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MichaelCade Deploying a Kubernetes cluster on your local machine This walkthrough enables you to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on your local workstation along with

davidsvy Neural Scam Artist TL;DR A dataset of scam emails is scraped from an anti-fraud website. The dataset is then deduplicated using MinHash and LSH. The d

DreamWaterFound SLAM-NewsPaper:SLAM 新文 本仓库周更,跟踪提交到 上的、和 SLAM 有关,或对 SLAM 相关研究有启发的论文。需要注意的是: arXiv 上提交的、未注明发表或被accepted的新文章并未经过完整的同行评议,其内容真实性无法保证,请小伙伴们阅读时务必注意

wjptak Pure GitHub.Dev Python Jupyter Notebooks experiments using Pyodide The idea of this experimental mini-project is to walk through several possibilities

MajorRaccoon RollerScanner RollerScanner — Fast Port Scanner Written On Python Installation You should clone this repository using: git clone

openresty Name showman-samples - Sample screenplay files for generating OpenResty's public videos using OpenResty Showman Table of Contents Name Description Ope

kakaoenterprise Learning Debiased Representation via Disentangled Feature Augmentation (Neurips 2021, Oral): Official Project Webpage This repository provides the off

ronisbr PrettyNumbers.jl This package has the purpose to provide a way to render numbers in a more visual way for data analysis. Currently, we only have the t

lucidrains Space Time Recurrent Memory Network - Pytorch (wip) Implementation of Space Time Recurrent Memory Network, recurrent network competitive with attentio

Skidlz Micro Manchester Tape Storage Tools for storing binary data on cassette Includes: Python script for encoding Arduino sketch for decoding Eagle CAD fil

facebookresearch Scalable implementation of dense retrieval. Training on cluster By default it trains locally: PYTHONPATH=.:$PYTHONPATH python dpr_scale/ traine

AnjanaMadu Seedr API Unofficial API wrapper for Inspired by theabbie's seedr-api Powered by @harp_tech (Telegram) How to use You can install lib via git

nucleartide Shaders for Game Devs: The Missing Workbook A workbook of exercises to accompany Freya Holmer's Shaders for Game Devs course. Motivation Shader writin

nj-vs-vh Cutting-edge GitHub page customization tool Want to customize your GitHub user page, but don't know how? Now you can make your profile unique and attr

ituieee IEEE ITU Python Egitimi Nasil Faydalanmaliyim? Dersleri izledikten sonra dokumanlardaki kodlari yorum satirlari isaretlerini kaldirarak deneyebilirsin

marcelc63 Popular Contract Templates This repository links to templates of popular smart contracts that I curate. Each contract is unique and cover different as

github NOTE: GitHub Copilot discussions have moved to the Copilot Feedback forum. GitHub Copilot Welcome to the GitHub Copilot user community! In this reposi

microsoft-sponsorships Microsoft's Free and Open Source Software Fund (FOSS Fund) The Microsoft FOSS Fund provides a direct way for Microsoft engineers to participate in the

katznboyz1 A modified version of manbearwiz's youtube-dl-server.

AakashKumarNain annotated_research_papers Do you love reading research papers? I spend a lot of my time reading papers. I think it is a very crucial part of my ML wor

sankalpjonn Setup Create virtual environment virtualenv venv Activate virtual environment source venv/bin/activate Install dependencies pip install -r requirement

anmol098 Dev Metrics in Readme with added feature flags 🎌 📌 ✨ Awesome Readme Stats Are you an early 🐤 or a night 🦉 ? When are you most productive during th

ethresearch Public eth2 attacknets This repository tracks public "attacknets" maintained by the EF. beta-0 This program is currently in "beta-0" and all details a

everestpipkin Open source, experimental, and tiny tools roundup This is a list of smaller tools that might be useful in building your game/website/interactive proje

eyl327 LaTeX Gboard Dictionary Gboard Dictionary for LaTeX shortcuts Download as a zip folder to import into Gboard Tutorial on Youtube

Abinaya-Krishnan BM25_Model Baseline Model Execution steps Run file. By successfully running file, outputs files named ‘BaselineModel

EliseZeroTwo Switch-Binja-Loader Author: EliseZeroTwo Work In Progress Binary Ninja Loader for common Nintendo Switch binaries Currently Supports NSO KIP Credits R

iann0036 CloudFormation Remediate Drift The following script will programmatically perform the following steps: Check for drifted resources Using CloudFormatio

ckjzsa Optimisation of wastewater treatment strategies in eco-industrial parks: Technology, location and transport Optimise wastewater supply chain based on

mnp-club Quantum Computing Workshop 2020 Welcome to our Quantum Computing workshop. The main aim of this workshop will be to introduce some concepts of quantum

PyCoding-A Spotifarr This is a small python code that I use with my NAS server connected to Plex I didn't appreciate how Lidarr works because it downloads a full

S3cur3Th1sSh1t OffensiveVBA In preparation for a VBS AV Evasion Stream/Video I was doing some research for Office Macro code execution methods and evasion techniques