Featur

lucidrains RETRO - Pytorch (wip) Implementation of RETRO, Deepmind's Retrieval based Attention net, in Pytorch If you are interested, please join this Discord fo

mulhod Video game review datasets scraped from the Steam website . Data includes review text, number of hours that the reviewer played the game, number of friends, groups, etc.

jokteur Python communist revolution A man once said to abolish the classes or something like that. Unfortunately, it is impossible to abolish class in python

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roman-right Implementation pattern (inspired by Rust) Useful when it is needed to extend a class (usually 3d party) with some methods or interfaces Please, be car

dievus MayorSecDNSScan MSDNSScan is used to identify DNS records for target domains and check for zone transfers. There really isn't much special about it, a

taki0112 Spatial unbiased GANs — Simple TensorFlow Implementation [Paper] : Toward Spatially Unbiased Generative Models (ICCV 2021) Abstract Recent image gener

starlite-api Starlite Starlite is a light, opinionated and flexible ASGI API framework built on top of pydantic and Starlette. Check out the Starlite documentation

NVlabs Instant Neural Graphics Primitives Ever wanted to train a NeRF model of a fox in under 5 seconds? Or fly around a scene captured from photos of a fact

Calinou Awesome Gamedev A curated list of good stuff related to the development of games. This list contains only free software for code, sellers who aren't e

cncplyr datasets-games Datasets from a variety of games, organised by platform then game. Data includes my personal high scores, time-based tournaments and in

michelpereira Games of Coding A curated list of games that teach you a programming language. Contents Language Independent Python Java JavaScript C Sharp Ruby Assem

CraigKelly Steam Data A simple data project for Steam data. If you want the entire data set, including all files generated in the process of creating the final f

knight0x07 A Python Bytecode Disassembler helping reverse engineers in dissecting Python binaries by disassembling and analyzing the compiled python byte-code(.pyc) files across all python versions (including Python 3.10.*)

Sense-X UniFormer This repo is the official implementation of "Uniformer: Unified Transformer for Efficient Spatiotemporal Representation Learning". It curren

izzitmichaela README This small script takes any decklist from an MTGO list and pulls all card images as jpg or png files into your directory. If you like this pr

tothpaul AntidoteSDK Antidote 11 SDK translation for Delphi Exemple d'utilisation de Antidote sous Delphi Execute.AntidoteAPI.pas est la déclaration de l'API a

aryanvikash Clash of Clans developer unofficial api Wrapper to generate ip based token coc = Coc(email, password) coc.login()

iFanpSGTS Discontinued ..... Discord Self bot wrapper by iFanpS Information This discord self bot wrapper created because i want to learn how to make API wrappe

edwinyzh THunSpell Delphi hunspell wrapper with a spell check dialog and a red-underline TMemo descendent, originally written by Stefan Ascher Screenshot What

sunshowers-code Rain's Rust CLI recommendations This living document covers Rain's recommendations for how to organize and manage Rust CLI applications. In this docum

stanislavfort Adversarial examples to the new ConvNeXt architecture To get adversarial examples to the ConvNeXt architecture, run the Colab:

ValdikSS Tor Relay Availability Checker This small script downloads all Tor Relay IP addresses from and checks whether random Relays are

jimsalterjrs ioztat ioztat is a storage load analysis tool for OpenZFS. It provides iostat-like statistics at an individual dataset/zvol level. The statistics offe

moises-dias Detector de objetos no Counter Strike utilizando Yolo Detector de personagens (terrorista e policial) no jogo Counter Strike 1.6 utilizando Yolo e o f

dabit3 Building an NFT API on NEAR with The Graph In this workshopp we'll build a subgraph for querying NTF data from the Misfits smart contract, implementin