:snake: Python Version Management Made Simple [DEPRECATED]

p Python Version Management, Simplified. p is powerful and feature-packed, yet simple; both in setup and use. There are no tricky settings, options, or crazy dependencies. p is just a helpful ~600 line Bash script th

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humangeo A lightweight application environment checker. Python 3 only. The future is now. Getting started To use Preflyt, install it pip install preflyt, and then invoke it: import preflyt ok, results = preflyt.check([

sashahart Vex Run a command in the named virtualenv. vex is an alternative to virtualenv's source wherever/bin/activate and deactivate, and virtualenvwrapper's workon, and also virtualenv-burrito if you use that. It works in a more elegan

ParthS007 pip-purge: uninstall everything in your virtualenv. I don't like destroying and recreating virtualenvs to get a clean pip freeze. Usage $ pip-purge Found 12 packages, uninstalling... Purged! That's basically it.

simion pip-upgrader *An interactive pip requirements upgrader. Because upgrading requirements, package by package, is a pain in the ass. It also updates the version in your requirements.txt file. Purpose This cli tools

trstringer Virtual Environment Detector (Bash) This script is meant to be used for your bash prompt. It simply detects if the current directory likely includes a virtual environment that can be activated. Setup $ git clone

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ofek Hatch Hatch is a productivity tool designed to make your workflow easier and more efficient, while also reducing the number of other tools you need to know. It aims to make the 90% use cases as pleasant as possible.