Libraries for sending and parsing email.

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aakash30jan pydispo is a pure-pythonic way of managing disposable mailbox that allows users to create several disposable email addresses and receive emails on those.

spapas A mailer server for use with your own SMTP server. You install the app, configure it with your SMTP server and can use the API (and other feautures) to send emails.

trevtravtrev A simple mass emailing script. Send an email to an unlimited amount of email addresses in separate emails.

marcelkooi 😎 Awesome list of email newsletter tools, platforms, media, and software

puria-radmard An app to let people draft personalised emails for a good cause

chris104957 Maildown A super simple CLI for sending emails Introduction Maildown is a command line interface that lets you send emails using Amazon AWS SES with a minimum of fuss Why can't I just use bo

kkinder Welcome to TemplateMail TemplateMail is a simple Python library that solves most projects' email templating and delivery needs with minimal hassle. Suppose you want to send a welcome email to a new user using Mailgun:

SkullTech drymail Makes sending emails easy and DRY — For Python 3. Drymail is a minimalist wrapper over Python’s existing smtplib and email libraries, designed to be friendly but unrestrictive. Here’s how you might send a sim

cole aiosmtplib aiosmtplib is an asynchronous SMTP client for use with asyncio. For complete documentation, see Read The Docs. Quickstart import asyncio from email.mime.text import

moggers87 Salmon - A Python Mail Server Download: Source: Docs: Salmon is a pure Python mail

kootenpv yagmail -- Yet Another GMAIL/SMTP client The goal here is to make it as simple and painless as possible to send emails. In the end, your code will look something like this: import yagmail yag = yagmail.SMTP(

dyike Interduction CTEmail is a Charts and Text Email script, which can send email with chart pictures in email content body not email attachment. Here is a tutorial in Chinese Why make this tool? As a program

kz26 mailproxy mailproxy is a simple SMTP proxy. It receives emails through an unencrypted, unauthenticated SMTP interface and retransmits them through a remote SMTP server that requires modern features such as encryption (S

astorfi Sending Multiple Customized Emails Using Gmail API & Python This repository is dedicated to show: How to use Python Gmail API. How to send multiple automated emails with customized features.

OfflineIMAP Upstream status (master branch): Upstream status (next branch): Financial contributors: Links: Official github code repository: offlineimap Website: website Wiki: wiki Blog: blog OfflineIMAP "Get th

mailpile Welcome to Mailpile! Introduction Mailpile ( is a modern, fast web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features. The development of Mailpile is funded by a large c

mail-in-a-box Mail-in-a-Box By @JoshData and contributors. Mail-in-a-Box helps individuals take back control of their email by defining a one-click, easy-to-deploy SMTP+everything else server: a mail server in a box. Please see htt

gaubert Gmvault: Backup and restore your gmail account Gmvault is a tool for backing up your gmail account and never lose email correspondence. Gmvault is open source and under GNU-AGPL-3.0. For further info go [] (

redteamsecurity Phishing-Application Please use this tool ethically and within legal means. The developer and anyone who contributes takes no liability for user's actions while using the tool. Be good. This application is used to

modoboa Modoboa Modoboa is a mail hosting and management platform including a modern and simplified Web User Interface. It provides useful components such as an administration panel or a webmail. Modoboa integrates with w

marrow Marrow Mailer A highly efficient and modular mail delivery framework for Python 2.6+ and 3.2+, formerly called TurboMail. © 2006-2016, Alice Bevan-McGregor and contributors.

WoLpH READ THIS FIRST!! This repository isn't compatible with the current Mailjet API (v3) and, as a consequence, is considered deprecated and won't undergo further development. As such, this repository isn't

zedshaw The Lamson Mail Server(TM) ====================== Lamson is a pure Python SMTP server designed to create robust and complex mail applications in the style of modern web frameworks such as Django. Unlike traditional SMTP servers

billzhong SMTP Server for Humans This is the simplest SMTP server you'll ever see. It's asynchronous. One instance should handle over one thousand emails per second. Usage Give your app an inbox easily:

martinrusev Imbox - Python IMAP for Humans Python library for reading IMAP mailboxes and converting email content to machine readable data Requirements Python (3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5) Installation pip install

mailgun Flanker - email address and MIME parsing for Python Flanker is an open source parsing library written in Python by the Mailgun Team. Flanker currently consists of an address parsing library (flanker.addresslib) as w

StreetVoice Django Celery SES Django Email Backend with Amazon Web Service SES and Celery, developed and used by StreetVoice. This packages provide a EmailBackend to utilize django-celery to send email. You can just plug the E

nylas Nylas Sync Engine The Nylas Sync Engine provides a RESTful API on top of a powerful email sync platform, making it easy to build apps on top of email. See the full API documentation for more details. Need help? Join o

mjs Essentials IMAPClient is an easy-to-use, Pythonic and complete IMAP client library. Current version 1.0.2 Supported Python versions 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 License New

alexandrevicenzi FluentMail Python SMTP client and Email for Humans™ Simple FluentMail tries to keep it simple as possible. Install pip install fluentmail Compatibility Works with Python 2.6+, Pytho

filcuc SendMail Small python script that uses Google OAuth 2.0 authentication for sending email with your google account #Requirements Python 3.4 google-api-python-client-py3 1.2 httplib2 0.9 The best way for testi

JoshData email_validator A robust email address syntax and deliverability validation library for Python 2.7/3.4+ by Joshua Tauberer. This library validates that a string is of the form [email protected] This is the sort of validation yo

powergo pytracking - Email Open and Click Tracking Library Authors: Resulto Developpement Web Inc. Version: 0.1.0 This library provides a set of functions that provide open and click tracki