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Libraries for data analyzing.

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gunnarmorling This Awesome List aims at providing an overview of open-source projects related to data engineering. This is a community effort: please contribute and send your pull requests for growing this list! For a list including non-OSS too

bankrollhunter 计算美股、A股市场宽度

AsyncAlgoTrading aat is an asynchronous, event-driven framework for writing algorithmic trading strategies in python with optional acceleration in C++.

adamerose PandasGUI - A GUI for analyzing Pandas DataFrames.

ftupas Containerized end-to-end analytics of Spotify data using Python, dbt, Postgres, and Metabase

fmilthaler FinQuant is a program for financial portfolio management, analysis and optimisation.

gonzalezf Data science classes for computer science & and engineering students. Developed a class curriculum, lesson plans, and instructions about how to manage data and create meaningful visualizations using Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Sea

dankilman Scratchpad for tabular data transformations

GoogleCloudPlatform This repository contains datasets of daily time-series data related to COVID-19 for 50+ countries around the world.

ploomber Write better data pipelines without having to learn a specialized framework. By adopting a convention over configuration philosophy, Ploomber streamlines pipeline execution, allowing teams to confidently develop data products.

python-geeks Do you know anything that can help all to easy our tough life than tell that secret to us and help us to become lazy like Panda

cdslaborg ParaMonte is a serial/parallel library of Monte Carlo routines for sampling mathematical objective functions of arbitrary-dimensions, in particular, the posterior distributions of Bayesian models in data science.

hardikkamboj This repository contains the exercises and its solution contained in the book An Introduction to Statistical Learning

PublicI Standardized data on historical general election polling places in the United States.

ML4LHS This package uses windowed summarization to convert time series data into a form that can be modeled by prediction models.

yihui Upload a LaTeX error log file, or a LaTeX document, or an R Markdown document to this repository, and I will tell you which LaTeX packages you need to install in your local LaTeX distribution so you can compile your documents to P

ewenme accessibility (a11y) tooling for shiny

delium Clickhouse is known for its scale to store and fetch large datasets.

nychealth This repository contains data on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in New York City. Data are updated daily, which the exception of all tables in the testing and recent data folders which are updated weekly on Thursday.

DesmondZuo This MATLAB project can do data monitoring and recording for the Agilent_E4980A LCR Meter.

JovianML A curated collection of datasets for data analysis & machine learning, downloadable with a single Python command.

baidu QCompute is a Python-based quantum software development kit (SDK). It provides a full-stack programming experience for advanced users via hybrid quantum programming language features and a high-performance simulator.

ersaurabhverma autoplotter is a python package for GUI based exploratory data analysis. It is built on the top of dash.

PhantomInsights Data ETL & Analysis on thousands of job listings from the official Mexican job board (2020 edition).

tdast tdast is a specification for representing tabular data as an abstract syntax tree. It implements the unist spec.

dolphynhq Start Data Science is a template to help you set up experiments. It brings structure to exploratory data analysis (EDA), through to feature extraction, modeling, and resultant outputs whether they're figures, reports, APIs, or app

tradytics Eiten is an open source toolkit that implements various statistical and algorithmic investing strategies such as Eigen Portfolios, Minimum Variance Portfolios, Maximum Sharpe Ratio Portfolios, and Genetic Algorithms based Portfoli

NicklasVraa A Circuit Analysis Tool capable of pure symbolic analysis, as well as partial or complete numerical evaluation. Written and run in MATLAB.

business-science Free R-Tips is a FREE Newsletter provided by Business Science. It comes with bit-sized code tutorials every Tuesday.

sowdust Tafferugli is a Twitter Analysis Framework in the form of a web application that is able to filter, collect and analyze tweets.

datawhalechina 动手学数据分析

cokelaer fitter package provides a simple class to identify the distribution from which a data samples is generated from. It uses 80 distributions from Scipy and allows you to plot the results to check what is the most probable distributio

connorferster handcalcs is a library to render Python calculation code automatically in Latex, but in a manner that mimics how one might format their calculation if it were written with a pencil: write the symbolic formula, followed by numeric