Libraries for storing and parsing configuration options.

Newest releases

opsmop OpsMop OpsMop is a next-generation configuration management platform from Michael DeHaan. It is focused on web-scale deployments, extremely maintainable high-quality plugins, and ease of use. OpsMops configurations ar

rbgirshick YACS -- Yet Another Configuration System

google Gin Gin provides a lightweight configuration framework for Python, based on dependency injection. Functions or classes can be decorated with @gin.configurable, allowing default parameter values to be supplied from a con

deepmind Kapitan A tool to manage kubernetes configuration using jsonnet templates Kapitan is a command line tool for declaring, instrumenting and documenting infrastructure with the goal of writing reusable components in Kub

yandex GIXY Overview Gixy is a tool to analyze Nginx configuration. The main goal of Gixy is to prevent security misconfiguration and automate flaw detection. Currently supported Python versions are 2.7, 3.

henriquebastos Python Decouple: Strict separation of settings from code Decouple helps you to organize your settings so that you can change parameters without having to redeploy your app. It also makes it easy for you to: store

singpenguin loadcf It is a python config file loader. It convert config item to python module item, then you can import and use it direct. Support Python2.7, Python3.5 Usage """ {"debug": true, "items": [1, 2, 3, 4], "m

lordmauve Chopsticks Chopsticks is an orchestration library: it lets you manage and configure remote hosts over SSH. Naturally this is agentless and nothing needs to be installed on the remote host except Python and an SSH ag