Behavior-driven-development tool for python, inspired by Cucumber for Ruby ⛺

lettuce Version 0.2.23 - kryptonite On release names Lettuce release names will be inspired by any green stuff. Barium: In form of "barium nitrate" is commonly used to make green fireworks. Such a good name fo

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cucumber Cucumber-JVM is a pure Java implementation of Cucumber that supports the most popular programming languages for the JVM. You can run it with the tool of your choice. Cucumber-JVM also integrates with all the popular Dependency Injecti

cucumber-rs cucumber-rust An implementation of the Cucumber testing framework for Rust. Fully native, no external test runners or dependencies. Usage Create a dir

gabrielfalcao lettuce Version 0.2.23 - kryptonite On release names Lettuce release names will be inspired by any green stuff. Barium: In form of "barium nitrate" is commonly used to make green fireworks. Such a good name fo

pistondevelopers ai_behavior AI behavior tree You can serialize the behavior tree using Serde and e.g. Ron. What is an AI behavior tree? An AI behavior tree is a kind

ctco cukes-rest takes simplicity of Cucumber and provides bindings for HTTP specification. As a sugar on top, cukes-rest adds steps for storing and using request/response content from a file system, variable support in .features

artichoke Artichoke Ruby Artichoke is a Ruby implementation written in Rust and Ruby. Artichoke intends to be MRI-compatible and targets Ruby 2.6.3. Artichoke provides a Ruby runtime implemented in Rust and Ruby. T

pympler Development tool to measure, monitor and analyze the memory behavior of Python objects in a running Python application.

chrisseaton Rhizome is a paedagogical just-in-time compiler (JIT) for Ruby, implemented in pure Ruby. It's not really designed to be used. It's designed to show you how JITs work and why perhaps a JIT for Ruby should be written in Ruby.

fullstaq-labs Fullstaq Ruby Server Edition: a server-optimized Ruby distribution Fullstaq Ruby is a Ruby distribution that's optimized for use in servers. It is the easiest way to: Install Ruby on servers — we supply precompiled binaries.

ryanmelt qtbindings - Ruby bindings to QT Note: The current windows gem (since only works with Ruby 2.4 and Ruby 2.5. To use Ruby 2.0 to Ruby 2.3 please install version This project provides bindings that allow the Q

JuanitoFatas Fast Ruby In Erik Michaels-Ober's great talk, 'Writing Fast Ruby': Video @ Baruco 2014, Slide, he presented us with many idioms that lead to faster running Ruby code. He inspired me to document these to let more people know. I t

iamdustan Smooth Scroll behavior polyfill The Scroll Behavior specification has been introduced as an extension of the Window interface to allow for the developer to opt in to native smooth scrolling. To date this has only been implemented

paulzi Yii2 json attribute behavior Auto decode/encode attribute value in json, provide array access and json validator. WARNING! From version 2.0.14 Yii has built-in DB JSON-type, and this behavior is no longer required. Russian read

ToDou appbarlayout-spring-behavior One library contains one behavior help appbarlayout to scroll spring. In the sample have add the realtimeblur test and add tablayout with TabScrimHelper(animate color with CollapsingToolbarLayout).Bec

jeneser vue-scroll-behavior Customize the scrolling position on route navigation IE / Edge Firefox Chrome Safari Opera iOS Android IE9+, Edge ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Tabl

mikec Sazerac Data-driven unit testing for JavaScript. About Sazerac is a library for data-driven testing in JavaScript. It works with mocha, jasmine, and jest. Using Sazerac, and the data-driven testing pattern in

kedacore Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling KEDA allows for fine grained autoscaling (including to/from zero) for event driven Kubernetes workloads. KEDA serves as a Kubernetes Metrics Server and allows users to define autoscaling rul

faizann24 Fwaf-Machine-Learning-driven-Web-Application-Firewall Machine learning driven web application firewall to detect malicious queries with high accuracy. Link:

glejeune Ruby/GraphViz Copyright (C) 2004-2018 Gregoire Lejeune Doc : Sources : On Rubygems:

valignatev This is an attempt to collect all info about Domain Driven Design the World knows in dynamic languages (Python, Ruby, PHP etc). Not only DDD but all worthy info about layered and clean architecture with separation of business logic from infrastructure and framework code.