A list of resources related to the open-source FPGA projects

A list of resources related to the open-source FPGA projects

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MBRO95 Portable Cell Network To deploy your own portable cell network you can: Compile From Source Utilizing The Install Script Fetch and configure the install script from this repository wget https://raw.githubus

jeffmer Updated 22-11-17 to include Internet access. Now implements http and https GET requests via GPRS using the SIM800L HTTP AT interface - see below in section on UpyPhone Apps for example applications. UpyPhone Micropython code to

EveAeternam An Admin Dashboard to manage your Raspberry Pi as a Router! Better and more detailed ReadMe coming soon! (I promise) In the meanwhile... Homepage Internet Configuration Wireless Configurati

anderskm GPUtil GPUtil is a Python module for getting the GPU status from NVIDA GPUs using nvidia-smi. GPUtil locates all GPUs on the computer, determines their availablity and returns a ordered list of available GPUs. Availablity is base

mfinkle Web ADB A simple webapp and API for managing and manipulating connected Android devices via the Android Device Bridge (ABD). Requirements The following are required on the host machine running Web ADB: Python 2.7

IanHarvey bluepy Python interface to Bluetooth LE on Linux This is a project to provide an API to allow access to Bluetooth Low Energy devices from Python. At present it runs on Linux only; I've mostly developed it using a Raspberry Pi, b

adafruit Adafruit CircuitPython Status | Supported Boards | Download | Documentation | Contributing | Differences from Micropython | Project Structure CircuitPython is an education friendly open source derivative of Micro

jacenkow gpu-sentry Flask-based package for monitoring utilisation of nVidia GPUs. Motivation Instead of checking each of your machines with nvidia-smi command, a client running on the machines is sending periodically statis