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StarkBotsIndustries PyStark A star ⭐ from you means a lot An incomplete add-on extension to Pyrogram, to create telegram bots a bit more easily. Intended for personal use

sonatype-nexus-community Compare the contents of your hosted and proxy repositories for coordinate collisions

pypa twine Twine is a utility for interacting with PyPI. Currently it only supports registering projects and uploading distributions. Why Should I Use This? The biggest reason to use twine is that it securely

khornberg elastic pypi A fully functional, self-hosted simple pypi service running on AWS. Caveats Browse with a browser Browsers are currently limited by the removal of basic authentication for remote URLs via the UR

phonkee gopypi Gopypi is private pypi repository implemented in go language. Gopypi can store your private packages and support pip install. Gopypi supports distutils/setuptools uploading of packages. And it does more

balzss Intro If you have ever tried to search PyPI via pip you know how difficult it can be. Yip is an attempt to resolve that frustration and create a beautiful and feature rich alternative. Here is an article I wrote about y

mvantellingen localshop A PyPI server which automatically proxies and mirrors PyPI packages based upon packages requested. It has support for multiple indexes and team based access and also supports the uploading of local (pri

pypi Warehouse Warehouse is a next generation Python Package Repository designed to replace the legacy code base that currently powers PyPI (whose source code lives on Github). You can find more information in the documenta