A Machine Learning API with native redis caching and export + import using S3. Analyze entire datasets using an API for building, training, testing, analyzing, extracting, importing, and archiving. This repository can run from a docker container or from the repository.

Sci-Pype - A Machine Learning Framework for Sharing Models and Analysis This is now deployed under the https://redten.io cloud service for analyzing datasets. Sci-Pype is a framework for analyzing datasets using Python 2.7 and e

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kayak FireAnt - Analytics and Reporting fireant is a a data analysis tool used for quickly building charts, tables, reports, and dashboards. It defines a schema for configuring metrics and dimensions which removes most of the le

louisabraham Algebraic Number Theory package Louis Abraham and Yassir Akram Installation pip install --upgrade algnuth or get the development version with: pip install --upgrade git+https://github.com/louisabraham/algnuth

colour-science Colour is an open-source Python package providing a comprehensive number of algorithms and datasets for colour science. It is freely available under the New BSD License terms. Colour is an affiliated project of NumFOCUS, a 501(c)

mm-mansour Fast Pandas A Benchmarked Pandas Cheat Sheet Pandas is one of the most flexible and powerful tools available for data scientists and developers. Being very flexible, one can perform a given task in several ways. This p

thtang works of Business-Analytics-Using-Statistical-Modeling Syllabus Course Description: This class covers computational statistical methods used to understand and explain business phenomena. We favor techniques for research and dev

stencila Stencila is a platform for creating, collaborating on, and sharing data driven content. Content that is transparent and reproducible, like RMarkdown and Jupyter Notebooks. Content that can be versioned and composed just like we do

ml874 The Data Science Cheatsheet has evovled into a book! Check out Cracking the Data Science Interview here! This also means that the Cheatsheet will be getting a makeover soon- stay tuned!

csxeba Evolute Evolutionary algorithm toolbox Documentation Evolute is a simple tool for quick experimentation with evolutionary algorithms for numerical optimization. It defines a population of individuals, represented a