Coverage plugin for pytest.

Coverage plugin for pytest.

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ant4g0nist Susanoo: Susanoo is a REST API security testing framework. Features Configurable inputs/outputs formats API Vulnerability Scan: Normal scanning engine that scans for IDOR, Authentication issues, SQL injections,

anshumanbh Kubebot A security testing Slackbot built with a Kubernetes backend on the Google Cloud Platform NOTE: I am not actively maintaining this project anymore. I am working on v2 of Kubebot along with a couple other folks which wil

steven004 Test Steps functions for each assertion and automatic logging The package test_steps is to implement a bunch of functions about test checks and logging. The purpose is to simplify the assertion and automatically logging the check

ueg1990 faker-schema Generate fake data using joke2k's faker and your own schema. Installation pip install faker-schema Usage Getting started from faker_schema.faker_schema import FakerSchema

cpojer pyjest An experimental example test runner for Jest that runs Python tests within Jest. Install Requires python and node.js 8+. cd example pip install -r requirements.txt yarn Run yarn test

smythtech What is sdnpwn? sdnpwn is a toolkit and framework for testing the security of Software-Defined Networks (SDNs). For more information check out this article: Installation

josefbacik fsperf fsperf is a performance testing framework built around fio. The goal is to provide a simple to run framework for file system developers to be able to check their patches and make sure they do not regress in performance. Ad