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pavdmyt Yaspin provides a full-featured terminal spinner to show the progress during long-hanging operations.

vladmandic 3D Face Detection, Body Pose, Hand & Finger Tracking, Iris Tracking, Age & Gender Prediction & Emotion Prediction

pairlab Official PyTorch code for D2RL: Deep Dense Architectures in Reinforcement Learning

HKUST-Aerial-Robotics FUEL is a hierarchical framework for Fast UAV ExpLoration. It contains a Frontier Information Structure (FIS), which can be incrementally updated with the online built map and facilitate exploration planning in high frequency. Bas

Sandro-Meireles (Python Markup language) Streamline the production of your HTML page using this python framework.

jiequanz This is a quick demonstration for using Mobius transformations to manipulate images

mkery Lots of developer tools require access to programatic reading and writing of user code, as well as variable state. This is an example JupyterLab Extension that provides simple code demonstrating how to programatically reading and

yogeshbalaji This is the official codebase of our NeurIPS 2020 paper "Robust Optimal Transport with Applications in Generative Modeling and Domain Adaptation".

Wadi-Sarvesh google meet automatic attendance bot joins a google meet link at a specific time in schedule and attends lecture on your behalf. Even marks Present through microphone when the Teacher takes your name.

aureliancnx Norminette EPITECH développé avec les fonctionnalités de la dernière mise à jour de la norme d'EPITECH pour la promotion 2025. Disponible pour tous les étudiants. La norminette cherche les erreurs de norme d'Epitech dans le code s

google-research-datasets Room-across-Room (RxR) is a large-scale, multilingual dataset for Vision-and-Language Navigation (VLN) in Matterport3D environments. It contains 126k navigation instructions in English, Hindi and Telugu, and 126k navigation follow

Yul3n Combo is a simple parser combinator library for Ocaml providing common parsers and combinators. It is highly inspired by this paper with a few changes to integrate better with Ocaml and ideas taken from other libraries. It is name

john-light This project attempts to create a comprehensive list of resources related to sidechain design and development.

keep3r-network Keep3r Network is a decentralized keeper network for projects that need external devops and for external teams to find keeper jobs

pcbarts Stylized render setup for use with the cycles render engine in Blender

marcotcr Beyond Accuracy: Behavioral Testing of NLP models with CheckList

PINTO0309 This script converts the OpenVINO IR model to Tensorflow's saved_model, tflite, h5 and pb. PyTorch (NCHW) -> ONNX (NCHW) -> OpenVINO (NCHW) -> openvino2tensorflow -> Tensorflow/Keras (NHWC) -> TFLite (NHWC)

BLUE-DEVIL1134 IronEye Is a extremely powerful tool for used for Cracking Puroses. I made this only for educational purpose and any kind of harm caused

KitPixel This repository saved the basic usage of GNU/Emacs and personal experiences of members of the studio.

In3tinct Takeover AWS ips and have a working POC for Subdomain Takeover

mansoorr123 WP-file-manager wordpress plugin (<6.9) vulnerable to unauthenticated arbitary file upload resulting in full compromise of the system.

roblenvic This package is a Turbo version of the Bonanza G36 for Flight Simulator 2020 Version 2 - October 15th 2020 It is a comprehensive redesign of the flight model, engine and lighting and has nine new liveries.

nil0x42 A collection of awesome note-taking apps, plugins and techiques for pentest report generation, bug-bounty hunting & building a knowledge base

simonw Tracking fire data from

noisefilter19 A collection of solutions for Medium/Hard LeetCode problems. Educational resource

tencent-ailab Code and data for our paper "High-Fidelity 3D Digital Human Creation from RGB-D Selfies".

twindle-co Twindle (Twitter + Kindle = Twindle) is an open source project made for the purpose of converting long Twitter threads into ePub's or PDF documents to allow users to read longscroll threads on a kindle or as a PDF on their device

knightlyjs Waiting for PRs getting merged and new version getting released sometimes can be a long process. And I do understand sometimes an annoying bug could block the progress of your projects, or you are just excited to try the new featu

itsjafer This repo hosts the AWS Lambda function for querying Lever's resume parsing API (as a bonus, it was written using AWS Cloud9). The REST API to query the function was set up using AWS API Gateway

lightly-ai Lightly is a computer vision framework for self-supervised learning.

sdv-dev The Synthetic Data Vault (SDV) is a Synthetic Data Generation ecosystem of libraries that allows users to easily learn single-table, multi-table and timeseries datasets to later on generate new Synthetic Data that has the same for

Bartzi Code for Paper "One Model to Reconstruct Them All: A Novel Way to Use the Stochastic Noise in StyleGAN"

abhinavsagar Code for the paper Generate High Resolution Images With Generative Variational Autoencoder