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zeldaret The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess This repo contains a WIP decompilation of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN USA). It builds the follo

intelligencefoundation SaraswatiAI All of Education, for All Humanitarian AI : Superhuman Teacher ALL OF EDUCATION, FOR ALL. For the purpose of achieving all of education fo

dipanjanS Convolutional Neural Network Essentials Contains presentation deck and notebooks showcasing fundamental concepts and hands-on examples for Convolution

joyceerhl Python kernel extension for VS Code Jupyter notebooks, based on JupyterLite

c-cube Bare-OCaml A simple code generator and runtime library for BARE. License: MIT. Limitations the code generator assumes that declarations in the IDL fol

Jackpopc PyHubWeekly 《动手学计算机视觉》从数字图像处理到深度计算机视觉,深入浅出,理论与实践相结合,让你在最短的时间内入门计算机视觉! 专注Python、AI、大数据,欢迎关注公众号七步编程! 序言 第一章 数字图像处理 1.1 图像预处理之图像去噪 1.2 图像预处理之图像增强 1.3 图像预

BigFaceCat2017 frida_ssl_logger ssl_logger based on frida for from 修改内容 优化了frida的JS脚本,修复了在新版frida上的语法错误; 调整JS脚本,使其适配iOS和macOS,同时

aqme Nuclei is an open-source web application security scanner developed by Its template engine empowers a community of cybersecurity

kaijieshi7 Dynamic Convolution: Attention over Convolution Kernels (CVPR-2020) paper: Dynamic Convolution: Attention over Convolution Kernels Dynamic paper colle

seb3s Kandesk To start your Phoenix server: Install dependencies with mix deps.get Create and migrate your database with mix ecto.setup Install Node.js depe

chubbc SweepContractor.jl A Julia package for the contraction of tensor networks using the sweep-line-based contraction algorithm laid out in the paper Gener

KentoNishi Torch Time Stretch Time-stretch audio clips quickly with PyTorch (CUDA supported)! Additional utilities for searching efficient transformations are in

deepmind BraVe This is a JAX implementation of Broaden Your Views for Self-Supervised Video Learning, or BraVe for short. The model provided in this package wa

fakufaku fast_bss_eval Do you have a zillion BSS audio files to process and it is taking days ? Is your simulation never ending ? Fear no more! fast_bss_eval i

clovaai AASIST This repository provides the overall framework for training and evaluating audio anti-spoofing systems proposed in 'AASIST: Audio Anti-Spoofing

zhangchenxu528 FACIAL: Synthesizing Dynamic Talking Face with Implicit Attribute Learning PyTorch implementation for the paper: FACIAL: Synthesizing Dynamic Talking

jeffbinder Boolean Prompting for Neural Text Generators Neural text generators like the GPT models promise a general-purpose means of manipulating texts. These m

Junjue-Wang LoveDA: A Remote Sensing Land-Cover Dataset for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation by Junjue Wang, Zhuo Zheng, Ailong Ma, Xiaoyan Lu, and Yanfei Zh

ouhenio StyleGAN3 CLIP-based guidance Edited version of this notebook, created by nshepperd( to-dos: Add inversion Add model mix

notdropout Discord Token Creator A discord token creator that uses the service capmonster for captcha solving! Report Bug · Request Feature Features Autojoin dis

Levev PorthDuck 🦆 A simple brainfuck interpreter written in porth. Cells in PorthDuck are one byte long, but we can have many cells, which is always a good

tonsky Basic Clojure REPL for Sublime Text Goals: Decomplected: just REPL, nothing more Zero dependencies: works directly with pREPL Compact: Display code ev

Code-X-Mania FileStreamBot A Telegram bot to turn all media and documents files to web link . Report a Bug | Request Feature 🍁 About This Bot : This bot will give

williamlzw a micro OCR network.

robinhad Ukrainian TTS 📢 🤖 Ukrainian TTS (text-to-speech) using Coqui TTS. Trained on M-AILABS Ukrainian dataset using sumska voice. How to use : pip install

jbeomlee93 Reducing Information Bottleneck for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation (NeurIPS 2021) The implementation of Reducing Infromation Bottleneck for W

dievus MayorSec Backdoor Fully functioning bind-type backdoor This backdoor is a fully functioning bind shell and lite version of my full functioning Gatekee

yashsmehta Awesome Transformer Architecture Search: To keep track of the large number of recent papers that look at the intersection of Transformers and Neural A

sipeed Maix-Speech 中文 | English Brief Now only support Chinese, See 中文 Build Clone code by: git clone Compile x86x64 c

aayushmalik Awesome Bayesian Statistics This is a repository that I created while learning Bayesian Statistics. It contains links to resources such as books, arti

ChongjianGE Revitalizing CNN Attention via Transformers in Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning This repository is the official implementation of CARE p

coinbase Operational Framework of the Digital Asset Policy Proposal We've created a simple explainer on how to comment on individual elements of the framework,