URL Manipulation

Libraries for parsing URLs.

Newest releases

s0md3v Using a URL list for security testing can be painful as there are a lot of URLs that have uninteresting/duplicate content;

Sachin-v3rma Astra finds urls, endpoints, aws buckets, api keys, tokens, etc from a given url/s. It combines the paths and endpoints with the given domain and gives full URL.

lucasmontano A tool to help Youtubers to manage theirs video links.

knassar702 Extract parameters/paths from urls

Ousret Welcome to Headers for Humans 👋 Object oriented headers, parser and builder. ❓ Why No matter if you are currently building software using HTTP or IMAP, you should not worry abo

marshmallow-code webargs Homepage: https://webargs.readthedocs.io/ webargs is a Python library for parsing and validating HTTP request objects, with built-in support for popular web frameworks, including Flask, Django, Bottle

ellisonleao pyshorteners Description A simple URL shortening Python Lib, implementing the most famous shorteners. Installing You can install pythorteners by pip or cloning/forking the repository and just

codeinthehole purl - A simple Python URL class A simple, immutable URL class with a clean API for interrogation and manipulation. Supports Pythons 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and pypy. Also supports template URLs as per RFC 6570 Conten

gruns furl is a small Python library that makes parsing andmanipulating URLs easy. Python's standard urllib and urlparse modules provide a number of URL related functions, but using these functions to per