Libraries for sending and parsing email.

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Rdimo A discord email spammer exploit that works by unferifying a tokens email and then requesting discord verify it again multiple times which leads to discord spamming that email with email verification messages

TheLortex Current-email An ocurrent plugin to send email notifications. Introduction This work relies on letters for the high-level abstractions, which in turn

Miksus Red Mail Next generation email sender What is it? Red Mail is an advanced email sender library. It makes sending emails trivial and has a lot of advan

endermiriz Email Validator It is an automation program that checks whether email addresses are real, whether they exist and whether they are a validated mail. Re

4w4k3 KnockMail Copyright 2017 KnockMail Written by: * Alisson Moretto - 4w4k3 Twitter: @4w4k3Official Cloning: git clone

SidraELEzz EmailChecker It s a useful project for developers ... It checks available and unavailable emails Installation : pip install EmailChecker Domains are

mgeeky Whether you are trying to understand why a specific e-mail ended up in SPAM/Junk for your daily Administrative duties or for yo

femboy-party Tempmail API/Server Tempmail API aswell as a SMTP server. Website · Report Bug · Request Feature Setup Firstly create a mongodb account, and proceed t

AmmeySaini Edu-Mail-Generator Generate Free Edu Mail(s) within minutes Requirements Python 3.7 or > Python pip Installation python3 It will download

Hxzeroone quoted-printable Parser A Burp Suite extension to parse Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable emails recieved in Burpcollaborator's SMTP Depende

ScRiPt1337 spam_box is a self hosted temp mail service

robertdavidgraham hunter-dkim This project validates that the "smoking gun" email from that NYPost story actually was a valid email sent 6 years ago. We know this becau

lancejames221b Secret Service Email Encryption/Steganography

PetrusViet Template Injection in Email Templates leads to code execution on Jira Service Management Server

YoRyan Mailrise is an SMTP server that converts the emails it receives into Apprise notifications

pentacent Keila is an Open Source alternative to newsletter tools like Mailchimp or Sendinblue.

khanfarhan10 Checks for Vaccine Availability at your district and notifies you using E-mail, subscribe to our website.

TechBite-BD GBomber is a Gmail Bombing or Gmail Bomber Python Script that can send Unlimited Emails direct into Inbox.

TheAtomicProgrammer Temp Mail | Free temporary mail. Temp Mail is a python script that helps you to create temporary email addresses and receive emails at that address. I

s0md3v ote is a command line utility that generates temporary email address and automatically extracts OTPs or confirmation links from the incoming mails.

a232319779 mmpi, a mail fast detection python library , based on community framework design and development . It supports detection of email headers, email bodies and email attachments, and outputs json detection reports.

megadose holehe allows you to check if the mail is used on different sites like twitter, instagram and will retrieve information on sites with the forgotten password function.

aakash30jan pydispo is a pure-pythonic way of managing disposable mailbox that allows users to create several disposable email addresses and receive emails on those.

spapas A mailer server for use with your own SMTP server. You install the app, configure it with your SMTP server and can use the API (and other feautures) to send emails.

trevtravtrev A simple mass emailing script. Send an email to an unlimited amount of email addresses in separate emails.

marcelkooi 😎 Awesome list of email newsletter tools, platforms, media, and software

puria-radmard An app to let people draft personalised emails for a good cause

chris104957 Maildown A super simple CLI for sending emails Introduction Maildown is a command line interface that lets you send emails using Amazon AWS SES with a minimum of fuss Why can't I just use bo

kkinder Welcome to TemplateMail TemplateMail is a simple Python library that solves most projects' email templating and delivery needs with minimal hassle. Suppose you want to send a welcome email to a new user using Mailgun:

SkullTech drymail Makes sending emails easy and DRY — For Python 3. Drymail is a minimalist wrapper over Python’s existing smtplib and email libraries, designed to be friendly but unrestrictive. Here’s how you might send a sim

cole aiosmtplib aiosmtplib is an asynchronous SMTP client for use with asyncio. For complete documentation, see Read The Docs. Quickstart import asyncio from email.mime.text import

moggers87 Salmon - A Python Mail Server Download: Source: Docs: Salmon is a pure Python mail