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GadgetAngel This is a Build Log for my Voron 2.4 250 mm DIY 3D Printer called "QUEEN": My Voron 2.4 3D Printer has a name "QUEEN". This repository contains wiring

AlexxIT Xiaomi Gateway 3 integration for Home Assistant Control Zigbee devices from Home Assistant with Xiaomi Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM) on original firmware. Ga

highvolt-dev tmo-monitor A lightweight, cross-platform Python 3 script that can monitor the T-Mobile Home Internet Nokia 5G Gateway for band and connectivity and r

diegogarciahuerta Shotgun toolkit engine for Gaffer Contact : Diego Garcia Huerta Overview Implementation of a shotgun engine for Gaffer. It supports the classic bootst

hasscc Microsoft Edge TTS for Home Assistant This component is based on the TTS service of Microsoft Edge browser, no need to apply for app_key. Install Down

feelsong Get Your 3D Printed High Security Key

bguerbas Monitoramento da Velocidade da internet 📶 Status do Projeto: ✔️ (pronto) Tópicos ✍️ Descrição do projeto Funcionalidades Deploy da Aplicação Pré-requ

dr-mod Pico Mpad A 3D printable macropad for automating frequently repeated actions. Hardware To build this project you need access to a 3d printer. The mode

speedyg0nz MagInkCal This repo contains the code needed to drive an E-Ink Magic Calendar that uses a battery powered (PiSugar2) Raspberry Pi Zero WH to retrieve

geezacoleman An open-source, low-cost, image-based weed detection device for fallow scenarios.

penk RUHAcam A 3D Printable Retro-style Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Bill of Materials Raspberry Pi Zero W + microSD card Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 16mm 10MP Teleph

Envious-Data Env-MCRO A Raspberry Pi Pico powered Macro board, like a Streamdeck but cheaper and simpler. (btw this image is a bit outdated, some of the silkscreen

alexellis growlab A global contest to grow seeds and share your progress with the Raspberry Pi A capture from phototimer of my seed tray with a wide-angle camer

leswright1977 PySpectrometer 2021-03-05 V3 is now released that can export CSV, and has a peak hold feature! Scroll to bottom for changes! This program, hardware de

alexander0042 Pirate Weather Integrations This integration is designed to replace the default Dark Sky integration in Home Assistant with a slightly modified, but f

rpng To calibration the spatial-temporal parameters for multiple sensors, including IMU, cameras, LiDAR and wheel encoder.

rxtxinv In this repository, I will talk about how I have reverse-engineered the communication protocol of the BQ20z70 Laptop BMS and how I got the full control of it.

VoronDesign Voron Trident CoreXY 3D Printer design

unbibium Commodore 64 OS running on Atari 8-bit hardware

KeepThisTicket An digital analog clock but instead of showing the hours, the clock shows the weather at that hour of the day.

LeoDJ A simple sign made out of PCB material to indicate if a surface is still hot

kadirilkimen A multipurpose, 2 linear, 1 rotary axis cnc machine concept

endofexclusive Deniser is a drop-in replacement for the Amiga computer Denise chip.

rbaron Cat printer is a portable thermal printer sold on AliExpress for around $20.

kbjunky rPico KMK powered macropad with IPS screen

SRA-VJTI SolidWorks is a very versatile industrial software for designing varied type components. In this workshop we will be teaching you the basics of designing in Solidworks 2021 by going through the design of a basic Quadruped.

addicx A Raspberry Pi Pico plant sensor hub coded in Micropython

Wazzaps Draw using your laptop's touchpad

Ga68 A simple, transparent, open-source key logger, written in Python, for tracking your own key-usage statistics, originally intended for keyboard layout optimization.

Sakati84 3D Print Colorizer is a combination of 3D printed parts and a Cura plugin which allows anyone with an Ender 3 or BLTouch-compatible printer (no CoreXY for now) to produce multi colored models

klaasnicolaas Home Assistant Glow 🌟 The power of energy measurements in your house

DerekCaelin a weather application for the raspberry pi and the Pimorioni Inky pHAT.