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Libraries for data analyzing.

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therealsreehari This repositary is a combination of different resources lying scattered all over the internet. The reason for making such an repositary is to combine all the valuable resources in a sequential manner, so that it helps every beginn

Seagate CORTX Community Object Storage is 100% open source object storage uniquely optimized for mass capacity storage devices.

AutoViML Use advanced feature engineering strategies and select the best features from your data set fast with a single line of code.

aaronwangy A helpful 4-page data science cheatsheet to assist with exam reviews, interview prep, and anything in-between.

therealsreehari This Repository Consists of Free Resources needed for a person to learn Datascience from the beginning to end. This repository is divided into Four main Parts.

liuhuanyong PersonGraphDataSet, nearly 10 thousand person2person relationship facts

einsteinpy EinsteinPy is an open source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and gravitational physics, such as geodesics plotting for Schwarzschild, Kerr and Kerr Newman space-time model, calculation of Sc

brianhie Language modeling of viral evolution

formlio Use ForML to formally describe a data science problem as a composition of high-level operators. ForML expands your project into a task dependency graph specific to a given life-cycle phase and executes it using any of its supporte

jm199504 小型金融知识图谱构建流程

timkpaine Tributary is a library for constructing dataflow graphs in python. Unlike many other DAG libraries in python (airflow, luigi, prefect, dagster, dask, kedro, etc), tributary is not designed with data/etl pipelines or scheduling in

moodymudskipper Use Dynamic Columns in Data Frames

mathiasbynens Historical data on COVID-19 vaccination doses administered in Germany, per state.

GiorgioComitini Italian Covid-19 vaccination campaign data

italia Open Data su consegna e somministrazione dei vaccini anti COVID-19 in Italia - Commissario straordinario per l'emergenza Covid-19

cgpotts DynaSent is an English-language benchmark task for ternary (positive/negative/neutral) sentiment analysis.

hackingthemarkets a collection of open source server components and Python libraries for financial data projects and automated trading

Jace-Yang Final project of Categorical Data Analysis 2020 fall

schochastics An R package that implements several edge bundling/flow and metro map algorithms.

ronikobrosly A python package with tools to perform causal inference using observational data when the treatment of interest is continuous.

caesar0301 A collection of tools developed by other researchers in the Computer Science area to process network traces. All the right reserved for the original authors.

matrix-profile-foundation A Python 3 library making time series data mining tasks utilizing matrix profile algorithms accessible to everyone.

ossf Gives criticality score for an open source project

tirthajyoti Jupyter Notebooks on the topics of statistical analysis, mathematics, and numerical/sceintific computing (in Python).

refraction-ray 场外基金的信息与净值获取,精确到分的投资账户记录整合分析与丰富可视化,简单的策略回测以及根据预设策略的定时投资提醒

uncertainty-toolbox A python toolbox for predictive uncertainty quantification, calibration, metrics, and visualization

openvinotoolkit Dataset Management Framework, a Python library and a CLI tool to build, analyze and manage Computer Vision datasets.

AlbertRtk marketools is a Python package for web scraping and analysis of stock market data. Project is under development. At the moment, analysis functionality is limited. You are welcomed to contribute to the project.

Allen1212 This project records all purchases and sales made by ARK Invest from 11/12/2019 to the present and utilizes Pine script to visualize these trades in TradingView. It includes trade records of 254 stocks. Through analyzing these tra

sacdallago Get protein embeddings from protein sequences

data-describe data-describe is a Python toolkit for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). It aims to accelerate data exploration and analysis by providing automated and polished analysis widgets.

rtosholdings All in one, high performance 64 bit python analytics engine for numpy arrays with multithreaded support.

heathersherry Insightful Tutorials and Papers about Knowledge Graphs