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autonomousvision This repository contains the code for the CVPR 2021 paper Multi-Modal Fusion Transformer for End-to-End Autonomous Driving.

yezz123 FastApi is built on a Python framework called Starlette which is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit, which is itself built on Uvicorn.

qbh16 An undergraduate thesis template in Word format for Tsinghua University.

facebookresearch ReConsider is a re-ranking model that re-ranks the top-K (passage, answer-span) predictions of an Open-Domain QA Model like DPR (Karpukhin et al., 2020).

SubhadityaMukherjee laTEX is awesome but we are lazy -> groff with markdown syntax and inline code execution

monniert Pytorch implementation of "Unsupervised Layered Image Decomposition into Object Prototypes" paper

dinghino A Simple modular tool to fetch and parse data related to the stock market.

mmontone Search, browse and load Quicklisp systems from Emacs.

rohitanil Tracker to check the covid shot slot availability in India and send mobile alerts via Telegram Bot.

Kmitt91 An inventory with different Particle-systems

kinnay An open source server for Super Mario Bros. 35

EthanJWright There are many great plugins being developed that are toggled to occupy the toolwindow space in neovim. Individually each is great, but managing opening and closing them with keybinds can be tedious. Here is a fix.

folke ✅ Highlight, list and search todo comments in your projects

shawwn Ok fine, I'll write a readme. This is a library for visualizing tensors in a plain Python REPL using sparklines. I was sick of having to install jupyter on servers just to see a damn tensor.

facebookresearch LeViT a Vision Transformer in ConvNet's Clothing for Faster Inference

DingXiaoH RepMLP: Re-parameterizing Convolutions into Fully-connected Layers for Image Recognition

GopikrishnanSasikumar Joji convert a text to corresponding emoji if emoji is available

melihbodr Beautifulsoup and Selenium

souravbaghz RDPloit - A Simple Security Vulnerabilities Checker For Remote Desktop Protocol

ramnes This client is meant to be a Python version of the reference JavaScript SDK, so usage should be pretty similar between both. 😊

windwp The next generation statusline for neovim

yashrathi-git A fun python script using selenium, to achieve any score in typing test at 10fastfingers with adjustable typing speed.

susam Celebrating Star Wars Day with some Forth code! May the Forth be with you!

Kavyapriyakp A comprehensive list of research opportunities for undergraduate students

martinfleis Clustergram - Visualization and diagnostics for cluster analysis in Python

mengliu1998 Papers about developing deep Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). Investigation about over-smoothing and over-squashing problem in GNNs is also included here.

lacmus-foundation Lacmus is a cross-platform application that helps to find people who are lost in the forest using computer vision and neural networks.

nschloe Tools for color models

OpenAstroTech A cheap 3D printed tracking, GoTo and autoguiding mount for DSLR astrophotography.

replicate Define your models in a standard format, store them in a central place, run them anywhere.

roscisz TensorHive is an open source tool for monitoring and managing computing resources across multiple hosts. It solves the most common problems and nightmares about accessing and sharing your AI-oriented infrastructure across multiple

notAI-tech Deploy DL/ ML inference pipelines with minimal extra code.

zhijing-jin A reading list of up-to-date papers on NLP for Social Good.