A Machine Learning API with native redis caching and export + import using S3. Analyze entire datasets using an API for building, training, testing, analyzing, extracting, importing, and archiving. This repository can run from a docker container or from the repository.

Sci-Pype - A Machine Learning Framework for Sharing Models and Analysis This is now deployed under the https://redten.io cloud service for analyzing datasets. Sci-Pype is a framework for analyzing datasets using Python 2.7 and e
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Last update: May 25, 2023

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Amaguk2023 This is my first Data Engineering project, it extracts data from the user's recently played tracks using Spotify's API, transforms data and then loads it into Postgresql using SQLAlchemy engine. Data is shown as a Spark Dataframe before loading and the whole ETL job is scheduled with crontab.

MoH-Malaysia Official data on the COVID-19 epidemic in Malaysia. Powered by CPRC, CPRC Hospital System, MKAK, and MySejahtera.

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