Libraries for programming with hardware.

Newest releases

zf3 Port of Stephen A. Edwards's Apple2fpga to PYNQ-Z1 (Xilinx Zynq FPGA), to emulate an Apple II+.

50an6xy06r6n This is an OpenSCAD script that can be used to generate 3D-printable hotswap "PCBs" and plates for prototyping new keyboard layouts.

jostroOS Among OS for the Raspberry Pi, based on RPi OS. As seen on Reddit and Youtube

basnijholt Home Assistant config files, rewritten to use the latest features, 100+ documented automations, automatically generated ToC

jlas1 Microswitch probe with magnetic attachement, primarily aimed at CoreXY 3d printers with a focus on the Voron printers, should work on other printers with the variable mount.

aCallum SafePi is a Python based tracking tool for Safemoon, aimed to be run on a Raspberry Pi with GPIO displays. It connects to gate.io and pulls your Safemoon balance from BscScan.

OpenAstroTech A cheap 3D printed tracking, GoTo and autoguiding mount for DSLR astrophotography.

josefadamcik Sofle is 6×4+5 keys column-staggered split keyboard with encoder support. Based on Lily58, Corne and Helix keyboards.

pupil-labs Pupil is a project in active, community driven development. Pupil Core mobile eye tracking hardware is accessible, hackable, and affordable. The software is open source and written in Python and C++ when speed is an issue.

crixle Documentation of my Home Assistant work

barlowtj48 3D printed smart clock that puts a new twist on old technology.

newhouseb This is a proof-of-concept Bluetooth receiver that can receive bluetooth (advertising) packets using an FPGA and an antenna, read: straight RF into a SERDES port sampling at 5Ghz. It's written in the nmigen HDL targeting FPGAs.

GistNoesis 3d-printer-weaver Empower your 3d-printer with string art. Happy New Year 2017 :) This project won't be developped further anytime soon, but If you'd

jhallen FutureNet Dash I had heard of FutureNet Dash, but had never used it. It is the first schematic capture program usable for designing Xilinx FPGAs and m

mattogodoy OMNI A very lightweight monitoring system for Raspberry Pi clusters running Kubernetes. Why? When I finished my Kubernetes cluster using a few Raspber

santoru Minimal and clean dashboard to visualize some stats of Pi-Hole with an E-Ink display attached to your Raspberry Pi.

newhouseb A toolbox for creating entirely digital radios using nmigen. This is a collection of functional components used to build digital radios that use direc

ayyucedemirbas COVID-19_vaccine_appointment To check my COVID-19 vaccine appointment, I wrote an infinite loop that sends me a Whatsapp message hourly using Twilio a

os-fpga A list of resources related to the open-source FPGA projects

standupmaths xmastree2020 This repository contains the code used for Matt's Christmas tree, as featured in "I wired my tree with 500 LED lights and calculated thei

maxmacstn HA Sensor ePaper Display E-Paper display for viewing sensor data from Home Assistant. This firmware is based on ESPhome, so you need to install ESPhom

juckettd Raspberry Pi CM4 Handheld 7" This will eventually be the open source location for all of the information on how I built my Raspberry Pi CM4 Handheld d

hugolgst A user-guide to create a Raspberry Pi (3B+, 4) cluster under NixOS and managed by NixOps.

mathijsvandenberg x86 emulator on Raspberry Pi Pico

gestalte-design zine machine is a compact 3d-printed block printing press.

scikit-rf scikit-rf (aka skrf) is an Open Source, BSD-licensed package for RF/Microwave engineering implemented in the Python programming language. It provides a modern, object-oriented library which is both flexible and scalable.

ndabas This project aims to create an easy-to-use installer to get started on Windows (using the C/C++ SDK) with the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board, and possibly other RP2040-based boards as well.

ha0y Universal Xiaomi MIoT integration for Home Assistant

darkguy2008 Welcome to Hotplugger! This app, as the name might tell you, is a combination of some scripts (python, yaml, udev rules and some QEMU args) to allow you to pass through an actual USB port into a VM.

jasoncoon A collection of laser engraved, 4 inch slate tile microchip coasters.

RomRider 📈 A Lovelace card to display advanced graphs and charts based on ApexChartsJS for Home Assistant

vman81 A non-destructive 3d-printed mount for the Raspberry Pi 400. Uses a single M3 screw to secure to the PI400 via the Kensingon lock opening.

angadsingh a spacial-temporal pattern detection system for home automation. Based on OpenCV and Tensorflow, can run on raspberry pi and notify HomeAssistant via MQTT or webhooks.