Libraries for testing codebases and generating test data.

Newest releases

yashrathi-git A fun python script using selenium, to achieve any score in typing test at 10fastfingers with adjustable typing speed.

geerlingguy Rocky Linux 8 Docker container for Ansible playbook and role testing

httprunner HttpRunner is a simple & elegant, yet powerful HTTP(S) testing framework.

pytest-dev Coverage plugin for pytest.

gl4ssesbo1 Nebula is a Cloud and (hopefully) DevOps Penetration Testing framework. It is build with modules for each provider and each functionality. As of April 2021, it only covers AWS, but is currently an ongoing project and hopefully wil

AirtestProject Cross-Platform UI Automation Framework for Games and Apps

profuzzbench ProFuzzBench - A Benchmark for Stateful Protocol Fuzzing

danielchalef Benchmarking OpenBLAS on the Apple M1

bytedance Fastbot is a model-based testing tool for modeling GUI transitions to discover app stability problems. It combines machine learning and reinforcement learning techniques to assist discovery in a more intelligent way. GUI state abs

openatx Android Uiautomator2 Python Wrapper

Stono Continually test your Service Mesh

testsmt Yin-Yang is a tool for automatically stress-testing Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) solvers. Given a set of SMT-LIB v2.6 seed formulas, Yin-Yang generates mutant formulas that are then used as the test seeds for SMT solvers. It

facebookresearch PPL Bench is a new benchmark framework for evaluating probabilistic programming languages (PPLs).

aspuru-guzik-group Olympus provides a consistent and easy-to-use framework for benchmarking optimization algorithms

microsoft Python version of the Playwright testing and automation library.Playwright delivers automation that is ever-green, capable, reliable and fast. See how Playwright is better.

miguelgrinberg Python web server and web framework benchmark.

wintrmvte Citadel is a collection of various scripts that I wrote for use in pentesting-related tasks (but not only, some general purpose code chunks are also present here ;> ).

econchick Documentation should be as important as code itself. And it should live within code. Python standardized docstrings, allowing for developers to navigate libraries as simply as calling help() on objects, and with powerful tools lik

alibaba mobileperf is a Python PC tool that can collect Android performance data: cpu,memory,fps,logcat log,traffic,process thread number,process launch log.mobileperf also support monkey test.

Idered 🦥 Be lazy, write simple tests in comments.

archermarx Very lightweight testing framework for FORTRAN, written entirely in FORTRAN. Supports basic assertions and running of test sets.

mrjoker05 Quick and dirty scripts for pentesting.

fsociety-team fsociety A Modular Penetration Testing Framework

mherrmann Selenium-python but lighter: Helium Selenium-python is great for web automation. Helium makes it easier to use. For example: Under the hood, Helium forwards each call to Selenium. The difference is that Helium's API

google FuzzBench - Fuzzer benchmarking as a service.

mherrmann Selenium-python but lighter: Helium Selenium-python is great for web automation. Helium makes it easier to use. For example: Under the hood, Helium forwards each call to Selenium. The difference is that Helium's API

darrenburns Ward See the full documentation and feature set here. A modern Python test framework designed to help you find and fix flaws faster. Features Descriptive test names: describe what your tests do using

seleniumbase Create web and mobile UI tests, fast! Take Selenium & pytest to new levels. 🚀 Get Started | 🧙‍♂️ CMD Options | 🏰 Features | 👨‍🏫 Examples |

fuzzitdev pythonfuzz: coverage-guided fuzz testing for python PythonFuzz is coverage-guided fuzzer for testing python packages. Fuzzing for safe languages like python is a powerful strategy for finding bugs like unhandled except

timothycrosley Read Latest Documentation - Browse GitHub Code Repository hypothesis-auto is an extension for the Hypothesis project that enables fully automatic tests for type annotated functions. Key Features: Type Annota

DenisVorotyntsev CategoricalEncodingBenchmark Benchmarking different approaches for categorical encoding Reproducibility of results Requirements numpy==1.15.1 pandas==0.23.4 sklearn==0.20.3 category_encoders==2.0.

swisskyrepo GraphQLmap GraphQLmap is a scripting engine to interact with a graphql endpoint for pentesting purposes. Install Features and examples Dump a GraphQL schema Interact with a GraphQL endpoint Ex

google Welcome to Mobly Mobly is a Python-based test framework that specializes in supporting test cases that require multiple devices, complex environments, or custom hardware setups. Here are some example use cases: