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allyomalley A Burp extension adding a passive scan check to flag parameters whose name or value may indicate a possible insertion point for SSRF or LFI.

teja156 Hide secret texts/messages inside an image. You can optionally encrypt your texts with a password using AES-256 before encoding into the image.

sameera-madushan Diceware is a method used to generate cryptographically strong memorable passphrases. This is a python implementation of the diceware password generating algorithm. Inspired after watching this video.

NightfallGT a BTC Clipper or a "Bitcoin Clipper" is a type of malware designed to target cryptocurrency transactions.

google OSV is a vulnerability database and triage infrastructure for open source projects aimed at helping both open source maintainers and consumers of open source

MrCl0wnLab It's a simple tool for test vulnerability shellshock

Neo23x0 Browser Shortcuts for Cyber Security Related Online Services

HashPals 🔗 Don't know what type of hash it is? Name That Hash will name that hash type! 🤖 Identify MD5, SHA256 and 3000+ other hashes ☄ Comes with a neat web app 🔥

0x240x23elu Js File Scanner This is Js File Scanner . Which are scan in js file and find juicy information Toke,Password Etc.

knqyf263 DNSpooq - dnsmasq cache poisoning (CVE-2020-25686, CVE-2020-25684, CVE-2020-25685)

BenChaliah Arbitrium is a cross-platform, fully undetectable remote access trojan, to control Android, Windows and Linux and doesn't require any firewall exceptions or port forwarding rules

firmianay An auxiliary tool for iot vulnerability hunter

Al1ex CVE-2020-36179~82 Jackson-databind SSRF&RCE

BugBountyResources Goal of this repo is to track changes in targets and add/remove new/old targets, in order to perform reconnaissance en-masse, by putting them all in one place. Collecting all sub-domains at one place can make certain bulk operatio

loseys Oblivion is a tool focused in real time monitoring of new data leaks, notifying if the credentials of the user has been leak out. It's possible too verify if any credential of user has been leak out before.

BCHnode How to get Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) & BCH

Al1ex CVE-2020-35728 & Jackson-databind RCE

darklotuskdb It will scan the target servers from shodan and then find the vulnerable servers to CVE-2020-3452 (Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance and FTD Unauthorized Remote File Reading).

nccgroup PyBeacon is a collection of scripts for dealing with Cobalt Strike's encrypted traffic.

ihebski One place for all the default credentials to assist the Blue/Red teamers activities on finding devices with default password 🛡️

QAX-A-Team an impacket-dependent script exploiting CVE-2019-1040, with code partly borrowed from those security researchers that I'd like to say thanks to.

Felix83000 Watcher is a Django & React JS automated platform for discovering new potentially cybersecurity threats targeting your organisation.

Santandersecurityresearch Corsair_scan is a security tool to test Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) misconfigurations. CORS is a mechanism that allows restricted resources on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which t

feicong make frida strong, bypass frida detection.

crhenr Freki is a free and open-source malware analysis platform.

DavidBuchanan314 A library to assist writing memory-unsafe code in "pure" python, without any imports (i.e. no ctypes etc.)

lengjibo 用于快速生成免杀的 EXE 可执行文件,目前拥有三种免杀方法。

fireeye FireEye Red Team Tool Countermeasures

hp271 A curated collection of tools and resources for building security with a developer first mindset.

opstrace Opstrace deploys secure, horizontally-scalable open source observability in your own cloud account, combining open APIs with the simple user experience of a large service provider.

josephernest nFreezer is an encrypted-at-rest backup tool, designed specifically for the case when the destination server is untrusted. With nFreezer, the data is safe on the destination server even if a malicious user gets root access to it.

PrajwalCyberGod This tool will encrypt-decrypt your files and directories. It has built-in password generator and featured with Colourful UI. It is based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) CBC mode Algorithm Symmetric Cryptography and made in

eugenebmx CVE-2020-13942 unauthenticated RCE POC through MVEL and OGNL injection